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Elden Ring now has its own GeoGuesser, and it’s awesome

Put your knowledge of The Lands Between to the test and try out Elden Ring’s version of GeoGuesser, inspired in the vast world created by From Software.

Who doesn’t know GeoGuesser? It’s a game that uses Google Maps to set you down in a random place on the planet, inviting you to guess where you are simply by looking around where you are. Just as if you were using Maps, you’re able to move the camera and explore as if you were there. It’s easy if you land in a place that has tons of signs and text, but if you land in the middle of a forest… Well, it gets really hard. The game is completely free and it's available on any browser as long as you have access to the internet. It even allows you to compete against others and personalize the rules of the game (like locking the game to a single continent, excluding monuments, etc.). But today, we want to show you its superior version: Elden Ring’s GeoGuesser.

LostGamer has adapted the map of The Lands Between, allowing you to play in exactly the same way as in the original GeoGuesser, but inside the world of Elden Ring. It’s an incredible amount of work that places 8059 starting points around the map, which even allows you to set where you want to begin in the map (like Limgrave, Caelid, or Mountaintops of the Giants, for example). You can play with other players and set a time limit, multiple rounds, and all kinds of adjustments to make it even more complicated, like banning zoom or prohibiting movement around the map. Once you’re done, you click on “place pin on map”, point to where you believe you are, and the game will let you know how far or close you actually are to your position. Have you put enough hours into From Software’s GOTY, or do you need to play another 150 hours to get good at this game?

Just in case you’re still craving some more fun afterwards, LostGamer has also made other GeoGuessers based on maps from famous games, such as GTA V, Skyrim, and Fortnite. In the future, the team hopes to create the same for titles like Breath of the Wild or Red Dead Redemption 2, alongside many others you can look at in their website.