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Great Britain

Great Britain vs USA game highlights: scores, stats and highlights | 2023 World Baseball Classic

PHOENIX, AZ - MARCH 11:  Nolan Arenado #28 of Team USA celebrates with teammates after Team USA defeated Team Great Britain in Game 2 of Pool C at Chase Field on Saturday, March 11, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Daniel Shirey/WBCI/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

USA comprehensively master Great Britain 6-2

Great Britain game but outclassed by USA

Team USA are widely seen as the best in the world and even if Great Britain were not humiliated in the way that much of the press and fanbase were predicting, they were handily outclassed. Of course, many expected a home run derby with mercy rule being the outcome that crossed most people's lips.

In the end there were only two home runs, a solo shot by Great Britain's Trayce Thompson and a three-run blast by the USA's Kyle Schwarber.

The USA was impressive all around, and that is exactly what was expected, but Great Britain have nothing to hang their heads over. They showed that they can play ball and they belong in the tournament. They are not just here to make up the numbers. Harry Ford looked good behind the plate and of course Thompson had a standout game. A hot bat or two and they could make life uncomfortable for Canada, and perhaps the rest of the group. They simply had the misfortune of opening up against a team made up of the mega-All-Stars. Where every team has a player or two who are standout stars, team USA has nine of them.

The opening innings were outstanding where the USA was held scoreless until the third, but the quality of the USA's hitting was always going to grind away and break Britain down. Staying within four runs is almost better than they could have hoped for.

On the USA's side of the diamond, there were a lot of great things but also some things that they will want to work on. Stranding the bases full twice is not going to hurt you against Great Britain, but get to the knockout rounds and it can come back to bite you. Japan, Puerto Rico, or the Domincan Republic will make you pay for that. They will want to work on turning those opportunities into runs, taking advantage of all of those chances.

As it ends, the USA goes up against Mexico tomorrow with a win in hand and Great Britain will want to save face as they face Canada tomorrow. Here, it ends USA 6, Great Britain 2.

That is going to do it for this live commentary. Thank you for joining us and keep your eye on Diario AS USA for coverage of all of the World Baseball Classic. We'll be back tomorrow Venezuela vs Puerto Rico and Mexico vs USA. Until then, have a great night!

Blazing speed from Knowles

Just for good measure here is a look at that triple from D'shawn Knowles.

USA's home run

And now we'll check out Kyle Schwarber's.

Britain's home run

Here is a look at the home runs. We'll start with Thompson's for Great Britain.

Bednar is throwing heat, all around 97-99 and he gets the strikeout to end the game. The USA win 6-2.

Great Britain down to their last out and D'shawn Knowles will see if he can keep it alive.

He gets a high fastball and goes down swinging. Two down.

Darnell Sweeney comes to the plate and works the count to 2-2

Nick Ward now and he chops one to second. McNeil can't quite get to it and Ward reaches first.

Bam bam bam and Young goes down on three strikes. One down.

Top 9th

David Bednar takes the mound to close it out for the USA and Chavez Young leads off.

Trea Turner grounds one to third and he goes to second to end the inning. We head to the ninth and the last chance for Great Britain.

Kyle Schwarber gets a few lucky calls with the world's worst umpire letting a few strikes slide. He gets gifted a walk and is now on first base with two outs.

Arenado now for the USA and goes down on three pitches. Another 100mph pitch. Petersen is a fireballer!

He pops up a high fastball to third base for the first out. That pitch was 101mph.

Bottom 8th

Michael Petersen will take over on the mound for Great Britain and he will face Paul Goldschmidt to lead off.

Harry Ford comes to the dish and goes down looking on three pitches. A little questionable, with an extra generous zone by the umpire, but then again what is new? He has been objectively terrible throughout the game. That ends eight with the USA still up 6-2.

Wylie pops one up to short for Trea Turner and just like that there are two gone in the eighth.

Top 8th

Thompson leads off in the eighth and he blasts one to the deepest part of the park. Mike Trout tracks it down just at the foot of the wall in deep center for out number one.

D'shawn Knowles is speedy. Here is a look at that triple.

The payoff pitch is popped to center and Thompson puts it away to end the seventh. We head to eight still 6-2 to the USA.

One in the dirt from Cooper runs it full.

Mike Trout now and works a count to 2-2

Betts pops it to center for Thompson to haul in. Two gone.

Realmuto advances to second and Betts comes to the plate with one out.

He is the only American to have not reached base yet, 0 for 3 on the night. The payoff and he chops it to second. The throw to first gets him and McNeil is now 0 for 4 on the night.

McNeil now at the dish and runs the count full.

He chops one to third and the throw from Murray is wild and Realmuto reaches on an error.

Bottom 7th

Cooper stays on the mound for Britain and Realmuto leads off for the USA.

We head into the bottom of the seventh with the USA leading 6-2

Murray now at the plate with two outs and quickly is in a hole 0-2 before going down swinging to end the inning.

He bangs one to Arenado and Knowles is running on contact. Arenado has a thought about it but goes to first and gets the out by only a half a step. GB claw one back and are now down 6-2

Seymour now comes up and tries to make that triple count for something.

Freeland comes at him and he sends one out to the right field corner for a triple. Knowles can really fly!

D'shawn Knowles is pinch hitting for Rudd and gets in a hole quickly 0-2

Top 7th

Freeland will face Sweeney to get us going and three pitches see the first out for GB.

He smacks one to right field but Young is there to haul it in and end the inning. The USA tacks on one more and we head to seven with GB needing five to get back in it.

Kyle Tucker now comes to the plate and takes a ball.

He whiffs three pitches and goes down swinging for the second out.

Turner comes to the plate now with Arenado in scoring positioin and one out.

Schwarber now and he takes a strike to get started. He slaps the second one to left field and Rudd makes up for the bobble with a great sliding catch to get the out.

Arenado yanks one into the left field corner for a double. Rudd bobbles the ball and that lets Goldschmidt score from first. the USA is up 6-1.

Goldschmidt slaps a shot through the short-third gap for a single to start the inning.

Bottom 6th

Daniel Cooper now takes the mound for Great Britain and faces Goldschmidt to lead off.

Ward now at the bat and flies one to right field for Mookie Betts to end the inning.

Young comes to the plate and slaps one into left field for a two-out single.

Harry Ford will now come up and smacks one over the third base bag, but Arenado is a Gold Glove for a reason. He hauls it in and calmly makes the long throw for out number two.

Top 6th

Kyle Freeland will take over the mound for the USA and will face Justin Wylie who is pinch hitting. He pops it to third and Arenado brings it down for the first out.

We head to the sixth inning now and GB is trailing by four runs.

After a foul ball the count is full and Trout gets the delivery and fouls it back. And again, same result. With the count full and two outs, Mookie Betts is running. Another payoff and this is the third time that Betts has made that run. Trout swings through it for strike three.

Trout now and Long keeps the tradition going, thowing around the edge of the zone. He gets a breaking ball to hit the top of the zone for a strike but the count runs to 2-1.

Top of the order and Betts grounds one up the middle for a single.

Jeff McNeil comes to the dish and swings through two pitches before taking one into left center for Thompson, who cuts off Rudd for the putout. two down.

He pokes one to first base, fielded by Ward for the easy putout to start off the inning.

Bottom 5th

Realmuto comes up to lead off the fifth for team USA.

Schwarber's blast

Here is a look at that blast from Schwarber

The next pitch misses and the count runs full. The payoff is flared to short where Trea Turner pulls it down to end the inning.

Thompson comes to the plate and works the count to 2-2

BJ Murray comes to the plate and knocks one out to the warning track in center. It is reeled in by Trout for the second out.

Seymour lifts one to right field and Mookie Betts hauls it in for out number one.

Top 5th

Jason Adam now comes onto the mound for USA to face Seymour in the fifth.

He gets the third one and flies it out to right to end the inning. The USA add on three more and now lead 5-1.

Kyle Tucker is quickly in a hole 0-2

Trea Turner comes to the plate now and punches one through to right for a two-out single.

The third delivery is smashed for a massive home run to right. Three runs score and the USA now lead 5-1

Long delivers another in the same spot for strike two.

Schwarber comes to the plate and takes a strike. He's had a look now.

Long looks to be having trouble with the signs and calls Ford out to talk about it. They get together on the same page and he shows some off speed and Arenado pops one to third base for the second out.

Ryan Long will take over the mound for GB and will face Arenado.

The 2-2 comes inside and catches Goldschmidt's sleeve. He heads down to first base on the hit by pitch. That will be it from Esch.

The British pitchers are pitching all around the edges, trying to pinch a strike here and there, avoiding the center of the zone. Trout steals and a pretty good throw from Ford is not in time. USA has a runner in scoring position.

Goldschmidt comes to the plate with a man on first and one out.

Trout comes to bat and draws the four pitch walk.

He grounds one to second base and Seymour fields it cleanly. The throw gets the out

Bottom 4th

Mookie Betts leads off for the USA in the fourth and takes a strike to start.

We head into the bottom of the fourth with the USA still up 2-1

Rudd comes to the plate and hits a soft roller to second that is turned 4-6-3 to end the inning.

Sweeney comes to the plate and dumps a blooper into center field for a single.

Top 4th

Ward leads off the fourth for GB and slaps one up the middle. Trea Turner pulls it in and makes the play at first for out number one.

McNeil has a look and gets two balls before slapping a pop fly to left for the third out. The USA manages to score two and strand three to lead the game 2-1.

The next pitch misses and Realmuto walks to load the bases.

He gets a 3-0 pitch and launches it to deep right, just foul. 3-1

Realmuto comes to the plate with men on first and second and two outs.

He lines one just out of reach of Sweeney's glove for a single and another run scores.

Jake Esch will take over the pitching duties for Great Britain and he will face Kyle Tucker.

The payoff pitch just misses and Turner walks. Runners now at the corners with two out and that will be it for Worley.

Trea Turner comes to the plate and works the count full.

Schwarber launches one to deep center but Thompson has it for two outs. Arenado tags up and advances to third.

Arenado slaps one down the third base line for a double, scoring Goldschmidt from second to level the score.

Arenado comes to the plate and a wild pitch lets Goldschmidt move up to second.

Goldschmidt hits the first pitch to short stop. A high throw lets him beat it out and the USA have a runner on first with one out.

He smashes one deep to left but it is hauled in on the warning track for out number one.

Bottom 3rd

Mike Trout will do the honors for the USA in the third.

Young comes to the plate to see if he can do something with that runner on third. He flies one to left center that is hauled down by Mike Trout to end the inning.

The 2-2 is chopped to third. Thompson holds and the throw to first gets the second out.

He shows patience and doesn't bite on that big curve, which gets away from Realmuto, but not far enough away for Thompson to try for home.

Harry Ford comes up now with one out and a runner at third.

Wainwright has thrown half the pitches that Worley has and he delivers one for Koperniak who flies a monstrous shot to right field. Betts fields it for the out, Thompson tags up and challenges the throw at third, which nearly gets him! Betts threw a bullet.

Top 3rd

Thompson leads off with a double down the third base line. He is now 2 for 2 with a home run and a double.

Betts skies one into foul territory by third. Murray hauls it in to end the inning. We go to the third with Great Britain still in the lead 1-0

The payoff is shot to second base and Seymour gets the out at first. Realmuto moves to third for Mookie Betts.

Worley gives him a strike and then serves up another to fill the count.

McNeil comes to the plate, now with a runner in scoring position and takes all the way. The count runs to 3-0

Realmuto hits a rope over third base into the left field corner for a one-out double.

Bottom 2nd

Kyle Tucker leads off the order for the USA and Worley feeds him a pitch that he lifts a mile high for Thompson to bring down in center field for the first out.

BJ Murray comes back to the plate and watches three strikes go by. They were all solid strikes, though no better, it must be said, than any of the ones called balls when thrown by Worley. Team GB have every right to feel uneasy about this umpire.

He manages to hit a dribbler that ends up in between first and second, just where he can beat it out. Back to back two out hits from Great Britain.

Anfernee Seymour comes to the plate and fouls one off.

Rudd comes to the plate with two out and shoves one through to right for a two-out single.

Sweeney comes to the plate and pokes one to deep right field. Mookie Betts has just enough room to track it down at the wall for out number two.

The nasty curve is too big for him and three pitches gets three strikes.

Top 2nd

Nick Ward comes up to lead off the inning and swings at the first two pitches to get in a hole.

The umpire's strike zone is dodgy to say the best. He has given nothing low in the zone, and has been inconsistent on the top of the zone. The British team have not taken enough pitches to see if his inconsistency is for both teams, but this looks bad.

Trea Turner hits a dribbler to second and the throw gets him at first. He made it close with his incredible speed but the USA leave the bases loaded. End of the first inning and GB still lead.

Schwarber is unusually patient and the count goes full. The payoff just misses and the walk loads the bases.

The USA have two men on and two out.

Kyle Schwarber is a first pitch swinger and he takes a strike, unusual for him.

The count goes full on Arenado and the payoff pitch is fouled off. And another fouled off as well. Worley delivers the ninth pitch to Arenado and it is chopped to second. The throw from Seymour is not in time.

Now he gives a strike that was out of the zone, so inconsistent.

Nolan Arenado now comes up to see if he can make that walk count and takes ball one. Worley has been painting the edges of the strike zone and has gotten very unlucky on a lot of the calls. The umpire's strike zone looks about 10% smaller than it should be.

Paul Goldschmidt steps into the box and works the count deep as well. He holds off the 3-1 and draws the walk.

The payoff pitch is a changeup that gets Trout swinging for the second out.

Mike Trout comes to the plate and works the count full.

Bottom 1st

Mookie Betts leads off and Vance Worley feeds him a fastball. He smashes it to left and deep on the warning track it is hauled in for out number one.

Young comes to the plate and pops one straight up to short. Trea Turner comes down with it and ends the inning. We head to the bottom of the first with Great Britain up 1-0.

Wainwright's curveball is incredible.

He chases that same nasty curve that got Murray and just like that there are two down.

Harry Ford comes to the plate, and he is the top prospect, perhaps in all of baseball, but certainly on this GB team.

Koperniak comes to the plate and shows good patience. Not excited by this early lead, he watches three balls go by and takes a strike. The 3-1 delivery misses and he gets the free pass to put a runner on first base.

Thompson steps to the plate and pokes the second pitch over the left field wall! Great Britain have a 1-0 lead.

Murray fouls a few back and works the count back to 1-2 before going down on a big sweeping curve. Strikeout and one away.

Top 1st

We are all set and the first pitch from Wainwright to Murray gets us going.

His counterpart for Great Britain, Vance Worley spent seven years in the minor leagues and has a career 4.09 ERA over 667 innings pitched. He relies on the same pitch mix as Wainwright but can throw a four-seamer into the mix as well.

The game is just about to get started and team USA is on the field warming up. Adam Wainwright comes into tonight having thrown a 3.71 ERA over 191.2 innings pitched for St Louis last season. The right hander is a breaking ball specialist, with a splitter, a cutter, a curveball and a change up that he hits the zone with great command.
2023 World Baseball Classic: Great Britain team roster | Ford, Thompson, Koperniak, Murray

Take a look at the full roster available for team Great Britain
2023 World Baseball Classic: USA team roster | Arenado, Wainwright, Trout, Betts

Here is a look at the full team roster for team USA

Great Britain lineup

CF Trayce Thompson (Dodgers)

1B B.J. Murray Jr. (Cubs prospect)

DH Matt Koperniak (Cardinals prospect)

C Harry Ford (Mariners prospect)

SS Nick Ward (Athletics prospect)

3B Darnell Sweeney (Pirates)

2B Justin Wylie (no MLB affiliation)

LF D’Shawn Knowles (Angels prospect)

RF Anferneee Seymour (no MLB affiliation)

Team USA lineup

1. RF Mookie Betts
2. CF Mike Trout
3. 1B Paul Goldschmidt
4. 3B Nolan Arenado
5. DH Kyle Schwarber
6. SS Trea Turner
7. LF Kyle Tucker
8. C J.T. Realmuto
9. 2B Jeff McNeil

Bench: Will Smith, Kyle Higashioka, Pete Alonso, Bobby Witt Jr., Tim Anderson, Cedric Mullins

For team USA, Adam Wainwright has the start, and he will need to lean on nobody, backed up as he is by perhaps the strongest lineup in the tournament.

Two of GB's biggest names, Blake Taylor and Jazz Chisholm are not on the roster, dealing the Brits a heavy blow. Tonight, former minor leaguer Vance Worley is getting the start, but with the WBC’s pitch count rules in play, the game will swing on the relievers, and they have Ian Gibaut to lean on in that respect. The Brits will not be looking for their pitching to keep a clean sheet, even if that were possible, against the USA, but rather to keep them within touching distance, because the heavy lifting by this team will be done with the bats.

The GB Lions are a team who were not expected to get through the qualifiers in Regensberg, Germany last year. Shocking everyone, they managed to put up more runs than any other team riding the bats of Anfernee Seymour and Harry Ford in particular. The overcame some stiff competition in Spain and France to get here and whatever happens, they have had a great run. They will be trying to extend that run a little further even though they have drawn the most difficult pool in the competition. They will have to face Mexico, Colombia, and Canada, but today they are little David facing Goliath in Team USA.

Great Britain vs USA

Good evening and welcome to the Diario AS USA's live coverage of the World Baseball Classic. We have a great match, steeped in significance as Great Britain make their fist ever appearance in the tournament and are thrown in at the deep end as they take on the defending champions the USA.

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