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Puerto Rico vs USA summary: score, highlights, FIBA World Cup Qualifier

Jim Boylen dando órdenes a sus jugadores.

Puerto Rico vs USA, Fiba World Cup Qualifiers

Too much USA for Puerto Rico

The USA team will take this win against a good Puerto Rican team that gave it all, but in the end, they were not enough for the American team. Alvarado, Ortiz, and Clavell had a great game for the home team, but they just fell short. The team was never able to produce enough on shooting and offensive rebounds. It is a sad night in San Juan, but they will always have the beach. 

As for the U.S., they seem to enjoy the game, but maybe they were on autopilot. Galloway and Joshua Jackson had great games. The Phoenix player put up 25 pts and was very effective from 3. The U.S. drilled the Puerto Ricans with 3s the whole game, and they were not able to counter it. The American barely looked for the paint, and it was a backcourt game. 

The U.S. will face Cuba on Monday to seal their participation in the coming FIBA 2023 World Cup. This would be an excellent opportunity for players to show their talent and maybe make the jump to better opportunities. 


Puerto Rico vs USA

The USA wins the game and the barely sweat. The game was close but is not what we saw on the court. 


Puerto Rico vs USA

Alvarado with 2 FT and puts the game within 9, but less than a minute to go on the game and the USA will most likely take this one

The USA looking good

The U.S. keep dominating the game


Puerto Rico vs USA

Clavell with a nice 3 and that’s two in less than a minute. Why haven’t they shot this the whole game


Puerto Rico vs USA

Wheeler with a nice lay up on the break and the USA are cruising right now. 


Puerto Rico vs USA

Romero with an amazing play! Of the glass backwards lay up and he has been inspirational for Puerto Rico tonight


Puerto Rico vs USA

Going to the fourth and the U.S. is too much for Puerto Rico who I believe have given up and are going through the motions

Puerto Rico vs USA

Jashua Jackson just on fire tonight 


Puerto Rico vs USA

Cook scores another 3 for team USA on the break and that’s his second of the game. The Americans are pulling further and further in this game and the 4th quarter can be just a dull moment


Puerto Rico vs USA

Jashua Jackson with another 3 and 24pts for the Phoenix player. Puerto Rico has only made one 3 the whole game. 


Puerto Rico vs USA

Romero goes to the line and gets 2 FT from an offensive foul. He makes both and that’s the first time in the game for Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico vs USA

Jashua Jackson with a pretty 3 from downtown and you can tell he plays in the NBA. His pace is different and seems comfortable on the court


Puerto Rico vs USA

Demps sinks another 3 for team USA and Puerto Rico needs to stop this run. The USA leads by 11. 


Puerto Rico vs USA

Galloway with his second consecutive 3rd and the  team pulls ahead by 9. Puerto Rico should call a timeout at this moment. 

Puerto Rico vs USA

The 3rd quarter is about to start and USA leads 37-42 and Puerto Rico starts fast with a break and puts the game within 3

Nice Moves by USA

The team is looking great and they have been moving pretty well 


Puerto Rico vs USA

Jordan Bell scores a nice 3 to end the 2nd quarter, and pull ahead of Puerto Rico. The 3pt game has been the game changer. The U.S. has scored 7 of 10 from the field and they are looking hot from 3. 

Puerto Rico is playing consistent basketball but can’t seem to get enough rebounds to close that gap. 


Puerto Rico vs USA

Up to the second quarter and the U.S. is up by 6. Galloway on the break scores for the Americans 


Puerto Rico vs USA

Ortiz scores a nice fade away and puts the game within 2. The U.S. calls for a timeout as the Puerto Rican team pulls closer 

Puerto Rico vs USA

Alvarado on fire tonight. He knows he has to make the best of it!


Puerto Rico vs USA

The U.S. keeps hammering the 3s and they pull away with 6. 


Puerto Rico vs USA

Jashua Jackson sinks the 3 and that’s his third. The Phoenix player is on fire. 


Puerto Rico vs USA

Alvarado on the pain gets the lay up against the glass and ties the game. Great impact by him. He knows he was to show off 


Puerto Rico vs USA

End of the first quarter and the U.S looks comfortable. They are comfortable shooting from 3s with five. Yet Puerto Rico has not yet sink one 3. Both teams are still getting warmed up 


Puerto Rico vs USA

Romero!! Goes to the pain and scores a lay up against the glass and the U.S. is looking a bit lost right now 


Puerto Rico vs USA

Alvarado goes to the line after a foul and puts up two FT


Puerto Rico vs USA

Mojica comes into the game and scores his first two from a nice jumper 


Puerto Rico vs USA

Quinn Cook with another 3 for team USA and the Americans pull ahead with 8 

Puerto Rico vs USA

Clavel with the dunk !


Puerto Rico vs USA

Joshua Jackson with two straight 3s puts the U.S. up seven 


Puerto Rico vs USA

Ortiz with the block against Jenkis!


Puerto Rico vs USA

Jeffries picks up his first person for the USA and Puerto Rico goes to the line and sinks one FT


Puerto Rico vs USA

John Jenkins sinks the three from the side and USA go up 


Puerto Rico vs USA

Clavell get’s to the line on a foul and puts the FT of the game 



Puerto Rico vs USA

And we get underway!! Puerto Rico wins the Tip-off


We are almost ready for the match

The anthems are on display at the moment and is just a question of minutes before we start the match 

Bit of NBA gossip before the game

What do you guys think of the trade? 

The guys keep looking like they are ready

Is this a big opportunity for Justin Jackson? 

Rare pick of Team USA

This is a rare pick of old team USA past players 

Third time is the charm?

Although DaQuan Jeffries played on a select team that practiced and scrimmaged against the USA Basketball Men’s National Team as it tuned up for the 2019 FIBA World Cup, he is now on a USA team for the first time.

Jeffries is a member of the USA Basketball Men’s World Cup Qualifying Team that finishes the third and final window of first-round qualifying this weekend. The U.S. (3-1) plays at Puerto Rico (2-2) on Friday then travels to Cuba (0-4) on the Fourth of July to complete Group D play.


USA’s roster for the coming two games

What do you guys think of this roster? Can the U.S. beat Puerto Rico and Cuba?

Puerto Rico is also getting ready

Team PR is not going to be an easy win for the U.S., the team is full of guys who play in the G League as well, and the NBA. This will be a challange. 

Practice in Miami

The team practice in Miami, just close enough to La Isla del encanto to get ready for tonight’s game. 

The team seems ready to face Puerto Rico

The U.S. is the favorite to win, even the team is not compose of the NBA stars. 

Goodnight, everyone, and welcome to the live commentary for the coming game between Puerto Rico and the U.S. for the Fiba 2023 World Cup Qualifiers. 

Coach Boylen's current position entails a significant amount of work for little or no reward. The first round of the World Cup qualifying tournament will be concluded on Friday in Puerto Rico and Monday in Cuba, both of which will be played under his tutelage as head coach of the USA Basketball national team. In order for the United States (3-1) to secure a spot in next year's Basketball World Cup, they must win both of their remaining two games by a combined score of 2-0.

No Olympic team is going to Puerto Rico or Cuba under his leadership this year. The United States is once again fielding a team largely comprised of players from the G League or other international leagues. The majority of the United States' 12-man roster has played in the NBA, but many had not played together before last week's arrival in Miami for training camp.

According to Boylen: "There is a misperception, and I tell our boys this: we are playing their game." “It's impossible for us to have this inflated sense of self-importance, like we invented basketball. As for FIBA Basketball, we're very sure we didn't invent that either. It's going to be difficult because we have to compete on their terms. We must fear and respect our opponent, but we will not be terrified. We will not be scared."



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