Trombone Champ shakes up the web as the new viral phenomenon of 2022

A rhythm game where the protagonist is a trombone? Yes, Trombone Champ adds those elements to the genre as the new viral phenomenon of 2022.

Last September 16, Trombone Champ, a friendly rhythm game where trombones are the protagonists, arrived on Steam. During its first week on sale, social media have been gradually filling up with funny clips (as far as possible) copying the melodies to the beat of the lungs. We discover the new viral phenomenon on social media that will put a smile on your face.

Trombone Champ is the new phenomenon of 2022

Trombone Champ presents a twist on the usual structure of the rhythm genre. Here we have a vertical bar that you can move freely to try to nail the notes. The notes usually require real-time position changes to add more difficulty to the mix; your performance will determine the final score.

More than 20 pieces of music of all kinds are included, from well-known songs to classics and even national anthems. The fun sound of a trombone changing register captures the player's attention. The points you earn by playing can be reinvested in purchasing cards, which unlock different character models, trombone colors "and other mysteries".

At the moment it is only available on Steam at a recommended price of $14.99. Holy Wow, responsible for the project, recommend playing with a mouse because of the amount of changes you have to make in real-time, although support for traditional controllers will be coming soon. And yes, it is compatible with Steam Deck.

The team is preparing post-release support that will improve the experience at all levels. In addition to more songs we can expect better support of the ultra-panoramic aspect on compatible monitors, new languages, expanded accessibility options, and the feasibility study on a possible Mac version; for the moment they do not share data on its future arrival on consoles.

Source | Steam