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Mayweather vs Moore - fight in Abu Dhabi: round-by-round and boxing as it happened

Paul Rudder
Mayweather vs Moore live online

Mayweather vs Moore exhibition fight: how it went down

Last word to the greatest

Mayweather spoke to the crowd and to the watching world after his fight.

Thank you and goodnight

Well folks, thank you for joining me for today's action. We'll be back soon with some more but until then, stay safe and aim to have as much fun doing your job as Floyd Mayweather does doing his.

...maybe for a little less cash, though!

UAE return confirmed by Mayweather

The Money has thanked his hosts for looking after him so well and then confirmed that he will bring another fight back here before the end of the year.

That got rather a lot of people smiling nearby.

A showman always knows when to promote. Timing.

TBE in the ring

When you're having fun doing your thing.

Mayweather puts on a Money show

Moore said that he had the blueprint to undoing the great Mayweather but he must have got the wrong one. The gulf in class between these two was obvious from minute one.

Floyd played around, acted the clown, and entertained the crowd when there was no real contest in the ring.

He may be 45-years old but the genius is still there, so fast, so clever.


Final round, ding ding.

Don's face is bloodied and his legs are weary. Can he last the distance?

Moore is down on his knees with a minute to go, then he holds. Time may save him from a KO.

He's down on his knees again, almost begging for the end. But he's back up and survives a final pommeling before the bell goes.


Moore is having a go at the entertainer but only gets an extra smile.

And that then unleashes a huge combination against him which almost ends the fight. Sticking out his tongue and chatting to the camera just adds to the theatre of this.


An early uppercut adds to the cuts around the eye of Moore. Floyd is back making hooting noises as he chooses when and where to land another blow.

Hilariously, Mayweather overhears a courtside commentator's comments about his quality and he looks across and agrees.

The round comes to an end and he takes a tour round the ring, takes the card from the girl showing which round it is, then dances with her. It's a real exhibition, folks. 


This fifth round has Floyd freeing up his arms and striking some really nice body shots, plus a few to the head. He's controlling the centre of the ring and is dancing around Moore flaying attempts to hurt him.

There are three rounds to go but it feels as though he can pick his moment to end this. Let's see when...

Moore says he has the blueprint

“I have the blueprint,” Moore said ahead of this fight. “The most exciting thing about it is that I’ve been in the ring with him and I’ve been in camp with him day in and day out. So understand ‘Dangerous’ Don Moore has what it takes to actually be victorious over him because I know his style.

"I know what’s coming for me. I know how to adapt. I know how to adjust. I’m no Logan Paul, so you’re not going to be able to fight me like you fought him. I’m a boxer. However he brings it, I’m going to bring it right back to him.”


The left jab is catching Moore as and when he wants and Floyd looks like he could end this when he wants.

DDN is going to have to make something land on TGE soon or he's going to be slowly worn away.


Floyd has decided to make this fun.

After the second he asked outside the ring if they can make it three minute rounds. Then he starts the third by hooting at his opponent and dropping his hands to his side.

The smile is on. He's toying with Moore, while Don is staying focused on making a name for himself.


Second of a potential eight exhibition rounds is on. Mayweather drawing in Moore and showing how fast and flexible he still is at 45.

Don is trying to get something onto his 50-and-O man but is more than aware that the counter is quick and hard. Nothing to yet write home about.


Ding, ding!

I've never seen such a smile from a boxer stepping out in the first round. Floyd is looking forward to this one.

Feeling each other out in the early stages, but as Moore steps in with a punch, The Money ducks away and grins even more.

Floyd is then half caught and his smile changes to focus, his eyes trained on his opponent. Maybe this bout needs Moore to land a couple to light it up.

Mayweather vs Moore

"It's time to shine!" screams the presenter. 

Don Moore 18-0 with 12 KOs is welcomed by the excited crowd gathered.

Floyd Mayweather 50-0 with 28 KOs gets a huge standing ovation.

Final instructions given, and gloves tapped.

Here comes Floyd!

Everyone here is on their feet. Floyd Mayweather is keeping us waiting just a few moments longer...the live music getting into key.

Actually, it appears that a microphone was missing...

Back inside the ring, Moore is air sparring and stretching out. Big smile on his face.

The sirens finally sound and the rapping is on... The Money still not in sight....

Now the music cranks up just a notch, and DB leads out Mayweather, walking calmly like he may when strolling up the promenade. And with a huge smile on his face.

Moore entrance

Undefeated as a professional, Don Moore gets his shot at one of the greatest ever to lace up a glove.

Bouncing and punching the sky, a cap that reads DDN, Dangerous Don Moore looks excited.

It's Money time!

Are you ready for the main event here in Abu Dhabi? Well, you better be as it's coming right up...

Punch, punch, hug, hug

Here's the moment at the end of the fight when good friends Anderson and Bruno embrace.

Next up, The Money!

Silva-Machado love-in

As the post-fight interviews take place, Bruno has his young boy in his arms. Silva steps over and kisses his son on the head.

A lot of love and emotion out on the ring, with these two fighters showing a lot of respect for each other. Big shout outs too to the crowd, who had to change their plans at the last minute due to switch of venue.

Silva clearly won the fight, but as this is an exhibition bout no winner is officially declared.

Silva doing his thing in the ring

A little footage of what we're watching here.

This was the moment when Bruno was knocked to the floor, after which Silva seemed to dial his attacks down a little.


Final round.

Silva is straight in and Machado is just hoping to survive.

An occasional attempt to hurt Silva is made but the experienced fighter seems in control. A strong finish but not enough lands to end the fight before the bell sounds.


Penultimate round is upon us. Silva bouncing away, looking really fresh and much keener to get onto the attack than in the sixth.

Bruno finds himself in the same ropey position as when he was knocked down and does well to get out of it unharmed.

A second before the bell and Machado tries to get a big punch away. Just misses the target.


Machado has started the sixth with understandable caution. He's stepping in to avoid being dominated but not enough to be taken out. Time is ticking and that allows him more room to recover.

As the seconds disappear, this round has had absolutely nothing. Clever from Bruno, or Silva giving him a break?


Silva's confidence is clear. He's leaving himself a little open, tempting Bruno in, hoping to provide an opportunity to create his own shots.

A couple of big throws almost land...then bam! A quick combination near the end of the round by Silva is followed up with a huge right hander which fires Bruno to the canvas.

The bell goes to save him. But for how long.

Brazilian chess match

Decent description so far...


For anyone who witnessed the women's title fight earlier, this is such a different pace.

Silva straight into the middle of the ring and is suggesting that he wants to take control of this bout. He's focused on his jab and seems to have stepped up a gear.


A reminder as we start the third that this is an exhibition fight, which will last eight rounds.

Silva has started to let the fist fly and we're in danger of that spark being lit. Twice getting Machado on the back foot before having to be separated.

The final 15 seconds saw the two men trying to second guess each other but not throwing anything towards their opponent.


After some more playing, Machado gets into Silva's body and follows up as he forces his opponent into the corner.

It's one right hander from the Abu Dhabi based Bruno that is worth a mention but the crowd will want this to spark into life soon.


The bell goes.

Very gentle start here, both boxers feeling their way around each other.

Silva's size obvious and Bruno is going to have to get in and close to make anything land.

Not too much to choose between them although nearing the end of the round Anderson suggested he had more to offer.

The presentations are made and both fighters get a good welcome, Silva especially feeling a lot of love out there.

Right, it's time...

The Spider is here

Hooded up, Silva has every camera in the building trying to get a perfect shot of his entrance.

He jogs and hops his way into the ring, giving a wry smile to the crowd as he does.

Machado enters first

Bruno dances his way towards the ring, a Brazilian flag draped over his shoulders.

He looks very happy to be here and parps out a couple of cheers to the crowd after stepping in.

Amir Khan, sitting in the audience, gets a shoutout ahead of this next fight. He casually waves back, appearing a little surprised to have been spotted.

Right, it's happening...


How Persoon took the WBC title

For those of you just joining us, you missed an absolute cracker of a fight earlier as Delfine Persoon took the WBC silver super-featherweight decision after going at it with everything she had against Elhem Mekhaled, who replied in kind.

Here's a quick recap.

The Spider stretches his palps

It's been a much longer than expected break and some of the natives are getting restless. But here's a glimpse of Silva preparing to step out. It must be close...

Silva and Machado compared

Anderson Silva is 34-11, 1 NC in MMA, and is a longtime UFC middleweight champion. That said he has only competed twice in boxing since making the move away.

In those fights he beat former WBC champion Julio Cesar Chavez by split decision in June 2021 and then knocked out former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz three months later. And that only took him 90 seconds.

In professional MMA, Bruno Machado has a record of 15-9. He's been victorious in six straight fights, which included four for the UAE warriors promotion.

Let's get this next show on the road, already

Yeah, we know how you feel, Adriano.

It was a nice slick changeover from fight one to two (despite the 46 second KO). Don't keep us waiting much longer, guys.

Floyd is in the house

It's who most people came to see, and Mayweather is getting ready to impress soon.

Just one more fight to get through first, although it could well be a goodie.

Worth pointing out that instead of the GOAT, Floyd prefers TBE. Scroll down the feed if you need more info on that.

No arachnophobia here

There is a lot of love for the fighting talent that is Anderson Silva, as Andreas testifies to.

It's almost time for the entrances...

Machedo targets speed over the Spider

“Most people would decide to be heavier and stay around 194 pounds, but I don’t think like that,” Bruno Machado said ahead of his ring time with Anderson Silva.

“I’d rather stay closer to my normal weight and be faster in the fight. I don’t think it’s a problem, I’ve trained with a lot of heavier fighters before.”

“I’ve evolved a lot since that time I trained with [Silva],” he said. “I was just a kid when I trained with him, I didn’t know much of striking. Most of the time he’d come to me and give me tips. Anderson has also changed a lot since then, so I expect this fight to be what I saw there. Anderson is a phenom, a martial arts master, and I’m so glad to be able to do this with him.”

 Guilherme Cruz looks at the man about to come in and impress us at the Etihad Arena. Quick, you've still got a few minutes to have a read.

Bruno Machado Smashes UFC veteran

Ahead of this fight, check out Machedo in UFC action.

Anderson Silva vs Bruno Machado

Our third fight of the night is an exhibition clash between Anderson Silva vs. Bruno Machado. These two Brazilian mixed martial artists should give the watching crowd a bit of a spectacle.

Silva, known as 'Spider' has fought in various combat sports and his UFC record stands at 34-11-0. He stands at 6’ 2″ (188 cm) and fought in the light heavyweight division the last time he was in the ring. His reach is 78″ (198 cm).

Machado recently impressed fans and pundits alike when he saw off Mickael Lebout in the octagon. Tonight is another matter in the boxing ring.

It's worth noting that if Silva wins this, our YouTube boxing friend, Jake Paul, could be lined up next...and that would be a rather tasty earner for both of them.

Champion Persoon

Here's the new champion before she left the ring.

Persoon gets the decision

Delfine Persoon is the new WBC silver super-featherweight champion!

But what a battle she endured from French fighter Elhem Mekhaled. Big shout out to her for giving us such an incredible scrap as we went the distance.

Both women embrace following the unanimous decision 97-94, 97-93, 96-94, Mekhaled appearing to think she had won.


Title on the line. Mekhaled is picking up the pace - if that's possible - but she gets picked off by the Belgian.

They take turns at their own combinations and then with seconds to go they both throw everything they have at each other. The bell goes.


Round 9 underway - remember these bouts are just two minutes - and I still can't pick between them. If I had to I'd edge towards Persoon but it's a knife edge.

Relatively standard exchanges, then both land big on the opposing chins. No stopping them, though.

Judges have Persoon ahead. Big finish needed from Mekhaled.


Persoon again gets Mekhaled onto the ropes but it's short-lived as the French fighter seems to draw in her opponent before lashing out.

They are slugging this out to the end. How they are both still going at this pace I have no idea.

If you thought after fight one the undercard may be a bit of a let down, that's quickly been shot down.


Some big swings continue to come in, as the intensity continues, and a few of them land. Mekhaled keeping her defence high and springing out with combination punches hoping to make one count. One through the middle does.

Persoon's cut isn't looking good but she's still spritely enough on her feet. Just needs to protect that.


Persoon leaving her guard down a little too much and that's tempting Mekhaled in on that cut eye.

The French fighter is pushed back against the ropes, looking in trouble, but then swings her way out of it. Persoon took another couple of big hits to the side of the face as she did.


The pace of this is not slowing. Incredible stamina from both women, both just going at each other. Some pushing allows a little breather.

Another really even round and I'm struggling to split them at the moment.


Delfine doing well to avoid some loose strikes and appears to land more on her opponent.


There's no let up in this as we enter the third.

Mekhaled over the top with a couple of rights but Persoon works the counter brilliantly. Mekhaled stumbles but it's more from a push.

The final seconds of the round are spent with Mekhaled on the ropes absorbing punches into her gloves. The bell goes to end a concerning moment.


The second starts much like the first, Mekhaled not worrying about stepping in and gets a strong land.

Mekhaled takes one to the side of the head but then is immediately on the attack and hurts her opponent. Both fighters will see some positives out of that one.


The bell goes.

Remember this is for the vacant WBC silver super featherweight title.

I was expecting the first few seconds to be a period of feeling each other out but it's a lot more attacking than that. Maybe they were watching Jack!

Couple of decent lands from Delfine, as both fighters stay close.

Bell goes on two minutes and it's a tough round to call.

Title walk on

Mekhaled looks up for this one but it ain't gonna be easy.

Persoon 46-3 and 19 KOs. Former WBC champ takes her applause with a bow.

Get the Persoon puns out

It's too easy, right Alex?

Delfine Persoon vs Elhem Mekhaled

Our second fight of the night is an exhibition clash between Delfine Persoon vs. Elhem Mekhaled.

Remember, there is a title on the line here!

Mekhaled is first into the ring. Nice atmosphere building to this one.

Here comes Persoon...

Jack with 46 KO blow

First fight in the bag! Here's the hit from Jack.

It was exciting enough but let's hope for some closer fights coming up.


First round bell goes.

Wow! A little sparring and we are done!! A swing within around 30 seconds floors Atiyo and the bout is called! A record?

Jack on a different level here. A powerful left to the chin and Atiyo, who's still getting attention, is gone.

OK, so the official count was 46 seconds and the good news is that Atiyo is back to his feet.

Jack interviewed in the ring is a happy lad. "I've not even broken sweat." he begins. A perfect way to explain that mismatch.

First up | Badou Jack vs Hany Atiyo 

OK, it's time to get this punch-filled party started...

Badou Jack vs. Hany Atiyo are heading into the ring.

Delfine Persoon vs Elhem Mekhaled

Delfine Persoon vs Elhem Mekhaled

Later tonight, will be Delfine Persoon against Elhem Mekhaled fighting for the WBC super-featherweight title - yeah, it's not just about exhibitionist middle-agers!

Persoon was recently ranked number 6 in the world for women's pound-for-pound boxers by Ring Magazine.

Here are the two fighters just after the weigh in yesterday.

Jack getting ready

Are you getting excited? It won't be too long until the action gets underway in Abu Dhabi.

Badou Jack in action

Some highlights of Jack, a Swedish pro boxer - born to a Gambian father and a Swedish mother - he has represented both nations in the Olympics.

Badou Jack vs Hany Atiyo

One of our warm up bouts sees Badou Jack take on Hany Atiyo. Many of you will likely remember when Jack showed unbelievable courage during his fight against Marcus Browne. 

Despite a lot of bleeding from a deep cut on Jack’s forehead, he continued until the end, losing, but coming away with great credit from fans and pros alike.

Why Mayweather is doing his thing again

Andreas Hale takes a look at the man who calls himself The Best Ever and explains why he believes Mayweather to be the anti-Canelo. Here's an excerpt:

'He doesn’t care if you think he’s the greatest boxer of all time. He thinks he is, and Mayweather will base his argument on never having suffered a loss inside a boxing ring. He doesn’t care what you say about him. The numbers speak for themselves, even though there is a lot more behind those numbers than meets the eye. But Mayweather couldn’t care less about what hardcore boxing fans think about him. The hardcore fans weren't the ones who pushed him to the top of Forbes' highest-paid athlete's list four times. 

'He’s an exhibitionist, always has been and always will be. If there's a bag of money to get, he'll sniff it out and get it.'

Etihad Arena, Abu Dhabi

It may not be the helipad we were all getting excited about but the Etihad Arena is not a bad place to pick a fight. Set on the vibrant waterfront of Yas Bay, the Arena is the Middle East’s largest state-of-the-art indoor entertainment venue.

The arena opened officially in January 2021 and has hosted a number of high-profile combat sports events, including UFC 267 last October. The venue will again stage the world’s lead mixed martial arts promotion later this year, with UFC 281 scheduled for 22 October.

Mayweather vs Moore: undercard

A quick reminder of who will be warming us up for the Mayweather vs. Moore main event:

Full card

Delfine Persoon vs Elhem Mekhaled (WBC super-featherweight title)

Badou Jack vs Hany Atiyo

Anderson Silva vs Bruno Machado (exhibition) 

Floyd Mayweather vs Don Moore (exhibition)

Don’t go get no popcorn...Don’t blink.

Don Moore, ahead of Mayweather fight

Mayweather broke? UFC's Bisping not having it

After Mayweather fought last year against YouTube star Logan Paul in a big-money exhibition bout, he declared that he wouldn't be back in the ring again, even for an exhibition. But less than a year later, he's facing Don Moore tonight.

That got some people theorising that the multi-millionaire boxer - nicknamed The Money if you've been following - could actually be broke. UFC legend Michael Bisping, however, is not in agreement.

"Apparently, people said that Floyd's broke," Bisping said during an episode of his podcast Believe You Me. "I can't see how that's the reality. The man's earned so much money.

"Granted he spends a lot; flashy lifestyle, private jets, cars, watches, you name it, and the rest. No doubt a bunch of baby mamas and taxes. There's a lot of ways to spend money, but still I find that him being broke is a little hard to believe."

Donagh Corby brings you the full report

Floyd Mayweather nicknames: why “Money” and “Pretty Boy”?

Other sports

Floyd Mayweather nicknames: why “Money” and “Pretty Boy”?

Floyd Mayweather Jr has been known by three main nicknames during his distinguished boxing career: “Pretty Boy”, “Money” and “TBE”.

If you're unsure about where they come from then I'd encourage you to click your finger over the photo above and find out. Then you can impress your friends during the fight later as you casually throw in some nuggets of knowledge. I'll thank our Reem on your behalf!

Floyd showing off his money makers

Like a perfectly rehearsed Hollywood fight script, Mayweather spars at speed with his trainer. Not too shabby for a middle-aged man.

Did Floyd Mayweather short Logan Paul

If there is one thing that's certain about Floyd Mayweather's run of exhibition fights, it's that he's made a whole lot of cash. On the other hand there is one person who believes that its been at the expense of his opponents. Indeed, Logan Paul recently claimed that Mayweather has still not paid him his percentage of the purse.

Could it be that Mayweather is robbing his opponents or is it simply a case of a Paul being a sore loser. Either way we can expect Don Moore - an experienced boxer - to put up way more of a challenge in the ring. The question is will he get what he's due outside of it?

Don't forget Anderson Silva is also fighting!

The undercard on the night is also set to be very intriguing. In a return to the ring for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) legend, Anderson Silva, fans in Abu Dhabi and around the world will get the opportunity to see the former champion take on UAE Warriors Lightweight champion, Bruno Machado, who incidentally has never competed in boxing before.

Remember the 'Spider' is the same fighter who shocked the world when he upset Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and that's before we mention his demolition of  and Tito Ortiz, but the boxing ring could yet prove to be a challenge for the one time king of the octagon.

A little back ground on Don "Dangerous" Moore

At 45 years old the Indiana native actually finished his career in the same way as his his next opponent Floyd Mayweather, which is to say undefeated. Having made his official professional debut back in 1999, Moore went on to to punch his way through 17 years worth of a career that culminated in 2016 when he defeated defeated DeShaun William after a second round stoppage.

Nicknamed ‘Dangerous, the now retired boxer boasts a career record of 18-0-1 with 12 of those victories coming by way of KO. In case you're wondering that equates to a 63.16% which quite frankly is up there with the best. One of the most memorable of those KOs came against Pedro Flores who he dismissed in the very first round. There was also his famed knockout of Willie Thomas in the 4th round of their bout.

It's almost time for a fight!

Although we are still hopeful for the original card line-up, at this point in the build-up we cannot guarantee it. Certainly the poster hasn't been updated, as far as we've seen so fingers crossed.

There's been a change of location for the fight!

This exhibition fight was originally scheduled for atop the Burj Al Arab on Saturday 14th May but was called off following the death of United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. 

Tonight they'll face off in a simple arena. No helipad action, unfortunately!

Will Floyd 'Money' Mayweather roll on?

In what will be his third exhibition bout since retiring from active competition in 2017, many expect this to be just another 'staged' fight which Mayweather will ultimately win. 

On the other hand it would be a mistake to think that Mayweather isn't still one of the best fighters in the world and fully capable of showcasing just that when the bell rings on Saturday night. While the fight will undoubtedly be a tricky one for the 50-0 boxing legend, this is still the man that halted the likes of Canelo Alvarez and Manny Pacquiao in their track.

Don Moore believes he can be 'the man.'

“I’m going to stay on Mayweather’s chest and it’s going to be toe to toe action,” Moore, whose last professional fight was in 2016, said.

“This is an exhibition, but he’s trained hard, I’ve trained hard. We’re going to give the fans a great fight, a great performance. It’s going to be toe to toe in the center of the ring. Pure boxing. You’re going to see similar styles. You’re going to see ferociousness from both fighters.

"This is unfinished business – Floyd knows I’m a problem and he can be beaten like any other fighter. I’m humble but I’m also a fighter, so this is business not personal.”

Who is Don Moore?

A former sparring partner of Mayweather's perhaps there is no better opponent for 'Money' than the undefeated Moore. Though he hasn't fought in a while, one can expect this one to be full of fireworks.

“I am excited to participate in this event,” said Moore in a press release. “Because of how much of the same training I received from Roger Mayweather, I am gonna be able to give Floyd real problems. I have been training hard to show everyone what ‘Dangerous’ Don Moore is all about and expose Floyd’s weaknesses. This is my shot, The time is now, Floyd isn’t invincible. Anyone can be beaten.

Where his stats are concerned, Moore who has a 74-inch reach and stands at 5’10”, has not fought professionally since 2016. “Dangerous” has 12 wins via knockout in his career.

Floyd Mayweather vs Don Moore: times, TV, how and where to watch fight online

other sports

Floyd Mayweather vs Don Moore: times, TV, how and where to watch fight online

All you need to know about where and when to watch the big fight!

Welcome from AS USA

Welcome to our live text coverage of the exhibition fight between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and his undefeated opponent Don Moore.

From the Etihad Arena on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi on Saturday May 21st, this one promises to be a boxing classic. Can Moore become the first man to beat Mayweather or will 'Money' come out on top once again?


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