The Walking Dead: why are Maggie and Negan together in Dead City?

The creators of the new spin-off set in the zombie universe of The Walking Dead break the silence on the reasons why these two characters who hate each other end up together.

The Walking Dead had its finale at the end of 2022 after eleven seasons, one of the most popular and successful tv shows in the history of the entertainment industry that will continue thanks to spin-offs and expanded media. One of the first new shows that’ll come to light in a few months is The Walking Dead: Dead City, a new series starring Maggie and Negan that’ll show us the remains of a zombie infested New York City.

But how is it that these two ended up traveling together if they hate each other? The creators spoke about the situation in a recent interview with Collider, although they chose not to reveal too many details to leave some surprises for when the show premieres this June.

Why are Maggie and Negan together?

As fans of The Walking Dead may know, Maggie and Negan don’t get along well. It’s all because of Negan, who back in the day murdered Maggie’s husband right in front of her and all of their friends in that iconic scene from season 7, in which Glenn is beaten to death by Negan with Lucille. Since then many things have happened, including some attempts from both to end the other on several occasions. All of it culminated at the end of the series, when both had a deep talk in which Maggie refuses to forgive Negan, no matter how repentful he’s become.

But, how come they’re now working together to stay alive so far from their home, all the way in the titular Dead City? Creators of the series Scott M. Gimple and Eli Jorne wanted to talk about it: "How do you work with and cooperate with, and how do you trust, if you have to work with the person who murdered the person you loved most in this life? And vice versa for Negan, how do you work with the person whose husband you murdered? Right away, to me, I was excited to get messy with that unfinished business."

The showrunners insist that they’re working on a hostile world in which even two people who hate each other are forced to cooperate to try and live another day. “These are two people who wanna be as far from each other as they could possibly be, and who are thrown together, and are in a crazy, insane world with horrors and even some, dare I say, fun stuff, and a discovery of a whole new world, but they have to be together. The cool stuff, the fun stuff, and the weird stuff are the challenges that make them forced to be together in New York City.”

If we want to find out all of the reasons why they’re together in this show, we’ll have to wait for the series to premiere on June 2023, after a recent change of plans moved the release date for all of The Walking Dead spin-offs.

Source | Collider