FIFA 23 improves its graphics to offer "hyper-realistic details"

EA Sports unveils the graphical improvements that will be featured in FIFA 23, such as 3D geometry in the goal nets and incredible detail in the field.

FIFA 23 is the latest installment of the long-lived EA Sports franchise. In 2023, a new era will begin without the license, but the bar has not been lowered. The team has worked on graphical improvements for the current-generation version that gives the matches a more polished look.

From the pitch: credible soccer

The most obvious improvement lies in the pitch. It is night and day when compared to FIFA 22. The development team speaks of "hyper-realistic detail" that can be perceived not only if we zoom in on replays, but also in the normal course of a match. The degradation already seen in the last installments is amplified with more detailed effects when players tackle.

But what happens when the ball travels to the opponent's goal is also relevant. The contact with the nets receives the same treatment as the grass. The goals now have 3D geometry. On contact with the ball, the net physics now flow in a realistic way according to the force of the impact and its path through the net. These changes were encouraged by an "emotional connection" with the player. It is not only about making a realistic soccer game at the controls, but also visually.

This trend has been transferred to the public, who will now react by cheering in unison depending on the chants they make. If clapping is heard, we will see that the fans make the gesture in real time and matching the sound. More than 500 new chants from fans around the world have been added to bring more variety if possible to everything that engulfs the spectators.

Replays and renewed license samples

On September 10, 2021, EA Sports announced the exclusive partnership agreement with Serie A. EA Sports marked territory in a competition in which Konami had managed to license some of its teams. Almost a year later we know that Juventus will return to FIFA in full detail, including shield and kits. Although it has not been revealed what will happen with other clubs such as Roma or Lazio, we know that FIFA 23 will show the Italian league with the same treatment as other competitions such as the Premier League or LaLiga Santander. Scoreboards, advertising, pre-match transitions... Everything on par with what you watch on TV.

HyperMotion2 will be in charge of generating artificial intelligence replays of the moments it considers to be highlighted. If we take a goal as an example, we will now see transitions that provide information about the shot in real-time. Speed, power, precision... Just as it happens in official broadcasts, but generated by this function.

The pre-match scenes will receive an important update in the most famous stadiums on the planet. A drone view has taken new data from their surroundings to update the moments before the players take the field. And yes, you will now be able to play the matches by swapping the commentary for the official EA Sports music player.

FIFA 23 is scheduled for release on September 30 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch (Legacy).

Source | Official presentation of FIFA 23