Amouranth Responds To Criticism Of Auronplay: "I Am Not Afraid"

The two streamers will go head-to-head in El Rubius' Squib Craft Games 2, a Minecraft series based on The Squid Game.

The news that Amouranth will be participating in the Squib Craft Games 2 has not gone down well with Spanish streamer AuronPlay, who has harshly criticized the influencer's content. The streamer has responded to the criticism and posted a thread on Twitter regarding the situation:

“You can gatekeep all you want. One day we’ll all look back at this and weep. For there will be no more gates to crash. I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion,” she said. This last sentence is attributed to Alexander the Great.

These were AuronPlay's words

AuronPlay took issue with Amouranth's content, pointing out that it disgusted him: "A girl who starts a stream and starts commenting on which streamer she would or wouldn't bang seems disgusting to me. I'm sorry, I really am. I think it's ugly, in bad taste, disgusting, and I'm really disgusted by it. People take it as something funny, how funny, she said he would fuck IlloJuan. If IlloJuan did the same thing, he would be right in jail. Right now he would have seven cops at his house and they would arrest him.”

Squib Craft Games 2 is a Minecraft series based on The Squid Game. Unlike the first edition, its host, Spanish streamer El Rubius does not want the second edition to be exclusive to Spanish-speaking streamers. So he has already announced the first two English-speaking stars: xQc and Amouranth.

El Rubius told Siragusa that they had taken over the rights to The Squid Game and created a huge map in Minecraft with designs based on the series. Amouranth replied that she will participate because she thinks it's fun, so if this finally materializes, she will face AuronPlay.

Source | Amouranth