Studios show their games in early stages in solidarity with GTA 6 leak

Studio members have shown their support to Rockstar Games developers with this gesture by showing the world what their video games looked like.

In the last few days, no one has been talking about anything else in the video game industry. Rockstar Games has been the victim of the theft of confidential information and GTA 6 has ended up leaking on the Internet. A very premature version, it must be said. Therefore, the debate that has been generated around it has caused a lot of noise around the expected new installment of the saga. In solidarity with Rockstar Games, several developers have begun to share images and videos of their games long before they were ready.

"Since graphics are the first thing finished in a video game, and CONTROL won multiple awards for excellence in graphics, here is footage from the beginning of development," tweeted Control's lead designer Paul Ehreth, with much irony. In the video, you can see that many graphical elements are missing on screen.

Other games in early stages of development

Continuing with the graphics joke, the creators of Cult of the Lamb have also joined the party and have published a comparative video between the initial and the final version. As you can see, the difference is more than palpable.

Rare's most recent title is Sea of Thieves, an online pirate game that takes us to sail the oceans in search of treasure and fame. Jeph Perez, one of the studio's scriptwriters, has been in charge of making public a video of an early prototype, which although it captures the playable concepts, it is not even designed with the graphic engine of the final game.

"This is Sea of Thieves footage from November of 2014. An upgrade from the earliest pill pirates, but still very much a work in progress. "It was using Unity" while work on Unreal Engine was still in the early stages.

Kurt Margenau, from Naughty Dog, leaves us this curious video of Uncharted, in which Nathan Drake stars in a car chase through the streets of a half-made city, so half-made that it is composed of grids.

Rockstar Games has acknowledged GTA 6's leak and announced that this problem will not affect development schedules. Uber suspects that this is the same group that has hacked its business and other companies, mainly technology companies.

Source | Kotaku