• Champions League
  • Mundial de Clubes

Ligue 1

Players Crosses into area

Position Player Team Total Average
1 Photo of Dossevi
Dossevi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 143Crosses into area 8.41Per game
2 Photo of Di María
Di María Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 114 7.60
3 Photo of Payet
Payet Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 112 8.62
4 Photo of Zinedine Ferhat
Zinedine Ferhat Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 111 7.93
5 Photo of Mangani
Mangani Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 107 6.69
6 Photo of Lala
Lala Defender
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 87 5.80
  Photo of Dmitri Lienard
Dmitri Lienard Midfielder
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 87 6.21
7 Photo of Bourigeaud
Bourigeaud Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 83 5.93
8 Photo of Florent Mollet
Florent Mollet Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 80 5.71
9 Photo of Aleksandr Golovin
Aleksandr Golovin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 79 5.64
10 Photo of Bouna Sarr
Bouna Sarr Defender
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 75 4.41
11 Photo of Mathieu Cafaro
Mathieu Cafaro Midfielder
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 73 7.30
12 Photo of Max Gradel
Max Gradel Forward
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 70 4.12
13 Photo of Cyprien
Cyprien Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 69 4.31
  Photo of Yusuf Yazici
Yusuf Yazici Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 69 4.31
14 Photo of Nicolas de Preville
Nicolas de Preville Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 66 4.71
15 Photo of Domagoj Bradaric
Domagoj Bradaric Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 64 5.33
  Photo of Boudebouz
Boudebouz Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 64 4.00
16 Photo of Thomas Delaine
Thomas Delaine Defender
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 58 4.83
  Photo of Mounir Chouiar
Mounir Chouiar Forward
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 58 4.83
17 Photo of Xavier Chavalerin
Xavier Chavalerin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 57 3.80
18 Photo of Kakuta
Kakuta Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 56 3.73
19 Photo of Delort
Delort Forward
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 55 3.44
20 Photo of Simon Moses Daddy
Simon Moses Daddy Forward
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 54 3.60
21 Photo of Souquet
Souquet Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 53 3.53
22 Photo of Abeid
Abeid Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 52 3.71
23 Photo of Imran Louza
Imran Louza Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 51 3.92
24 Photo of Faussurier
Faussurier Midfielder
Badge/Flag Brest Brest 49 3.06
25 Photo of Gelson Martins
Gelson Martins Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 48 3.20
  Photo of Autret
Autret Midfielder
Badge/Flag Brest Brest 48 3.00
  Photo of Ambroise Oyongo Bitolo
Ambroise Oyongo Bitolo Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 48 3.43
26 Photo of Issiaga Sylla
Issiaga Sylla Defender
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 47 2.76
27 Photo of Dubois
Dubois Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 46 3.54
28 Photo of Yoann Court
Yoann Court Midfielder
Badge/Flag Brest Brest 44 3.67
29 Photo of Raphael
Raphael Forward
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 42 3.82
  Photo of Khazri
Khazri Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 42 3.50
  Photo of Adama Traoré
Adama Traoré Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 42 3.00
30 Photo of Fabien Centonze
Fabien Centonze Defender
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 40 2.35
  Photo of Denis Bouanga
Denis Bouanga Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 40 2.35
31 Photo of Hamouma
Hamouma Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 39 3.25
  Photo of Mathias Pereira Lage
Mathias Pereira Lage Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 39 2.29
  Photo of Bertrand Traoré
Bertrand Traoré Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 39 3.00
  Photo of Oudin
Oudin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 39 2.44
32 Photo of Digbo Maiga
Digbo Maiga Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 37 2.31
  Photo of Ruben Aguilar
Ruben Aguilar Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 37 3.36
33 Photo of Debuchy
Debuchy Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 36 2.77
  Photo of Faitout Maouassa
Faitout Maouassa Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 36 3.00
  Photo of Theo Valls
Theo Valls Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 36 2.25
  Photo of Florian Miguel
Florian Miguel Defender
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 36 2.57
34 Photo of Sarabia
Sarabia Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 35 2.69
  Photo of Téji Savanier
Téji Savanier Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 35 4.38
  Photo of Depay
Depay Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 35 2.92
  Photo of Mehmet Zeki Celik
Mehmet Zeki Celik Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 35 2.69
35 Photo of Morgan Sanson
Morgan Sanson Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 34 2.12
  Photo of Cornet
Cornet Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 34 2.62
36 Photo of Hamari Traore
Hamari Traore Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 33 2.06
37 Photo of Jonathan Bamba
Jonathan Bamba Forward
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 32 2.13
  Photo of Neymar
Neymar Forward
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 32 4.00
  Photo of Tete
Tete Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 32 2.67
  Photo of Lima
Lima Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 32 10.67
  Photo of Rayan Ait Nouri
Rayan Ait Nouri Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 32 2.29
38 Photo of Aleesami
Aleesami Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 31 1.94
  Photo of Antonin Bobichon
Antonin Bobichon Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 31 3.88
39 Photo of Sada Thioub
Sada Thioub Forward
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 30 2.50
  Photo of Youcef Attal
Youcef Attal Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 30 2.31
  Photo of Meunier
Meunier Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 30 3.33
  Photo of Sammaritano
Sammaritano Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 30 5.00
  Photo of Romain Perraud
Romain Perraud Defender
Badge/Flag Brest Brest 30 2.50
  Photo of Adrien Thomasson
Adrien Thomasson Midfielder
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 30 2.00
40 Photo of Fode Toure
Fode Toure Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 29 2.64
  Photo of Lionel Carole
Lionel Carole Defender
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 29 2.90
41 Photo of Farid Boulaya
Farid Boulaya Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 27 2.25
  Photo of Jallet
Jallet Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 27 3.38
42 Photo of Konan
Konan Defender
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 26 2.89
  Photo of Fouad Chafik
Fouad Chafik Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 26 2.17
  Photo of Samuel Grandsir
Samuel Grandsir Midfielder
Badge/Flag Brest Brest 26 1.62
43 Photo of Moussa Doumbia
Moussa Doumbia Midfielder
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 25 1.67
  Photo of Thomas Foket
Thomas Foket Defender
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 25 1.56
44 Photo of Y. Kone
Y. Kone Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 24 2.18
  Photo of Romain Philippoteaux
Romain Philippoteaux Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 24 1.60
45 Photo of Yacine Adli
Yacine Adli Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 23 1.92
  Photo of Ndour
Ndour Defender
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 23 5.75
  Photo of Charles Traore
Charles Traore Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 23 2.30
  Photo of Hassane Kamara
Hassane Kamara Midfielder
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 23 2.09
  Photo of Jordan Ferri
Jordan Ferri Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 23 3.29
  Photo of Reinildo Mandava
Reinildo Mandava Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 23 2.30
  Photo of Loris Benito
Loris Benito Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 23 1.64
  Photo of Ben Yedder
Ben Yedder Forward
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 23 1.64
  Photo of Grenier
Grenier Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 23 2.30
46 Photo of Colin Dagba
Colin Dagba Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 22 2.75
  Photo of Jeanricner Bellegarde
Jeanricner Bellegarde Midfielder
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 22 1.38
  Photo of Mohamed Simakan
Mohamed Simakan Defender
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 22 1.57
  Photo of Angelo Fulgini
Angelo Fulgini Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 22 2.44
  Photo of Enock Kwateng
Enock Kwateng Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 22 2.75
  Photo of Hamza Mendyl
Hamza Mendyl Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 22 2.20
47 Photo of Mickaël Alphonse
Mickaël Alphonse Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 21 1.75
  Photo of Gil Dias
Gil Dias Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 21 1.91
  Photo of Juan Ferney Otero
Juan Ferney Otero Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 21 1.91
  Photo of Kalu
Kalu Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 21 1.50
48 Photo of Fabio Da Silva
Fabio Da Silva Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 20 2.00
  Photo of Sofiane Alakouch
Sofiane Alakouch Defender
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 20 1.82
  Photo of Cohade
Cohade Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 20 1.82
  Photo of Kader Bamba
Kader Bamba Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 20 1.18
  Photo of Hiroki Sakai
Hiroki Sakai Defender
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 20 1.43
49 Photo of Kylian Mbappe
Kylian Mbappe Forward
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 19 1.90
  Photo of Renato Sanches
Renato Sanches Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 19 2.38
  Photo of Gakpa
Gakpa Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 19 2.11
  Photo of Patrick Burner
Patrick Burner Defender
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 19 1.19
  Photo of Renaud Ripart
Renaud Ripart Forward
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 19 1.19
  Photo of Anthony Caci
Anthony Caci Defender
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 19 2.71
50 Photo of Ndong
Ndong Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 18 1.12
  Photo of Maxime López
Maxime López Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 18 1.20
  Photo of G. Laborde
G. Laborde Forward
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 18 1.06
  Photo of Adam Ounas
Adam Ounas Forward
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 18 2.25
  Photo of Pierre Capelle
Pierre Capelle Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 18 1.20
51 Photo of Pierre Lees-Melou
Pierre Lees-Melou Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 17 1.13
  Photo of Vincent Manceau
Vincent Manceau Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 17 1.31
  Photo of Arnaud Nordin
Arnaud Nordin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 17 1.31
  Photo of Luiz Araujo
Luiz Araujo Forward
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 17 1.55
  Photo of Steven Moreira
Steven Moreira Defender
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 17 1.70
  Photo of Amalfitano
Amalfitano Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 17 1.13
  Photo of Bryan Soumaré
Bryan Soumaré Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 17 1.70
52 Photo of Bernat
Bernat Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 16 1.33
  Photo of Charbonnier
Charbonnier Forward
Badge/Flag Brest Brest 16 1.00
  Photo of Jordan Amavi
Jordan Amavi Defender
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 16 1.07
  Photo of Matheus Pereira
Matheus Pereira Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 16 1.78
  Photo of Honorat
Honorat Forward
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 16 4.00
  Photo of Pellenard
Pellenard Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 16 2.67
53 Photo of Layvin Kurzawa
Layvin Kurzawa Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 15 1.67
54 Photo of Valere Germain
Valere Germain Forward
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 14 0.93
  Photo of John Mendoza
John Mendoza Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 14 1.56
  Photo of Calabresi
Calabresi Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 14 1.40
  Photo of Cesc
Cesc Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 14 1.40
55 Photo of Pied
Pied Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 13 3.25
  Photo of Jeff Reine Adelaide
Jeff Reine Adelaide Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 13 0.93
  Photo of Battocchio
Battocchio Midfielder
Badge/Flag Brest Brest 13 1.00
  Photo of Dennis Appiah
Dennis Appiah Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 13 1.30
  Photo of Romain Del Castillo
Romain Del Castillo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 13 1.18
56 Photo of Ibrahima Sangare
Ibrahima Sangare Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 12 0.80
  Photo of Abdoulaye Bamba
Abdoulaye Bamba Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 12 4.00
  Photo of Q. Cornette
Q. Cornette Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 12 2.40
  Photo of Ambrose
Ambrose Forward
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 12 1.00
57 Photo of Wesley Said
Wesley Said Forward
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 11 0.79
  Photo of Ibrahima Sissoko
Ibrahima Sissoko Midfielder
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 11 0.79
  Photo of Palencia
Palencia Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 11 2.75
  Photo of Blin
Blin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 11 0.85
  Photo of Rachid Alioui
Rachid Alioui Forward
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 11 0.65
  Photo of Mothiba
Mothiba Forward
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 11 0.69
58 Photo of Nanitamo Ikone
Nanitamo Ikone Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 10 0.59
  Photo of Morel
Morel Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 10 0.62
  Photo of Marcal
Marcal Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 10 2.50
  Photo of Irvin Cardona
Irvin Cardona Forward
Badge/Flag Brest Brest 10 1.00
  Photo of Baal
Baal Defender
Badge/Flag Brest Brest 10 1.67
  Photo of Mama Baldé
Mama Baldé Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 10 0.77
  Photo of Victor Osimhen
Victor Osimhen Forward
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 10 0.62
  Photo of V. Rongier
V. Rongier Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 10 0.62
  Photo of Gaetan Paquiez
Gaetan Paquiez Defender
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 10 0.83
  Photo of Houssem Aouar
Houssem Aouar Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 10 0.71
  Photo of Matthieu Udol
Matthieu Udol Defender
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 10 2.50
  Photo of Mihailo Ristic
Mihailo Ristic Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 10 0.83
  Photo of Keita Baldé
Keita Baldé Forward
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 10 0.83
  Photo of Salomon Sambia
Salomon Sambia Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 10 1.25
  Photo of Slimani
Slimani Forward
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 10 1.00
59 Photo of Anastasios Donis
Anastasios Donis Forward
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 9 1.00
  Photo of Fousseyni Diabate
Fousseyni Diabate Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 9 1.12
  Photo of Miguel Trauco
Miguel Trauco Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 9 0.82
  Photo of Joris Chotard
Joris Chotard Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 9 0.75
  Photo of Arnaud Lusamba
Arnaud Lusamba Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 9 0.90
  Photo of Ludovic Ajorque
Ludovic Ajorque Forward
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 9 0.56
60 Photo of Thomas Monconduit
Thomas Monconduit Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 8 0.89
  Photo of Manuel Cabit
Manuel Cabit Defender
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 8 2.67
  Photo of Radonjic
Radonjic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 8 0.62
  Photo of Yassin Benrahou
Yassin Benrahou Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 8 1.33
  Photo of Vainqueur
Vainqueur Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 8 0.53
  Photo of Ngonda Muzinga
Ngonda Muzinga Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 8 2.00
  Photo of Samuel Moutoussamy
Samuel Moutoussamy Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 8 0.53
  Photo of Kelvin Adou
Kelvin Adou Defender
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 8 0.50
  Photo of Coly Racine
Coly Racine Defender
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 8 0.89
  Photo of Duljevic
Duljevic Forward
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 8 0.80
  Photo of Abdoulaye Toure
Abdoulaye Toure Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 8 0.50
  Photo of F. Kamano
F. Kamano Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 8 0.89
  Photo of K. Coulibaly
K. Coulibaly Forward
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 8 0.50
  Photo of Lucas Deaux
Lucas Deaux Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 8 0.80
  Photo of James Edward Lea Siliki
James Edward Lea Siliki Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 8 0.80
61 Photo of Verratti
Verratti Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 7 0.70
  Photo of Opa Nguette
Opa Nguette Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 7 0.44
  Photo of Quentin Boisgard
Quentin Boisgard Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 7 0.70
  Photo of Koulouris
Koulouris Forward
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 7 0.44
  Photo of Baptiste Santamaria
Baptiste Santamaria Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 7 0.41
  Photo of Farid El Melali
Farid El Melali Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 7 1.75
  Photo of Balmont
Balmont Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 7 1.00
  Photo of Alexis Claude Maurice
Alexis Claude Maurice Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 7 0.64
  Photo of Steffi Mavididi
Steffi Mavididi Forward
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 7 0.54
  Photo of Julio Tavares
Julio Tavares Forward
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 7 0.58
  Photo of Jhonder Cádiz
Jhonder Cádiz Forward
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 7 0.88
  Photo of Jonas Martin
Jonas Martin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 7 1.17
62 Photo of Lucas Tousart
Lucas Tousart Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 6 0.40
  Photo of Benjamin Corgnet
Benjamin Corgnet Midfielder
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 6 1.50
  Photo of Youssouf Fofana
Youssouf Fofana Midfielder
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 6 0.67
  Photo of Bassem Srarfi
Bassem Srarfi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 6 2.00
  Photo of Eddy Gnahore
Eddy Gnahore Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 6 0.46
  Photo of Joia Nuno Da Costa
Joia Nuno Da Costa Forward
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 6 0.50
  Photo of Thomas Basila
Thomas Basila Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 6 1.20
  Photo of Ignatius Ganago
Ignatius Ganago Forward
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 6 0.38
  Photo of Tristan Dingome
Tristan Dingome Midfielder
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 6 1.00
  Photo of Cabaye
Cabaye Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 6 0.86
  Photo of Zaydou Youssef
Zaydou Youssef Forward
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 6 0.46
  Photo of Flavien Tait
Flavien Tait Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 6 0.86
  Photo of Andre
Andre Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 6 0.38
  Photo of M'Baye Niang
M'Baye Niang Forward
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 6 0.40
  Photo of Rodrigue Ninga
Rodrigue Ninga Forward
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 6 0.50
63 Photo of Enzo Loiodice
Enzo Loiodice Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 5 1.00
  Photo of Jemerson
Jemerson Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 5 0.45
  Photo of Guirassy
Guirassy Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 5 0.36
  Photo of Chadrac Akolo
Chadrac Akolo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 5 0.45
  Photo of Kolodziejczak
Kolodziejczak Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 5 0.45
  Photo of Hunou
Hunou Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 5 0.38
  Photo of Ahoueke Denkey
Ahoueke Denkey Forward
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 5 0.50
  Photo of Hichem Boudaoui
Hichem Boudaoui Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 5 1.25
  Photo of Congre
Congre Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 5 0.38
  Photo of Saif-Eddine Khaoui
Saif-Eddine Khaoui Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 5 1.00
  Photo of Thiago Mendes
Thiago Mendes Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 5 0.33
  Photo of Le Tallec
Le Tallec Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 5 0.29
  Photo of Pedro Mendes
Pedro Mendes Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 5 0.36
  Photo of Strootman
Strootman Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 5 0.31
  Photo of Alexander Djiku
Alexander Djiku Defender
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 5 0.33
  Photo of Cristian Benavente
Cristian Benavente Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 5 0.50
64 Photo of Bakayoko
Bakayoko Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 4 0.40
  Photo of Benjamin Henrichs
Benjamin Henrichs Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 4 0.80
  Photo of Blas
Blas Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 4 0.31
  Photo of Derek Kutesa
Derek Kutesa Midfielder
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 4 0.57
  Photo of Myziane Maolida
Myziane Maolida Forward
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 4 0.40
  Photo of Adrien Tameze
Adrien Tameze Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 4 0.57
  Photo of Andrei
Andrei Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 4 0.25
  Photo of Gnagnon
Gnagnon Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 4 0.44
  Photo of Draxler
Draxler Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 4 0.67
  Photo of Abdou Diallo
Abdou Diallo Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 4 0.31
  Photo of Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 4 2.00
  Photo of Sabaly
Sabaly Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 4 1.00
  Photo of Toma Basic
Toma Basic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 4 0.67
  Photo of Ibrahima Diallo
Ibrahima Diallo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Brest Brest 4 0.27
  Photo of Romao
Romao Midfielder
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 4 0.29
  Photo of Dolly
Dolly Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 4 0.67
  Photo of Martin Terrier
Martin Terrier Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 4 0.31
  Photo of Saman Ghoddos
Saman Ghoddos Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 4 2.00
  Photo of Lasne
Lasne Midfielder
Badge/Flag Brest Brest 4 0.33
  Photo of Lamine Fomba
Lamine Fomba Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 4 0.31
  Photo of Rafael Da Silva
Rafael Da Silva Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 4 0.80
  Photo of Lamine Kone
Lamine Kone Defender
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 4 0.36
  Photo of Jean-Victor Makengo
Jean-Victor Makengo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 4 0.33
65 Photo of Kévin Zohi
Kévin Zohi Forward
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 3 0.38
  Photo of Benedetto
Benedetto Forward
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 3 0.19
  Photo of Marquinhos
Marquinhos Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 3 0.23
Photo of Melvin Bard
Melvin Bard Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 3 3.00
  Photo of Ander Herrera
Ander Herrera Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 3 0.50
  Photo of Dembele
Dembele Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 3 0.19
  Photo of Rémy
Rémy Forward
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 3 0.30
  Photo of Ihsan Sacko
Ihsan Sacko Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 3 1.00
  Photo of Paredes
Paredes Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 3 0.33
  Photo of Xeka
Xeka Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 3 0.33
  Photo of Anthony Briancon
Anthony Briancon Defender
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 3 0.20
  Photo of Belkebla
Belkebla Midfielder
Badge/Flag Brest Brest 3 0.19
  Photo of Boschilia
Boschilia Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 3 0.60
  Photo of Tiago Djalo
Tiago Djalo Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 3 0.43
  Photo of Adrien Silva
Adrien Silva Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 3 0.23
  Photo of Nathanael Mbuku
Nathanael Mbuku Forward
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 3 0.50
  Photo of Boulaye Dia
Boulaye Dia Forward
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 3 0.20
  Photo of Bahoken
Bahoken Forward
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 3 0.33
  Photo of Idrissa Gueye
Idrissa Gueye Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 3 0.27
  Photo of Otavio Henrique Passos Santos
Otavio Henrique Passos Santos Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 3 0.20
  Photo of Jonathan Cafu
Jonathan Cafu Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 3 1.50
  Photo of Thody Elie Youan
Thody Elie Youan Forward
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 3 0.60
  Photo of Mexer
Mexer Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 3 0.23
  Photo of Habib Diallo
Habib Diallo Forward
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 3 0.18
  Photo of Hwang Ui-Jo
Hwang Ui-Jo Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 3 0.21
66 Photo of Henry Onyekuru
Henry Onyekuru Forward
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 2 0.50
  Photo of Guillermo Maripán
Guillermo Maripán Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 2 0.22
  Photo of Boubakary Soumare
Boubakary Soumare Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 2 0.13
  Photo of Tim Weah
Tim Weah Forward
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 2 1.00
  Photo of Pallois
Pallois Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 2 0.13
  Photo of Luiz Gustavo
Luiz Gustavo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 2 0.67
  Photo of Corentin Jean
Corentin Jean Forward
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 2 2.00
  Photo of Bafode Diakite
Bafode Diakite Defender
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 2 0.29
  Photo of Beric
Beric Forward
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 2 0.20
  Photo of Bilal Benkhedim
Bilal Benkhedim Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 2 2.00
  Photo of Icardi
Icardi Forward
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 2 0.22
  Photo of Loïc Mbe Soh
Loïc Mbe Soh Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 2 2.00
  Photo of Choupo-Moting
Choupo-Moting Forward
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 2 0.22
  Photo of Damien
Damien Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 2 0.14
  Photo of Mahdi Camara
Mahdi Camara Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 2 0.40
  Photo of Jordan Lefort
Jordan Lefort Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 2 0.29
  Photo of Aholou
Aholou Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 2 0.29
  Photo of Axel Disasi
Axel Disasi Defender
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 2 0.12
  Photo of Cheick Timite
Cheick Timite Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 2 0.67
  Photo of Timothee Nkada
Timothee Nkada Forward
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 2 0.40
  Photo of Vlatko Stojanovski
Vlatko Stojanovski Forward
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 2 0.50
  Photo of Castelletto
Castelletto Defender
Badge/Flag Brest Brest 2 0.12
  Photo of Hilton
Hilton Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 2 0.12
  Photo of Gaëtan Belaud
Gaëtan Belaud Defender
Badge/Flag Brest Brest 2 1.00
  Photo of Mathis Cherki
Mathis Cherki Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 2 1.00
  Photo of Marshall Nyasha Munetsi
Marshall Nyasha Munetsi Defender
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 2 0.22
  Photo of Briand
Briand Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 2 0.14
67 Photo of S. Camara
S. Camara Forward
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 1 0.11
  Photo of Kasper Dolberg
Kasper Dolberg Forward
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 1 0.08
  Photo of Thilo Kehrer
Thilo Kehrer Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 1 1.00
  Photo of Cavani
Cavani Forward
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 1 0.12
  Photo of Ibrahim Cisse
Ibrahim Cisse Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 1 1.00
  Photo of Bodmer
Bodmer Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 1 0.12
  Photo of Fonte
Fonte Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 1 0.07
  Photo of Prince-Desir Gouano
Prince-Desir Gouano Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 1 0.33
  Photo of Mamadou Fofana
Mamadou Fofana Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 1 0.07
  Photo of Aurelien Tchouameni
Aurelien Tchouameni Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 1 0.08
  Photo of Bekanty Angban
Bekanty Angban Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 1 0.09
  Photo of Kimpembe
Kimpembe Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 1 0.11
  Photo of J. Denayer
J. Denayer Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 1 0.07
  Photo of Marcelo
Marcelo Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 1 0.14
  Photo of Ibrahima Niane
Ibrahima Niane Forward
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 1 0.08
  Photo of Maxence Caqueret
Maxence Caqueret Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 1 0.50
  Photo of Suk Hyun Jun
Suk Hyun Jun Forward
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 1 0.11
  Photo of Benoit Badiashile Mukinayi
Benoit Badiashile Mukinayi Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 1 0.08
  Photo of Florian Chabrolle
Florian Chabrolle Forward
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 1 1.00
  Photo of Ait Bennasser
Ait Bennasser Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 1 0.12
  Photo of Sa Pereira
Sa Pereira Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 1 1.00
  Photo of Caleta-Car
Caleta-Car Defender
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 1 0.07
  Photo of Moataz Zemzemi
Moataz Zemzemi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 1 1.00
  Photo of Alexandre Mendy
Alexandre Mendy Forward
Badge/Flag Brest Brest 1 0.08
  Photo of Kouadio Kone
Kouadio Kone Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 1 0.25
Photo of Lucas Valls
Lucas Valls Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 1 1.00
  Photo of Stanley N'Soki
Stanley N'Soki Defender
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 1 0.12
  Photo of Yann Gboho
Yann Gboho Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 1 0.33
  Photo of Sidy Sarr
Sidy Sarr Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 1 0.08
  Photo of Wesley Lautoa
Wesley Lautoa Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 1 0.07
  Photo of Adrien Lebeau
Adrien Lebeau Midfielder
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 1 1.00
  Photo of Thiago Silva
Thiago Silva Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 1 0.07
  Photo of Naif Aguerd
Naif Aguerd Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 1 0.14
  Photo of Herelle
Herelle Defender
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 1 0.14
  Photo of Jeannot
Jeannot Forward
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 1 0.50
  Photo of Perrin
Perrin Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 1 0.07
  Photo of Malang Sarr
Malang Sarr Defender
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 1 0.09
  Photo of Dante
Dante Defender
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 1 0.09
  Photo of Aaron Leya
Aaron Leya Forward
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 1 0.07
  Photo of Harold Moukoudi
Harold Moukoudi Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 1 0.10
  Photo of Mickael Le Bihan
Mickael Le Bihan Forward
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 1 0.50
  Photo of Charles Nathan Abi
Charles Nathan Abi Forward
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 1 0.17
  Photo of Ismael Traore
Ismael Traore Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 1 0.08
  Photo of Pajot
Pajot Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 1 0.17
  Photo of Joachim Andersen
Joachim Andersen Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 1 0.07
  Photo of Aka Wilfride Kanga
Aka Wilfride Kanga Forward
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 1 0.25
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