Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: how to get a Flying Pikachu with Mystery Gift

Thanks to Mystery Gift, the first reward you can get is nothing less than a Pikachu capable of using the Fly move.

Remember the legendary Surf Pikachu? Well, in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet you’re getting a new absolute legend: a Flying Pikachu! And we’re not only talking about the move: it can get the Flying type through Terastallizing. As if this wasn’t enough, you can get it completely free and immediately, right here, right now. We’ll tell you what steps you need to follow to get this curious Pokémon thanks to Mystery Gift.

How to get a Flying Pikachu with Mystery Gift

The first thing you need to know is that this interesting version of Pikachu is available for the whole world, so long as you own one of the two new versions of the game and you claim it before February 2023. You only need to have your Nintendo Switch connected to the internet and your game updated to the latest version. Then, you only need to access the Mystery Gift option inside your SmartRotom. Of course, to have access to this feature you need to advance through the story a little bit (a short hour of gameplay should be enough to unlock this option, as long as you keep a steady pace).

Inside of Mystery Gift, look for the “get via internet” option and after a few seconds it should join your team (or it’ll be stored inside of one of your boxes if you don’t have an open space in your team). This ally can be very interesting, since apart from the classic Pikachu features, this one has the Fly move and can change into a Flying type through Terastallizing.

Mystery Gift, what other rewards can you get?

As you might know, this feature has been a constant of the main games in the franchise for a long time. This time it’s still too early to enjoy many surprises and rewards, but it’s almost certain that Game Freak will continue to roll out new gifts for you to claim during the coming months. It’s pretty common for different stores and for the very same company to organize events in which you can obtain exclusive Pokémon, items, and lots of bonuses. As of this moment, no other gift or event has been announced anywhere in the world, beyond the pre-order bonuses that some stores offered for pre-ordering the game.