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Games with Gold October 2022: these are free games for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

Take a look at the selection of free games that Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will receive in October 2022 for Xbox systems.

Xbox has confirmed the new titles that will be part of Xbox Live Gold’s monthly rotation during September through their official blog, Xbox Wire. As previously announced, the service has changed; this is the first month that no more Xbox 360 games will be part of the rotation. It looks pretty bleak just looking at 2 games. Anyway, once redeemed, they will stay as part of your library, but remember, you need to be subscribed to either Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to access them.

October 2022’s Games with Gold for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

Here is the complete list of games available:

On the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S: these are the two games that will be part of this month’s rotation:

  • Windbound - Available from October 1st to October 31st.
  • Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition - From October 16 to November 15

It’s worth mentioning that subscribers still have a few hours to redeem two of the titles from last month. Gods Will Fall and Portal 2 will be available until September 30. Also, until October 15th, Double Kick Heroes will be available as the last of August 2022’s games rotation. Just redeem them, and they will be yours.

September was announced as the last month in which Xbox 360 games would be included with the promotion, but we didn't know that the subsequent stage would be so disheartening. This October will be all about focusing on Game Pass to get the most out of Xbox One and Xbox X Series X|S. Here are the October games for the service:

Xbox Game Pass Games in October 2022

  • Coral Island - October 11
  • A Plague Tale: Requiem - October 11
  • Persona 5: Royal - October 21
  • Scorn - October 21
  • Gunfire Reborn - October 27
  • Signalis - October 27

Source | Xbox Wire