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Chicago Bears
Seattle Seahawks

Chicago Bears 27 vs. 11 Seattle Seahawks summary: stats and highlights | NFL Preseason

The Chicago Bears went into Lumen Field and dominated the Seattle Seahawks from the opening possession on a night where Seattle's offense struggled.

The Chicago Bears got their second win of the preseason with a dominant performance over the Seattle Seahawks from Lumen Field. Trevor Siemian came on after the first series and helped extend the lead to a three possession game before halftime before clocking at the break.

Fields gets a series

Justin Fields started the game off under center, like he did in the first game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bears QB1 drove his side all the way down the field on the opening possession of the game setting up a field goal after going 5-7 for 39 yards.

That would be the only action of the night for Field, as Trevor Siemian came in for the rest of the second half. Velus Jones Jr. set up his first drive with a fantastic punt return to put the Bears in SEA territory. A long run from Derrynton Evans and a couple Siemian completions set up two yard touchdown pass to rookie Jake Tonges to make it 10-0 early in the second quarter.

Drew Lock tested positive for Covid earlier this week, and was ruled out for the game against the Bears, which meant Geno Smith was going to get a healthy portion of the night’s snaps. He played the entire first half, but the Seahawks offense was for the most part toothless going three and out on three different possessions.

Smith in spotlight with Lock out

Smith orchestrate one drive where the Seahawks had a chance to score after a 41 yard pass to Penny Hart. His next throw was almost identical to his deep shot down the sideline to Hart, but Dareke Young couldn’t make the catch and the drive fizzled when Jason Meyers missed a 47 yard field goal.

Diaster struck for the Seahawks right before the halftime break when the Bears were forced to punt, and Cade Johnson muffed the punt inside the five yard line only to have it recovered by Elijah Hicks for a touchdown to make it 17-0 at the half.

Seven three and outs for Seahawks

The Seahawks offense struggled all night, going three and out seven different times, including four times in the second half under Jacob Eason. Eason did ease into the game, going 17/35 for 141 yards, but much of those yards came in the fourth quarter.

Seattle did get a consolation touchdown right before the Two Minute Warning when Darwin Thompson scored on an eight yard touchdown run up the gut. Even though the game was essentially in the books, the Seahawks recovered the ensuing onside kick, but the Seahawks would not score again.

Both teams have one game left, Seattle will play Dallas next Friday, while the Bears will finish off their preseason against the Browns on next Saturday night.

Nathan Peterman came into the game after halftime and delivered a quick strick scoring drive capped off by this Darrynton Evans one yard TD run.

Johnson muffed the punt and Hicks came up with the loose ball in the end zone for the touchdown to put the Bears up 17-0 at the half.

Trevor Siemian came into the game after the Bear's first series and capped his first possession off with a two yard TD to Jake Tonges.

Justin Fields didn't get too much time to impress, but hit Kmet to set up the opening field goal of the game on the Bears' first possesion.


Chicago dominated this game from the opening possession to get their first win of the preseason.

Bears win 27-11.

The 4th down lob from Eason to Fuller in the corner of the end zone is over thrown and that will end the Seahawks night.

Melton couldn't make the catch in the end zone with contact coming on 2nd down. Eason was under pressure and let it go into the back of the endzone to bring up 4th down.

Eason connects on a 4th and 2 to Melton with a four yard out route. 1st and Goal from the 4 coming up.

Kassis with a gain of 14 on the catch and run brings up 3rd and 2 from the 9.

Eason throws up a wobbler but it finds Fuller in the end zone, but Fuller couldn't make the catch before the ball hit the turf. It was called a TD, but the refs review and take it off the board.

Thompson picks up the first down with a seven yard reception. Timeout SEA with 1:37 to go in the game.

The game may have been out of hand, but an onside kick recovery is becoming very rare in the NFL so anytime we see one it's worth a replay.

Thompson with the 8 yard run to give the Seahawks their first touchdown deep in the fourth quarter.

Eason going deep looking to Fuller who had his shirt tugged at and the PI flag comes. SEA will get the ball at the CHI 32

The Seahawks are still down three possessions but that was got a cheer out of the 12th man in Seattle.

The onside kick is recovered by Seattle!!! Swain comes up with the loose ball.


Seattle finally gives their fans something to cheer about with Thompson's 8 yard run up the middle.

Eason hits Johnson in the back of the end zone for the two point conversion.

Chicago leads 27-11 with 2:00 left.

Eason connects on three straight passes to bring the Seahawks inside the 10 yard line.

Eason on 4th and 6 from midfield connects with Melton for 7 yards.

The Seahawks are forced to punt after moving the chains just once, but the punt is muffed by Newsome. It wasn't his fault, Tuggle ran into him trying to set up for a block and Tuggle has had a few mistakes tonight, that he will be hoping the coaches forget.The Seahawks are forced to punt after moving the chains just once, but the punt is muffed by Newsome. It wasn't his fault, Tuggle ran into him trying to set up for a block and Tuggle has had a few mistakes tonight, that he will be hoping the coaches forget.

Eason to Kassis on the slant for 10 yards and that moves the chains, something that hasn't happened much for the Seahawks tonight.

Eason was almost dropped for a saftey but just got the pass off and threw it out of bounds to spare the saftey.

The Bears go for it on 4th and Goal from the 1 yard line and Tuggle is stuffed at the line. A rare bright spot for the Seahawks tonight.

Peterman's pass to Coulter in the corner of the end zone is incomplete after a good bit of defending from Bryant.

Under 6 minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Tuggle with a couple of nice runs to get the Bears inside the 10. 1st and Goal coming from the SEA 7.

Tough pass from Peterman running against the grain, and he hits Coulter on the sideline for 11 yards. 1st and 10 from the SEA 21.

Tuggle picks up the first down after fumbling the hand off on the play before. The pick up of 5 is just enough to move the chains on 3rd and 5.

The Bears take over from their 47, and a Shaa 9 yard run gets the drive going as the Bears enter SEA territory.

The Bears get to Eason on third down and Kamara drops the SEA quarterback for 9 yards. Another three and out for the Seahawks.


Santos comes in after the Bears drive is cut short and drills the 47 yard field goal.

Chicago leads 27-3 with 14:08 to go in the fouth quarter.

Peterman with a dangerous pass on 3rd and 10 which was almost picked off, but Bryant couldn't drag in the INT.

Peterman to Shaa for the 13 yard pitch and catch on the first play of the fouth. 1st and 10 coming up from the SEA 29.

The third quarter comes to an end with the Bears driving.

Webster sprinting up the sideline on the kickoff return and he busts it for 60 yards to the SEA 46.


Meyers puts the Seahawks on the board from 27 yards.

A negative run from Thompson and a false start back the Seahawks to the 10 yard line, and on 3rd down Eason hits Melton for a short gain.

Thompson breaks a run to the left for 16 yards and gives SEA 1st and Goal from the 3 yard line.

Back to back big plays as Eason hits Fuller over the middle for 16 yards bringing the Seahawks to the CHI 19 yard line.

Eason over the middle to Fuller for 16 yards and the first first down of the second half for SEA.

Drarrynton Evans with the one yard run up the middle to make it 24-0.

The Bears go three and out, and this game is getting numbingly repetitive as both sides trade quick series for quick series.

Eason finds Melton on the crossing route, but he is stopped short and the Seahawks go three and out for the sixth time tonight.

Eason with a deep shot to Melton and he makes the catch down the sideline, but couldn't keep his feet in.

Seattle will take over from inside their 10 yard line after another flag on special teams. Nothing has been working for the Seahawks, especiallly on the special teams front.

Webster makes the catch in the flat but is stopped short of the marker and the Bears will punt after a three and out

Paterman fumbled the snap and ended up getting crushed as he let the pass go. He pops up and the Bears have 3rd and 8 coming up.

That's the fifth three and out for the Seahawks tonight.

Eason overthrows Kassis on 3rd and 8 and the Seahawks go three and out again.

Seattle start their drive from the 24 yard line looking for their first points of the game.


Evans punches the one yard run in and the Bears scored before the four minute mark in the third quarter after kick off to start the half.

Peterman airing it out again, this time to Coulter for 23 yards. and an unnecessary roughness penalty on SEA will put the Seahawks at the 5 yard line.

Peterman into the game after the halftime break and his first pass is good for 14 yards up the middle to Newsome.

The Seahawks are going backwards in their first possesion of the second half. A holding call on first down back the Seahawks up, and then a Homer run for -2 yards set up 3rd and long. Eason goes conservative deep in his own territory and the Seahawks will punt.

We are back in action in the second half and it's the Seahawks taking over form the SEA 23 but a holding call will back them up to the 14.

Jacob Eason takes over under center. as Geno Smith's night has come to a close.

A blunder by Johnson inside the Seahawks 5 yard line on the punt led to a fumble recovery in the end zone to put the Bears up 17-0 with 20 seconds to go in the half.

Siemian found Tonges on the short 2 yard TD pass right out of the quarter change.

Velus Jones Jr. took the SEA punt 41 yards to set up the Bear's first TD of the night.

This 19 yards Fields pass to Kmet set up the Santos FG for the first points of the game.

Geno Smith went 10/18 for 112 yards, but only threatened to score on one possession, which ended on a missed FG.

Travis Homer has 46 yards on three rushes.

Justin Fields started the game, and went 5/7 for 39 yards, leading the Bears to an opening drive FG.

Trevor Siemian took over and went 8/15 for 48 for a touchdown on his opening drive.

Darrynton Evans and Trestan Ebner combined 53 rushing yards.

We are headed to halftime from Seattle, with the Bears all over the Seahawks after 30 minutes.

Smith back under center and he hits Dallas on a couple straight passes to move the chains. 1st and 10 from the 37 with 7 seconds to go.

Johnson will have trouble sleeping tonight after muffing that punt. Every little detail is under the coaches microscope, and they will remember that play that cost them points late in the half.


Johnson muffed the punt inside the 5, and the Bears recover in the end zone for a touchdown!!!

Siemian dropped in the backfield for a loss of seven. Punt coming from the Bears

Dangerous pass from Siemian is almost picked by Jackson. 3rd and 10 coming with 40 seconds to go.

Evans breaks a run to the left for 12 yards and a timeout will stop the clock with 47 seconds left from the SEA 45.

Smith goes down on 3rd and 15, and that was an ugly drive for the Seahawks. CHI will get the ball back from their 45 with 54 seconds to go in the first half.

The Seahawks will take over from the 20 with 1:20 to go in the half after the punt goes into the endzone.

Evans in stuffed on the run up the gut, and it will be 4th and 1 from Bears territory.

Screen pass to Evans out of the break and he picks up 6 on 2nd and 7. Third and 1 coming up.

We are at the Two Minute Warning from Seattle, with the Bears driving.

Ebner starts the drive with a 5 yard run, but a face mask will give the Seahawks an extra 15 yards moving the Bears to their own 30.

Chicago takes over from the 10 after the SEA punt.

Smith looking for Melton over the middle put led him a bit to far into the middle of the field and again, the Seahawks are forced to punt.

Smith sacked on 2nd and 6 after tripping over the RBs foot on the play action fake. Loss of 9 brings up 3rd and 13.

Under 4 minutes to go in the second quarter.

The Bears lost Dallas out of the backfield and he gains 9 on the wheel route to the right side.

Dallas up the got for six yards on a run up the middle, and the Seahawks are going no huddle on 3rd and 1, but a false start will back up the Seahawks to 3rd and 5 from the SEA 21.

Jones on a pass to the flat, picks up 5 yards on second down. 3rd and 5 coming up from the CHI 41.

Parkinson on the screen pass up the middle looking to get a chunk to put the Bears in field goal position. The seven yard pass set up a 47 yard Meyers FG, but the SEA kicker pushed it wide right.

Similar pass on 1st down to Young who leaped over the defender but couldn't bring down the pass inside the 3 yard line. 2nd and 20 from the SEA 37 after a holding call.

Smith going deep to Hart on the left sideline for 41 yards and that was the best pass on the night for either side.

CHI doesn't challenge and the Bears settle for a punt. Swain takes the punt back 5 yards to their 35.

Siemian bobbled the snap out of the shotgun and threw up a prayer to Coulter. The pass was called incomplete, but the Bears might want to challenge that. It looked like Coulter made the catch.

After a false start backs the Bears up to 3rd and 6, Siemian hits Webster on the out route for a gain of 7. That flag was the first on the Bears all preseason.

Ebner picks up 9 yards, and he's looking like he's growing into this game as it progresses. 3rd and 1 from the CHI 29 coming up.

Great punt from Dickson but Coleman stepped on the goal line as he downed the punt to send the Bears out to the 20.

Smith hits Johnson on the short slant to move the sticks, but an illegal hands to the face will take that play on the board and force the punt.

SEA going quick tempo on 3rd and 8, and Smith hits Hart for 5 yards. SEA will go for it on 4th.

Damian Lewis went down and stayed down, and is getting helped to the cart to be taken back to the locker room.

Homer breaks the big run to move the chains for the first time all night.

Siemian starting the second quarter with the TD pass to Tonges.

Shifty runn from Homer as he skips over a tackle breaks right and takes it 33 yards on first down. 1st and 10 coming from the CHI 42.

Smith is back on the field for the Seahawks looking to move the chains for the first time tonight.

Chicago leads 10-0 after the games first touchdown six seconds into the second quarter.


Siemian finds the rookie full back Tonges on the skinny out route and lets Tonges do the rest for the two yard TD.

End of 1st

The first quarter comes to a close with the Bears knocking at the door. Siemian and Chicago will be looking to punch it in to start the second quarter.

Webster on the short reception, spins out of a tackle, and is brought down at the 2 yard line.

Siemian hits Coulter on the right sideline to move the chains inside the 10. 1st and Goal from the SEA 9.

Back to Evans, the Bears are going run heavy since Siemian came in. 2nd and 4 coming up from the SEA 14.

Evans picks up the first down on 2nd and 8 with a 9 yard pick up. 1st and 10 coming from the SEA 20

Jones on the return up the sideline, takes it for 48 yards to the SEA 33.

Smith's pass is batted down at the line and the Seahawks go 3 and out for the second straight time.

Homer on the draw play on 2nd and 10, picks up 7 yards setting up 3rd and 3 from the 21.

This 19 yard connection from Fields to Kmet set up the games first points.

The punt is fielded by Swain for a couple yards to the SEA 14. Seahawks will take over deep in their territory for their second drive.

Siemian under pressure had to fling it to Evans on 3rd down and 10, and that play is stopped at the line of scrimmage. There was a holding call on the Bears, but SEAn declined.

Siemian finds O'Shaughnessy up the middle on the button route for 10 yards and a first down from the SEA 48.

Fourth straight run for Ebner, and he picks up two yards. Eiselen goes down injured and they are looking at his knee, but he did get up and jog off the field.

Back to Ebner for the third straight time and he gets 8 yards to move the chains on 3rd and 6.

Seattle's D holding strong on 2nd and 8 as Ebner only gets two yards.

Justin Fields' night is done, and here comes Trevor Siemian for the opening drive. The first play of the second series is started with an Ebner run to the right side for 2 yards.

Smith looking deep on thrid down looking for Swain on the deep slant. Swain had a look at it but couldn't drag the pass in. The Seahawks are forced to punt and the Bears will take over from their own 21.

After a false start before the first snap, Homer gets the first two touches going for a 6 yard run and a 4 yard screen pass. 3rd and 5 coming up from the SEA 30.

DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett are on the field for the Seahawks after missing the last game. This is Metcalf's first action since getting big bucks in the offseason.

Justin Fields went 7-9 for 39 yards on the scoring drive.

Geno Smith and the Seahawks will take the field for the first time tonight from the 25 after the touchback.

Field goal Bears!!!

Herbert had to adjust on the pass in the flat and was stopped at the line of scrimmaged, which brought out Santos for the 35 yard field goal. Bears lead 3-0 with 9:34 to go in the first quarter.

Fields with all day in the backfield and looks for Mooney in the corner of the endzone, but over shot him. There was an illegal man downfield called on CHI, but the penalty was declined. 3rd and 4 from the 15 coming up.

Fields rolling out to the left and hits Kmet for 19 yards, and it's 1st and 10 from the SEA 21.

Fields scrambling and finds Herbert for four yards on first down.

Chicago going for it on 4th down and the Seahawks DE Taylor jumped on 4th and 3 and that will set up a first and 10 from the 44.

Fields tucks and runs on 3rd and short, but is stoppped short and was lucky not to fumble. His knee was down before the ball squeaked out.

Herbert is in the backfield for the Bears, which means Montgomery will sit for another night. He picks up 7 on thrid down to leave 3rd and 3 from midfield.

Fields takes the field to start the night and hits Kmet on a looping screen pass for a ten yard gain and a first down.

We are underway from Seattle!! Jones takes it from the goal line to the 28 yard line, but fumbles as he was hit, but ended up recovering the loose ball.

How many snaps is Justin Fields going to get tonight? He needs reps with this offense, but the Bears won't want him on the field for too long.

Geno was the starter in Pete Carroll's eyes before the first preseason game, will he be the starter tongiht as well?


According to,  Seahawks are a 3.5 point favorite coming into tonight and the Over/Under is set at 39.5. I like the Seahawks tonight when I think about Drew Lock and Geno Smith getting snaps for the majority, if not all game. The Seahawks need reps with their first and second team with each quarterback, and I think that will serve them well tonight. Justin Fields will get a quarter, maybe a little more tonight and while the Bears have capable back ups in Trevor Siemian and Nathan Peterman I think Seattle takes it at home tonight.

DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett DNP in first game

DK Metcalf’s new deal with the Seattle Seahawks was one of the headlines in an offseason that wide receivers got paid big bucks. The Seahawks number one receiver got a three year extension worth $72 million. Metcalf did not play in the game against the Steelers last week, and neither did Tyler Lockett who had 1,175 yards and eight touchdowns last year,

David Montgomery missed the opener

David Montgomery was the Bears starting running back last year, rushing for 849 yards and seven touchdowns, but averaged just 3.8 yards per game in a season that was shortened by a knee injury in October.  He also had 42 receptions for 301 yards making him a solid option for young QB Justin Fields. Montgomery didn’t play in the game against the Chiefs, and there is still no word about his status tonight.

Drew Lock

Lock came in the trade with the Broncos that sent Wilson to Denver. He never made enough of an impact to be the irreplaceable starter in the Mile High City. He comes to Seattle with something to prove after three seasons in Denver. His highest season output was in 2020 when he threw for 2,933 yards, 16 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. He and Geno Smith split snaps and in his time on the field went 11/15 and there two touchdowns.

Seattle QB competition

Drew Lock and Geno Smith are locked in one of the most unpredictable quarterback competitions of the preseason. Russell Wilson’s departure has left a deep void in the Seahawks offense. While Drew Lock and Geno Smith may not be the quarterbacks of the distant future, the are the quarterbacks available this season. Russell Wilson seems happy in his new home, but will Seahawks fans be happy with who is under center at Lumen Field?

Justin Fields starting season as QB1

Justin Field is the Chicago Bears starting quarterback. There may have been more than a hint of a doubt last year when he split time with Andy Dalton for parts of the 2021 season. He took over the full time starting gig in early October, and had his ups and downs in a season where Chicago went 6-11 but he showed flashes of what he’s capable of. He started the game against the Chiefs and went 4/7 for 48 yards in a quarter of action. Those stats won’t drop any jaws, but we should see him a good bit tonight.

Chicago’s last game

The Bears went down 14 after two scoreless quarters to start the game. Trevor Siemian led the comeback charge, going 7/13 for 89 yards and two touchdowns in a 16-0 third quarter for Chicago. A fourth quarter field goal sealed the deal for the Bears who started their preseason slate with an opening week win in the preseason.

Seattle’s last game

Not much is expected from Seattle this season after losing their face of the franchise over the last decade, Russell Wilson. They started off their 2022-23 season with a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in a shootout over the weekend. Many, but not all of their first stringers were in for a few series for the first quarter in which they allowed 14 points. That was enough to keep the Steelers in the lead for the rest of the way.

We are live from Lumen Field

Hello everyone and welcome to Seattle where the Bears and the Seahawks are set to start their second preseason prep game. Seattle is coming off of an opening week loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game where their two candidates for the starting quarterback job got substantial time. The Bears beat the Kansas City Chiefs 19-14 thanks to a big second half.

Bears vs. Seahawks

The second week of the NFL preseason kicks off tonight from the Pacific Northwest when the Chicago Bears head to Seattle to take on the Seahawks for Thursday Night Football. AS English will be with you night with live coverage, stats, scores, highlights and analysis from Lumen Field.


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