Spy × Family: episode 17 Season 2: release date, time and where to watch online

A quick reminder on when and where to watch for free episode 17 of the second season of Spy x Family, the Crunchyroll anime on everyone's lips.

Because Spy x Family is like that. One episode is about the Forger family interviewing for admission to the most elite school in the world and the next one tells you how they broke up a terrorist group made up of teenagers who used dog bombs. Unpredictable. At times costumbrist, at times better than James Bond. That's why we can't be more eager to see the new episode, the 17th of the second season, because who knows what awaits us this time. Whatever it is, let's review when the next mission will take place and where and how to watch that episode, which comes under three different names: "Carry Out The Griffin Plan, Fullmetal Lady, Omelet Rice <3,".

Spy x Family episode 17: release date and time

Luckily, the second season of Spy x Family will keep the airing times of the first one, so its new episodes will be released every Saturday at 8:30 AM PT. This means that the 17th episode of Spy x Family will be available next October 29, 2022 on Crunchyroll. Here we leave you its release time from coast to coast:

  • 11:30 AM ET
  • 10:30 AM CT
  • 8:30 AM PT

Where to watch Spy x Family online?

The Spy x Family anime can be seen on Crunchyroll, the streaming platform that is the Netflix of the anime world. As we said before, all new episodes will be released with the same frequency: Saturdays at 8:30 AM PT.

Although most of Crunchyroll's catalog can be watched for free, but with ads and at low quality (maximum 480p), to enjoy Spy x Family we must subscribe to the premium service (or premium+, with a few extra advantages). The service costs $7.99 and $9.99 per month and allows you to enjoy the entire catalog in HD and without ads. In addition, you can always check if it is worth it by taking advantage of the free 14-day premium trial offered to new users.