Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: how to solo 6-star Tera Raids?

We tell you which is the best Pokémon and the best way and strategy to do five- and six-star Tera raids in Scarlet and Violet alone.

The three five and six-star raids are not exactly easy if we face them alone. The three companions that the console automatically assigns us only sometimes help as much as you would expect and each victory will require blood, sweat, and tears. But we know that many do not have Nintendo Switch Online and with that in mind, we have sought a solution. The best way to wage war on your own... and emerge victorious.

First things first, capture an Iron Hands. This is the ancient form (Pokémon Paradox) of Hariyama and is only found in Area Zero of Pokémon Violet. If you have Scarlet you will have to exchange it (and if you insist on not paying online, it will have to be via local). Once you have yours, make sure that in the set of learned moves you can find Belly Drum and Drain Punch. If you can make it a Fighting Tera-type, we are ready. Oh, and give him a Sitrus Berry or the item Booster Energy. Now that the preparations are done, let's get down to business.

You can imagine the procedure. Start by using Drum to greatly increase the attack of Iron Hands and then harass your opponent with Drain Fist, a move that allows us to recover some life based on the damage inflicted. The more you focus your Pokémon's IVs on attacking, the faster you will finish five and six-star raids. But even without raising a solid Iron Hands, the results are insane. With its self-sufficient nature, there's no better Pokémon to get out of the situation, even if the three AI characters are useless and annoying more than they contribute.

If you have Scarlet and no one is willing to lend you an Iron Hands, don't worry, there are alternatives. Maybe not so good, but that's something. For example, you can use a normal Hariyama with the flame orb and guts ability. Or go for a competitive classic from previous releases: Azumarrill with the Huge Power ability and the Belly Drum and Liquidation attacks. Both are also good options for those of you who want to tackle the high-level raids before passing the game. Good luck!

Source | Reddit