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What did Jason Peters have to say about his previous comments on the Cowboys?

In another classic example of the unpredictable nature of the professional sports market, the former Eagles star is now set to turn out for their bitter rivals. His comments were interesting.

What did Jason Peters have to say about his previous comments on the Cowboys?
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While there will be no shortage of anecdotes and references to old adages, what we will say is that Jason Peters’ move to Dallas, is as ironic as it is positive for both him and the Cowboys.

Jason Peters and the Cowboys had beef

When thinking of former Eagles star Jason Peters, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is the long-standing hostility that he openly displayed towards the Dallas Cowboys. Indeed, the intimidating LT once went on record, referring to the “arrogance” of the Cowboys, which of course brings us to the very ironic scenario that we are witnessing today. That’s right, Jason Peters has just been signed by the Dallas Cowboys. Quite a turn for a man who once drove an Eagles-themed truck with Super Bowl LII references plastered all over it.

“It’s just an arrogant organization,” Peters said back in 2018. “Everybody. America’s Team. Right now, they’re not winning. So let’s see how many people jump off the bandwagon.” Those are the words, that are now seemingly haunting Peters after they resurfaced on social media - remember the internet does not forget. The 40-year-old, however, has attempted to perform a bit of backtracking where his previous description of the Cowboys is concerned, which it has to be said makes sense considering they are in fact his new employers.

Jason Peters walks back on his Cowboys dig but we understand why

Speaking on the Cowboys’ official website, Peters was quick to downplay the significance of his statements from a few years ago. “Man, I don’t really call it arrogance,” Peters said. “I mean, they had swagger – pretty much the same thing. The swagger, they’ll go in week in and week out with that swagger, you can tell how the defense plays. Dak and Zeke, scoring and everybody (wearing) their emotions on their shoulders. I mean I like that to be honest. That’s how we did it in Philly and that’s how we’re going to do it here.” Nice try Mr. Peters. We see you, but nice try.

Rhetoric and banter aside, this is undoubtedly a good move for both parties. On the one side, Peters has never hidden his desire to continue playing past 40 and the Cowboys have now given him the opportunity to do just that. On the other, you have a team that is probably a tweak or two away from being a serious contender for a title. Add to that the fact that Peters himself is an East Texas native and ‘the rest is gravy’ as they say. Incidentally, Peters isn’t the first former Eagle to jump over to their rivals in Dallas. Hall of Famers Tommy McDonald and Harold Carmichael also made the controversial switch in years gone by. Indeed, one could argue that such moves are an acknowledgement of the skill between the two franchises.

Homecoming: Jason Peters is back in Texas

Here’s the thing, while many will likely accuse Peters of chasing the bag, the reality is there are reasons why it makes sense and then there is also the nature of elite sports today. If anything is to be learned from the situation - queue the old adage - it’s a lesson in why you should never speak to soon. Regardless, it was something that Peters himself spoke directly to. “You know the Dallas and Eagle rivalry goes deep, so it’s kind of weird but I’m here in my home state and ready to roll,” Peters said. “I had a few opportunities with some teams but like I was telling my agent, they like to go youth over age so I was just weighing my options and then when this came up, my home state, I couldn’t pass it up.” No matter where you stand, Jerry Jones and Co. had a need and Jason Peters can fill it, so perhaps the only question that remains is, ‘will it work?’