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The conspiracies and fallout of Rihanna’s Super Bowl 2023 halftime show

Rihanna’s revelation that she’s pregnant isn’t the only thing people are talking about after her Super Bowl halftime show.

Rihanna’s revelation that she’s pregnant isn’t the only thing people are talking about after her Super Bowl halftime show.

Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show broke the record for most-watched halftime performance in Super Bowl history with 118.7 million viewers. Add to that the amount of people across the globe in different time zones who watched the performance later and you’ve got yourself a loooot of opinions.

Though the big talking point was Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement, there has been no shortage of other stories surrounding the pop star, who had taken a seven-year hiatus from the music industry before the Super Bowl show. With this much fame and attention, there is sure to be conspiracies and stories garnered.

Myanmar activists criticize Rihanna for million-dollar ruby ring

Rihanna was called out on Twitter for wearing a $1 million Burmese ruby ring from New York City’s Bay Jewels, which sells jewelery with gems mainly from Myanmar.

Myanmar’s democratic government was overthrown in a military coup two years ago, in February 2021, and has since been restored into the dictatorship that dominated the country for 50 years. Myanmar’s brutal military junta has enacted a crackdown on military opposition, committed war crimes, as well as countless crimes against humanity. The issue with the gems here is that the Myanmar junta sustains itself mainly through the selling of these gems.

When the activist group Justice for Myanmar realized Rihanna was sporting the ruby ring, they were quick to criticize her.

Justice for Myanmar calls for a complete ban on the trade of these gems.

“There is no such thing as an ethically sourced Burmese ruby,” Clare Hammond, senior Myanmar campaigner at Global Witness. “These gemstones are sold as symbols of human connection and affection, yet the supply chain is steeped in corruption and horrific human rights abuses.”

They note in the Twitter thread that Rihanna is indeed aware of this problem, as she has tweeted about it before. They now call on her to boycott the gems and stand with them on their call for a total ban.

Did Rihanna make the Illuminati sign and was it censored out?

The Illuminati conspiracies are never-ending, especially when it comes to pop stars. The Illuminati is thought to be a secret society involved in political decisions with the ability to influence and control world events. There are conspiracy theories that many celebrities are involved in this secret society, including Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Kim Kardashian.

Rihanna is among those rumored to be part of the Illuminati as well. During her Super Bowl halftime show, she held her hands up in the shape of a diamond, which is believed to be a sign of the Illuminati group. This has some fans speculating that the cameras cut away from her as she made the symbol for that reason.

On social media, viewers made these comments:

“I was watching on YouTube her performance again and I just realized they censored her Illuminati sign on TV.”

“I saw footage of what wasn’t aired of the halftime show. During the fireworks, Rihanna held up the triangle Illuminati sign with her hands to the crowd.

“It seems it’s always there. The more I’ve thought about the symbolism, the more it bothers me.”

Rihanna does have a song called “Diamonds” and was singing it at the time, so some say that it was only for that reason that she made the diamond symbol with her hands. The camera suddenly cutting away seems to really be spooking others though.

Rihanna’s Paraside Valley rental goes for $85,000 a night

Rihanna spent a week before the Super Bowl in a massive estate in Paradise Valley in Arizona which is reportedly available to rent for $85,000 a night. It’s a five-bedroom, five-bathroom, Spanish-style mansion of over 6,434 square feet, which at that price would have cost Rihanna around $510,000.

The mansion also boasts a large front yard, high ceilings, a fireplace and piano in the living room, bocce ball, pickle ball, a heated pool and spa, and a music system. The current owner bought the house for $7.3 million.


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