Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: every Pokémon that evolves through trade

Getting some evolutions through trading with other players is a staple of the franchise, and in Paldea there’s a couple that require this method.

Making trades with other players is a great way to speed up your Pokédex completion, but for some species of Pokémon like Scizor or the spooky–yet-cute Gengar, it’s a requirement. We’ll tell you which Pokémon need it, as well as what items they need to carry and where you can find them.

Pokémon that evolve through trade in Scarlet and Violet

The first thing you need to know is that your Nintendo Switch needs to be connected to the internet and have an active Nintendo Switch Online Membership. To do the trade, you’ll have to head to a Union Circle in any Pokémon Center (it's the PC on one of its sides, next to the TM Machine). This is where you can perform trades with strangers, or you can make safe trades with a friend through an invite code. Just remember to ask for the Pokémon in return!


To get it you need to trade a Slowbro holding a King’s Rock. You can find this item in the Delibird store of Mesagoza, though it won’t be available from the start. You’ll need to progress through the story for it to become available in the store.


Scyther’s evolution is a Bug/Steel Type, and to get it you need to trade a Scyther holding a Metal Coat. You can find this item after progressing through the story in the Delibird Store in Mesagoza.


One of the most popular Pokémon there is right now thanks in great part to the anime series. If you want one, you’ll need to trade a Haunter with another player, although this time they don’t need to be holding a special item. Another option is going to Levincia and trading with an NPC for a Pincurchin, which can be caught closeby in the southern area outside of the city. What it actually gives you is a Haunter, but since it counts as a trade it’ll evolve to Gengar in the process.