Marvel explains the big difference between Black Cat and Catwoman

We take a look at issue 2 of Iron Cat, the Black Cat comics in which Marvel clarifies Felicia Hardy's past and her differences with Selina Kyle.

You know what Picasso used to say. Good artists copy, Great artists steal. In the world of comics, and more specifically in superhero comics, the differences between plagiarism and inspiration are so blurred that the public often ends up confusing totally different characters. This is the case of Black Cat and Catwoman.

Although the first is called Felicia Hardy, is part of Marvel, and belongs to the Spider-Man imaginary, we often think of her as the second, one who is inspired by the alter ego of Selina Kyle, who comes from the DC Comics universe and is the one who usually brings poor Batman upside down. The confusion is understandable since both wear black leather, and are two skilled thieves who play the role of antihero and adopt the personality of a cat, maintaining peculiar tug-of-war romances with the superheroes of their respective sagas.

To clear up doubts, and through Iron Cat, her own series, Marvel is delving into Black Cat's past to clarify all the differences between the two characters. In the recently published Iron Cat #2, the publisher narrates the origins of Black Cat and makes it clear that, if Catwoman (Selina) steals out of necessity and to help the oppressed neighborhoods, Felicia does it for the opposite. She comes from a wealthy family and undertakes her acts for pure fun, for excitement. She steals and fights because she enjoys it, for adrenaline and not for duty.

While this doesn't make it easy to empathize with Black Cat, Marvel counters with the curious story of how she entered the world of crime thanks to Black Fox, her mentor. A notorious thief in the New York underworld for whom she was not the only apprentice, but had a partner and rival: Tamara Blake. The plot of Iron Cat revolves around the reappearance of Tamara, who steals the Iron Cat armor made by none other than Tony Stark himself and intends to use it to kill Felicia, whom she blames for the death of Black Fox.

A soap opera full of memories of the past, plot twists and emotions that have made it clear that Black Cat may not have the good background of Catwoman, but she does have a story as captivating as any other.