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Dallas Cowboys DAL
Green Bay Packers GB
DAL 0 14 14 0 0 28
GB 0 14 0 14 3 31

Dallas Cowboys 28-Green Bay Packers 31, Packers win in overtime, summary: score, stats, highlights | NFL Week 10

The Packers came back from a 14-point deficit in the 3rd quarter to send the game into overtime and beat the Cowboys to break their five-game losing streak.

Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers

Packers beat Cowboys in overtime

The Packers proved tonight why they still can't be underestimated. After five humiliating losses in a row, including to the Lions last week, the Packers got a much-needed win against the Dallas Cowboys in overtime. They overcame a 14-point deficit in the 4th quarter to come back and win. 

Meanwhile, the Cowboys drop to 6-3 and third place in the NFC East. 

Rodgers found his go-to guy

Much of the problem for the Packers this season has been on the offense. Aaron Rodgers has seemed frustrated to not have the go-to guy he had in Davante Adams. But it looks like he may have finally found him tonight in rookie wide receiver Christian Watson

Of the four touchdowns the Packers scored, three were scored by Watson. They got off to a rocky start with two dropped passes to begin the game. But once they found their rhythm, there was no stopping them.

Watson's first touchdown came on a 58-yard run to tie the game 7-7 in the 2nd quarter. His second was on a 39-yard run to put the Packers just one score behind, 28-21 in the 4th quarter. And his third tied up the game 28-28 and helped lead the Packers into overtime and their eventual win. 

McCarthy's return ruined

It was Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy's first return to Lambeau Field since being fired by the Packers four years ago. Though he received a warm welcome to start the game, losing in overtime after a fourth-quarter comeback is a little less warm.

Rudy Ford's interceptions

The Packers signed safety Rudy Ford in August and he finally made a name for himself. He had two interceptions in the first half, both of which resulted in Green Bay touchdowns. 

The Stats

Packers - ​​​​​Rodgers finished 14-of-20 for 224 yards and three touchdowns. Watson had four catches for 107 yards and three touchdowns. Running back Aaron Jones rushed 24 times for 138 yards and scored the other touchdown. Running back A.J. Dillon accounted for 13 carries and 65 yards. Wide receiver Allen Lazard had three catches for 45 yards and receiver Sammy Watkins had three receptions for 47 yards.

Cowboys - Quarterback Dak Prescott finished 27-of-46 for 265 yards and three touchdowns and two interceptions. Wide receiver CeeDee Lamb had 11 catches for 150 yards and two touchdowns. Tight end Dalton Schultz had six catches for 54 yards and a touchdown, and running back Tony Pollard had 22 carries for 115 yards and a touchdown.

The game ended with kicker Mason Crosby's 28-yard field goal with 3:06 left in overtime. 

The great debate

Dalton Schultz tied it up before halftime

CeeDee's second TD put Dallas up by two scores

CeeDee with Dallas' first TD

Let's not forget about Aaron Jones' TD too

AND number three Watson TD to top off the evening and complete the hat trick

Twoooo TDs for Watson...

One TD for Watson...

Final score

The Packers set up the field goal on a 36-yard pass to Lazard and Crosby made the 28-yard field goal in overtime to give the Packers their first win in six games.


Crosby makes the field goal and the PACKERS WIN

Crosby comes out for the field goal from 28 yards

Facemask penalty on Dallas' Fowler puts Packers in even closer FG range

Rodgers passes to Lazard who takes it up the middle on a huge 36-yard run ​​​​​​​to the Dallas 20

Jones gets it to the 44 on 3rd and 2

The next score wins the game now that the Packers have the ball. A field goal would not have won the game for the Cowboys, but it was a risk to go for it on 4th down. 

Prescott gets caught up and pressure on and throws it away. Packers get the ball back at their own 35.

Prescott pass incomplete, intended for Lamb, blocked by Alexander. 4th down and 4 and the Cowboys are going for it...

06:32 OT

Packers take first timeout

Prescott pass 16 yards to Schultz complete, 3rd and 4

Davis gets a huge 16-yard run, but a Holding penalty on McGovern ruins their chances yet again, 2nd and 19 instead

07:29 OT

Prescott pass incomplete, 2nd and 10

Pollard gets the 1st down on a 9-yard run and the Cowboys are at the 45

Pollard gets the 1st down and 9 yards but an Offsides call on Dallas' rookie Tolbert puts them back 5 yards, 2nd and 2 - took back what would've been a 1st down.

Pollard gets a nice 8-yard run, 2nd and 2

Prescott bullet to Lamb for 15 yards for the 1st down

On the return, both teams received Unsportsmanlike Conduct ​​​​​​​penalties so they offset. Cowboys start at the 25.


Dallas won the toss and elected to receive



And we are going into overtime! The Cowboys blew a 14-point lead and the Packers-Cowboys rivalry continues as they are tied 28-28 at the end of regulation.


Packers take last timeout


Cowboys take first timeout


Pollard takes it up to the 30, 1st down


Prescott pass incomplete, 2nd and 10

They punt it away to the Dallas 19, fair catch by Turpin


Rodgers has time, but can't find anyone and he throws it away. 4th and 1


Packers take second timeout. They are at 3rd and 1 at the Packers 42.

01:49 Q4

The Cowboys go 3 and out and will punt it away


Two-minute warning

Cowboys still have all their timeouts. They're tied with the Packers and have the ball at their own 28 at 2nd and 7.

Guess who got the touchdown for the Packers? Watson, Watson, Watson. 10 plays and 89 yards and finally a 7-yard toss into the endzone to Watson, and the Packers are tied yet again with the Cowboys with 2:29 left in the game. Rodgers has found his guy.


Not to worry though, Dillon breaks through to make it 1st and goal

Rodgers to Watkins for 9 yards is marked just short of the 1st down

Jones dodges defenders for a huge 26-yard run. He does fumble it at the end, but he recovers it at the Cowboys 18.

At 2nd and 1, Dillon breaks through for a huge run of 17 yards to the Packers 48 

Has Rodgers finally found his go-to guy? A pass to Watson on 3rd and 2 gets the Packers the 1st down

At 3rd and 9, Preston hit Prescott to force a throw and it was incomplete. Cowboys will punt it back to Packers.

At 3rd and 6, Prescott converts on a 9-yard pass to Gallup

The Packers went for it on 4th and 7 and the reward was way worth the risk. Rodgers passed it to Watson for 39 yards and his second touchdown of the day to keep the Packers in the game with 13:23 remaining in the 4th quarter.


Rodgers throw to Lazard is incomplete to bring Packers to 4th and 7 and they'll go for it



Rodgers bullet pass to Watkins for 14 yards puts Packers into Cowboys territory to end the 3rd quarter

Rodgers scrambles and gets a pickup of 7 yards and the 1st down 

1:23 Q3

At 3rd and 3, the Packers take first timeout.

Prescott threw deep to Lamb for 35 yards for his second touchdown of the day. The Cowboys have a two-score lead with 2:47 left in the 3rd quarter.


Davis finds another hole to keep the momentum up for the Cowboys, getting a gain of 14 yards

Packers Reed was injured on the play

Prescott pass to Lamb is CAUGHT for 14 yards and the 1st down

Prescott to Schultz for 12 yards to bring Cowboys to 3rd and 9

Intentional Grounding puts Dallas at 2nd and 21

Packers punt it away

Rodgers SACKED by Williams for a loss of 9

Pollard finds the hole and he drives it through the middle 13 yards and into the end zone to put Dallas ahead in the 3rd quarter


Pescott pass for 30 yards to Lamb ​​​​​​​gives Dallas the 1st down at the 13

Cowboys take over at the Packers 45

On the return, Rodgers has the ball, but it comes loose and DALLASRECOVERS it

The Cowboys are held to 3rd and 6 and Prescott gets the ball to Brown but it's 2 yards short of the 1st down. The Packers will get the ball back again.

Rather than go for it on 4th and 1, the Packers take a Delay of Game penalty and punt it away

Rodgers passes deep again to Watson but this time it's incomplete

The Dallas defense holds Packers to 3rd and 4. Will they convert?

Jones gets pushed back a few yards by Lawrence and then a Holding penalty puts the Packers back even further to 2nd and 22. Rodgers takes the chance and fires the ball down the field - Watkins catches it for 23 yards and the 1st down.

And we're back! The Packers start us out on offense and they immediately get a 1st down on an 11-yard run by Jones



The Packers and Cowboys are TIED at the half. 

The Packers get the ball back after the half.

The Cowboys are able to come back and get a touchdown before the half in just around a minute and a half after the Packers scored their second. A huge 23-yard pass to Michael Gallup set up the touchdown, made on a 5-yard toss to Dalton Schultz with just 8 seconds left in the first half.


Prescott throws it away under pressure, 2nd and goal

00:19 Q2

Dallas takes last timeout

00:25 Q2

Pollard takes it up 11 yards and then a 23-yard pass to Gallup puts Dallas right at the goal line with plenty of time.

On the return, Dallas avoided a disaster when Hendershot fumbled and then recovered the ball. The Dallas offense hurries up to make it to the Packers 39 at 2nd and 12

After a second interception by Rudy Ford, the Packers are able to get the ball back and they quickly take it down the field and into the endzone on a 12-yard run by Aaron Jones. The Packers take the lead with just under two minutes left in the first half.


1:54 Q2

Holding penalty on Dallas' Diggs gives Packers automatic 1st down

Ford takes it up 34 yards to the Dallas 24

Prescott throws ANOTHER INTERCEPTION and it's to Ford AGAIN!

The Cowboys go for it and it's Prescott who takes it up again, just like on the last 3rd and 1 and 4th and 1 and he gets juuuuust barely over the line for the 1st down

2:58 Q2

Packers take first timeout

Pollard takes it 5 yards just short of the 1st down. The Cowboys may go for it at 4th and 1...

Packers' Wyatt was injured on the play

Amos held Pollard to bring Cowboys to 3rd and 6.

Holding penalty on Packers Douglas gives Dallas automatic 1st down

Rodgers made a huge deep pass for 58 yards to Watson, who took it into the end zone. After turning over the ball, the Packers got it back on a Ford interception and it ended in a touchdown to tie the game with 4:54 left to go in the half.


Jones gets a huge run up to the 47-yard line and the Cowboys get a Personal Foul, but Packers get a Holding penalty to offset the two. Jones' 11-yard run won't count and they'll try it again at 2nd and 8.

Green Bay has the ball back again after turning it over to Dallas in a huge save by Ford, who ran it 34 yards to the Packers 33

Prescott's pass in the endzone on 3rd and goal and it is INTERCEPTED by Rudy Ford

And suddenly the Cowboys are at 1st and goal again

Lawrence SACKED Rodgers and the ball is out, RECOVERED by the COWBOYSKearse

A 7-yard pickup by Jones brings the Packers to 3rd and 3​​​​​​​

A Holding penalty took the Packers back to the 10 after kickoff

The Cowboys get down the field in 17 plays and 83 yards to make it into the end zone. A Prescott toss to CeeDee Lamb for 3 yards gets Dallas the first touchdown of the game as they take the lead with 9:52 remaining in the first half.


Prescott pass to Schultz complete to bring Cowboys to the 3 at 2nd and goal

Cowboys Gallup was injured on the play

Prescott to Lamb for 5 yards gets Cowboys the 1st down and puts them in the red zone

Savage and Walker hold Dallas to short yards, but Prescott converts on 3rd and 1 just like on the previous drive

Packers get Too Many Men on the Field penalty and the Cowboys will repeat the 1st down after an incomplete deep pass

The Cowboys get stuck at 4th and 1 and they go for it and Prescott gets it



At the end of the 1st quarter, the Packers and Cowboys are scoreless. The Packers have been using the run game to get yards, and it's been working, but not well enough against Dallas' defense. With one failed field goal attempt, the Packers were unable to get any points on the board. The Cowboys haven't been able to get past the Packers defense yet either. At the end of the 1st though, the Cowboys are at the Packers 40 on 1st down.

Prescott scrambles to get the 1st down before throwing a bullet pass to Lamb for a gain of 21 yards

Pollard breaks through for a big run of 14 yards and gets Dallas the much-needed 1st down

At 2nd and 3, Dallas gets a Holding penalty, again on rookie Tyler Smith, who gets at least one every game. 2nd and 13.

Parsons stopped Jones for a loss of 3 yards to bring the Packers to 4th down. They pretend to go for it and take the Delay of Game to put them at 4th and 10 and they punt it back.

Jones takes it 17 yards to bring the Packers right back into Cowboys territory. The run game is working for them so far.

Dallas' Vander Esch is down on the field

The Packers keep running it and Jones picks up 8 yards and the 1st down

On the return, Rodgers dropped the ball but quickly picked it back up for a couple yards.

On the play fake, Prescott had all the time in the world, but the Packers were all over his receivers. Incomplete pass to Brown brought them to 3rd down and another incomplete to Lamb took them to 3 and out.

Dallas will take over at the 44-yard line

NO GOOD. Crosby went for the long field goal from 54 yards but it was short. 

Rodgers and Watson try it again, and it's dropped AGAIN. The Packers are brought to 4th down and they will try for a 54-yard field goal...

Rodgers throws to Watson and it's dropped to bring GB to 3rd and 5

The Packers are utilizing the run game, a smart move against the Cowboys. Dillon gets them to a 1st down after three tries this time, to the Dallas 41.

The Packers hand it to Jones three times in a row to eventually get the 1st down. Then Dallas gets called for Unnecessary Roughness on Wilson to bring Green Bay to the 32.

After a short run and incomplete by Tony Pollard, the Cowboys were brought to 3rd and 9 and the Packers put the pressure on quick. Prescott had to throw it away and were brought to 4th down to punt it back.


The Cowboys won the toss and they elected to receive. Turpin gets past several defenders to make it to the 40 to start off the game. Let's go! 

The Cowboys fans have spoken

Cowboys to finally get win over Packers?

The Cowboys have a rough history against the Packers. They have lost eight of their last ten games, including two playoff games in 2014 and 2016. 

But this year is different. The Packers are going against Dallas under .500 for the first time since 2004. Meanwhile, the Cowboys are 6-2 and highly favorited to win the game. Despite that, the Packers and Cowboys have a rivalry now and the Packers are going to be in it to win it today, so the Cowboys can't relax or treat this like an easy win.

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott will need to prove he can perform and make passes against a solid defense. Since he's been back, he's had pretty easy matchups, and against the Bucs' D in Week 1, he threw for just 134 yards and an interception but no touchdowns. Today, he has something to prove. 

It's also the first time we'll see an Aaron Rodgers-Micah Parsons matchup. Parsons described Rodgers as an idol and then said he can't wait to sack him. The Dallas defense will have to work on stopping the run against Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon. They have allowed over 100 rushing yards in six of their last eight games and the Packers have rushed for over 100 yards five times in the last nine games. They've rushed over 200 yards twice. So Dallas has to stop the run if they want to buck the trend of Packers wins.

Cowboys/Packers Injury Report: Zeke out

The Packers are riddled with injuries heading into the game against Dallas today. The Cowboys are in good shape but will be without one of their key players.

Green Bay Packers Injury Report

The Packers will be without wide receiver Romeo Doubs after he left with an ankle injury last week. They'll also be out two offensive linemen, Rasheed Walker and Luke Tenuta.

​​​​It gets worse on the defensive side. The Packers will be without  LB Da'Vondre Campbell, CB Shemar Jean-Charles, LB Krys Barnes, and DL Jonathan Ford.

Dallas Cowboys Injury Report

The Cowboys will be without their lead running back Ezekiel Elliott for the second week in a row after he hyperextended his knee in Week 7. Tony Pollard will take over as the lead back again. He scored two touchdowns in the Cowboys 49-29 win over the Bears in Week 8. 

Dallas will also be without LB Anthony Barr, who is still recovering from a hamstring ijnury. 

The other inactives listed for the Cowboys are backup QB Will Grier, LB Jabril Cox, S Markquese Bell, CB Nahshon Wright, and DL Chauncey Golston.

McCarthy back in Green Bay

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy also happens to be the Green Bay Packers' former head coach. He led them to six NFC North titles and one Super Bowl victory.

"I'm four years removed from working there, and I'm really looking forward to taking our team up there," McCarthy said. "Like I told them today in the team meeting, this is a really cool place to compete."

Packers making moves ahead of Cowboys game

On Saturday, the Packers made some moves, including elevating outside linebacker La'Darius Hamilton and kicker Ramiz Ahmed from their practice squad. 

The Packers o-line has been problematic since the season started. Now that Rashan Gary is on IR, the Packers had limited options. They chose to elevate Hamilton, who didn't do much last time he played against the Commanders. They needed someone though, so Hamilton it is. 

But why did they elevate Ahmed? Veteran kicker Mason Crosby was limited in practice this week with a sore back. Though he will still play in today's game, Ahmed is going to be responsible for the kickoffs. 

Lambeau Field is about to look different

Lambeau Field in Green Bay is one of the hardest stadiums to play in. Due to the low temps and often snow, away teams struggle. Plus, there's always loud cheese heads at every sold-out game. 

Cowboys and Packers: Where they stand

The Green Bay Packers have had a rough go this season. Aaron Rodgers looks tired and frustrated with his offensive line and lack of a go-to target without Davante Adams.

The Packers are currently sitting at 3-6 after losing their fifth straight game to the Detroit Lions last week. In that game, Rodgers threw three interceptions, including two in the red zone.

The Dallas Cowboys have their starting quarterback back in action in Dak Prescott and since he's found his groove, they haven't lost a game. In fact, their only loss since Week 1 to Tampa Bay was to the undefeated Eagles with Cooper Rush in at quarterbak. 

The 'Boys had a bye week last week, but beat the Chicago Bears 49-29 in Week 8. The Dallas defense has so far held opponents to 20 points or fewer six times. Their defense is No. 3 in the league and is going to be a problem for Green Bay's offense, even in their own territory.

Good afternoon, everyone and welcome to our live coverage of the Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers game!

Today, the 6-2 Cowboys travel to Lambeau Field to take on the haggard Green Bay Packers, coming off their fifth straight loss to the Detroit Lions. The Cowboys, on the other hand, are fresh off their bye week after a 49-29 win over the Chicago Bears in Week 8.

Will today be the day the Aaron Rodgers and the Packers make their comeback or are they doomed to suffer yet another loss to Dak Prescott and the 'Boys? We will be right here with you from before the game, during, and after, bringing you live updates, scores, and commentary throughout the game.

Kickoff is at 4:25 p.m. ET from Lambeau Field. Let's go!


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