Los 40 USA
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Amistosos de selecciones

Teams Total goals scored

Pos. Team Total
1 Badge/Flag Japan Japan Japan 19Total goals scored
  Badge/Flag Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iran (Islamic Republic of) 19
2 Badge/Flag Korea (Republic of) Korea (Republic of) Korea (Republic of) 12
  Badge/Flag USA USA United States of America 12
  Badge/Flag Russian Federation Russian Federation Russian Federation 12
3 Badge/Flag Mexico Mexico Mexico 11
4 Badge/Flag Germany Germany Germany 10
5 Badge/Flag Georgia Georgia Georgia 8
  Badge/Flag Norway Norway Norway 8
6 Badge/Flag Algeria Algeria Algeria 7
  Badge/Flag C. Marfil C. Marfil Côte d'Ivoire 7
7 Badge/Flag Australia Australia Australia 6
  Badge/Flag Costa Rica Costa Rica Costa Rica 6
  Badge/Flag Qatar Qatar Qatar 6
  Badge/Flag Libya Libya Libya 6
8 Badge/Flag Sweden Sweden Sweden 5
  Badge/Flag France France France 5
  Badge/Flag Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 5
  Badge/Flag Egypt Egypt Egypt 5
  Badge/Flag Turkey Turkey Turkey 5
  Badge/Flag Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria 5
9 Badge/Flag England England England 4
  Badge/Flag Wales Wales Wales 4
  Badge/Flag China China China 4
  Badge/Flag EAU EAU United Arab Emirates 4
  Badge/Flag Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 4
  Badge/Flag Kenya Kenya Kenya 4
  Badge/Flag Colombia Colombia Colombia 4
10 Badge/Flag Jordan Jordan Jordan 3
  Badge/Flag Ghana Ghana Ghana 3
  Badge/Flag Tunisia Tunisia Tunisia 3
  Badge/Flag Malí Malí Mali 3
  Badge/Flag Austria Austria Austria 3
  Badge/Flag Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia 3
  Badge/Flag Zambia Zambia Zambia 3
  Badge/Flag Iceland Iceland Iceland 3
11 Badge/Flag Scotland Scotland Scotland 2
  Badge/Flag Estonia Estonia Estonia 2
  Badge/Flag Moldova (Republic of) Moldova (Republic of) Moldova (Republic of) 2
  Badge/Flag Poland Poland Poland 2
  Badge/Flag Morocco Morocco Morocco 2
  Badge/Flag Senegal Senegal Senegal 2
  Badge/Flag Albania Albania Albania 2
  Badge/Flag Sudáfrica Sudáfrica South Africa 2
  Badge/Flag Greece Greece Greece 2
  Badge/Flag Mozambique Mozambique Mozambique 2
12 Badge/Flag Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic 1
  Badge/Flag Hungary Hungary Hungary 1
  Badge/Flag Thailand Thailand Thailand 1
  Badge/Flag Belgium Belgium Belgium 1
  Badge/Flag Burkina Faso Burkina Faso Burkina Faso 1
  Badge/Flag New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand 1
  Badge/Flag Canada Canada Canada 1
  Badge/Flag Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia 1
  Badge/Flag Syrian Arab Republic Syrian Arab Republic Syrian Arab Republic 1
  Badge/Flag South Sudan South Sudan South Sudan 1
  Badge/Flag Ireland Ireland Ireland 1
  Badge/Flag Liberia Liberia Liberia 1
  Badge/Flag Cabo Verde Cabo Verde Cabo Verde 1
  Badge/Flag Slovenia Slovenia Slovenia 1
  Badge/Flag Sierra Leona Sierra Leona Sierra Leone 1
13 Badge/Flag Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Faroe Islands 0
  Badge/Flag Gibraltar Gibraltar Gibraltar 0
  Badge/Flag Serbia Serbia Serbia 0
  Badge/Flag Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria 0
  Badge/Flag Oman Oman Oman 0
  Badge/Flag Latvia Latvia Latvia 0
  Badge/Flag RD Congo RD Congo Congo (Democratic Republic of the) 0
  Badge/Flag Swazilandia Swazilandia Swaziland 0
  Badge/Flag Honduras Honduras Honduras 0
  Badge/Flag Iraq Iraq Iraq 0
  Badge/Flag Guatemala Guatemala Guatemala 0
  Badge/Flag Namibia Namibia Namibia 0
  Badge/Flag Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Turkmenistan 0
  Badge/Flag Angola Angola Angola 0
  Badge/Flag Viet Nam Viet Nam Viet Nam 0
  Badge/Flag Bahréin Bahréin Bahrain 0
  Badge/Flag Cameroon Cameroon Cameroon 0
  Badge/Flag Uganda Uganda Uganda 0
  Badge/Flag Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania, United Republic of 0
  Badge/Flag Cambodia Cambodia Cambodia 0
  Badge/Flag Cuba Cuba Cuba 0
  Badge/Flag Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 0
  Badge/Flag El Salvador El Salvador El Salvador 0
  Badge/Flag Niger Niger Niger 0
  Badge/Flag Mauritania Mauritania Mauritania 0
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