Where are Clementine, Doc and Zbaltazar's notebooks in Stray? Where to find notes from Momo's friends?

A step by step guide to Stray's chapter 4 puzzle, in which we must find several diaries and notebooks on the rooftops of the Suburbs.

To get the most out of Stray's 7-day free trial, it's best not to get stuck on any puzzle and just enjoy the experience. So, in case chapter 4 is getting difficult for you (it is the moment when the map expands and it is easier to get lost), we are going to take a look at how to get through it as soon as possible. To do this we must find all the notes of Momo's friends, the diaries of Clementine, Doc and Zbaltazar, and we will tell you how in the following guide.

Finding the notebooks of Momo's friends is easier than it looks, even if you have a heavy day. The trick is to always go to the location in the following image, next to the robots that pass buckets of paint from one roof to another. From here you will find the four diaries in a jiffy.

Momo's Notebook

From that location that we marked, if we look to our left, a little bit up, we will find a huge sign with neon lights. That is Momo's house. Climb up the ventilation devices on the front, sneak through his window and talk to him. If you give him the postcard that you will have in your inventory (collected during the story), Momo will give you his notebook. To continue progressing in the plot you will need to find the rest of the notebooks and give them to him, so go back to the previous point, but remember the path for when we have them all.

Clementine's Notebook

Again next to those who throw buckets of paint, and following the orientation of the previous photo, if Momo was to our left, now it is time to go to our right. Here in the background, next to the blue square with a smiley face, as it will happen with the rest of the diaries.

Inside this house there is not much of a story either. After sneaking through the window, go through a door with broken glass and enter the room on the left. The notebook is there, next to a computer.

Doc's Notebook

Have you returned to the initial position from which we always started? Well, now turn around. We are going to the building at the back, Doc's house.

This one is a bit more complex since it is a library. A labyrinth of books in which you have to look for a room at the back, half hidden, with a key that you can take. Then, in the central corridor of the house, if you throw the pillars of books piled up, you will discover a safe. Use the key from before and that's it, one less notebook.

Zbaltazar's Notebook

The last one is in front of us and is accessed from the top of a rooftop. There will be a ventilation duct with some propellers running. Look for the power supply, take a bite out of it and the propellers will stop, leaving a gap for you to sneak into the floor.

Inside just turn everything upside down by throwing the boxes out of the room and eventually you will find the last notebook. It's time to go back to Momo, give him all and continue to progress in your miniature adventure.