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Founded by gamers in 1997, Meristation magazine is a publication put together by an editorial team whose passion is video games. Meristation magazine seeks to be independent and objective, and to remain free of commercial pressures or private interests.

Postal address:

Meristation Magazine, S.L.
Valentín Beato, 48
28037 Madrid (Spain)

Telephone: +34 91 375 25 10

Under no circumstances will Meristation take responsibility for damages of any kind that may be caused by, amongst other things: errors or omissions in its content, unavailability of its website, or the transmission of viruses or programs whose content is malicious or harmful, despite having adopted all technological measures necessary to avoid this.

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Roberto Hernández

Francisco Alberto Serrano Acosta
Salvador Fernandez Ros
Deputy editors

Sergio C. González
News and social-media editor

Borja Ruete, Pedro Herrero, Alejandro Castillo
Staff writers

Rubén Martínez y Paula Sáez

Cristian Ciuraneta
Graphic design and Meri+