LaLiga Santander Season 2018/2019

Players Shots against from outside the area

Position Player Team Total Average
1 Photo of Campaña
Campaña Midfielder
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 249Shots against from outside the area 6.92Per game
2 Photo of Morales
Morales Midfielder
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 240 6.49
3 Photo of Enis Bardhi
Enis Bardhi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 225 6.25
4 Photo of Róber
Róber Defender
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 220 6.67
5 Photo of Neto
Neto Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 193 5.68
  Photo of Gayá
Gayá Defender
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 193 5.51
6 Photo of Parejo
Parejo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 191 5.31
7 Photo of Asenjo
Asenjo Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 188 5.88
8 Photo of Álvaro
Álvaro Defender
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 185 5.61
9 Photo of Bounou
Bounou Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 182 5.69
10 Photo of Jason
Jason Forward
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 181 6.03
11 Photo of Diego López
Diego López Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 180 4.74
12 Photo of Vaclik
Vaclik Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 177 5.36
13 Photo of Bernardo
Bernardo Defender
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 175 5.65
14 Photo of Sergi Gómez
Sergi Gómez Defender
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 173 5.41
  Photo of Pere Pons
Pere Pons Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 173 5.09
15 Photo of Juanpe
Juanpe Defender
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 172 5.21
16 Photo of Portu
Portu Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 171 5.03
  Photo of Oblak
Oblak Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 171 4.62
  Photo of Laguardia
Laguardia Defender
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 171 4.75
17 Photo of Oier
Oier Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 168 8.00
18 Photo of Marc Roca
Marc Roca Midfielder
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 167 4.77
19 Photo of Griezmann
Griezmann Forward
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 166 4.49
  Photo of Roger
Roger Forward
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 166 5.35
20 Photo of Gabriel Paulista
Gabriel Paulista Defender
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 165 5.50
  Photo of Borja García
Borja García Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 165 5.00
  Photo of Sarabia
Sarabia Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 165 5.00
21 Photo of Banega
Banega Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 164 5.12
  Photo of Calero
Calero Defender
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 164 4.56
  Photo of Pacheco
Pacheco Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 164 4.69
22 Photo of Jesús Navas
Jesús Navas Defender
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 163 5.09
23 Photo of Stuani
Stuani Forward
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 162 5.06
  Photo of Nacho
Nacho Defender
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 162 4.63
  Photo of Rodrigo
Rodrigo Forward
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 162 4.91
  Photo of Masip
Masip Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 162 4.63
24 Photo of Saúl
Saúl Midfielder
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 158 4.79
  Photo of Mario Hermoso
Mario Hermoso Defender
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 158 4.94
25 Photo of Jony
Jony Midfielder
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 157 4.36
26 Photo of Hugo Mallo
Hugo Mallo Defender
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 156 4.46
27 Photo of Borja Iglesias
Borja Iglesias Forward
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 155 4.19
  Photo of Ramiro Funes Mori
Ramiro Funes Mori Defender
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 155 5.00
28 Photo of Wass
Wass Midfielder
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 154 4.81
29 Photo of Fornals
Fornals Midfielder
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 153 4.37
  Photo of Carlos Soler
Carlos Soler Midfielder
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 153 4.94
30 Photo of Oyarzabal
Oyarzabal Forward
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 152 4.11
31 Photo of Rubén Duarte
Rubén Duarte Defender
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 151 4.58
32 Photo of Yuri
Yuri Defender
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 150 4.29
33 Photo of Kiko
Kiko Defender
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 149 4.26
  Photo of Gerard Moreno
Gerard Moreno Forward
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 149 4.26
34 Photo of Maxi Gómez
Maxi Gómez Forward
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 148 4.23
  Photo of Rubén Alcaraz
Rubén Alcaraz Midfielder
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 148 4.35
  Photo of Williams
Williams Forward
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 148 3.89
35 Photo of Moi Gómez
Moi Gómez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 146 4.06
  Photo of Ben Yedder
Ben Yedder Forward
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 146 4.17
  Photo of Jonathan Calleri
Jonathan Calleri Forward
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 146 4.29
36 Photo of Mario
Mario Defender
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 145 4.68
  Photo of Pichu
Pichu Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 145 4.26
37 Photo of Cazorla
Cazorla Midfielder
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 144 4.11
38 Photo of Mandi
Mandi Defender
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 143 4.09
  Photo of Siovas
Siovas Defender
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 143 4.21
  Photo of Koke
Koke Midfielder
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 143 4.77
39 Photo of Toño García
Toño García Defender
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 141 6.71
  Photo of Darder
Darder Midfielder
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 141 4.15
  Photo of Pedro Porro
Pedro Porro Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 141 4.41
  Photo of Álex Moreno
Álex Moreno Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 141 3.92
40 Photo of Alex Granell
Alex Granell Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 140 4.38
  Photo of Coke
Coke Defender
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 140 5.19
  Photo of Rodrigo
Rodrigo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 140 4.12
  Photo of Íñigo Martínez
Íñigo Martínez Defender
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 140 4.24
41 Photo of Pulido
Pulido Defender
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 138 4.31
  Photo of Pau López
Pau López Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 138 4.18
42 Photo of Jonathan Silva
Jonathan Silva Defender
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 137 4.57
  Photo of Néstor Araújo
Néstor Araújo Defender
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 137 4.28
43 Photo of Alfonso Pedraza
Alfonso Pedraza Midfielder
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 136 4.00
44 Photo of Garay
Garay Defender
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 135 5.62
  Photo of Bartra
Bartra Defender
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 135 4.09
45 Photo of Piqué
Piqué Defender
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 134 3.83
  Photo of Lobotka
Lobotka Midfielder
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 134 4.32
  Photo of De Marcos
De Marcos Defender
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 134 4.47
46 Photo of Chema
Chema Defender
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 133 7.00
  Photo of Godín
Godín Defender
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 133 4.43
  Photo of André Silva
André Silva Forward
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 133 4.93
47 Photo of Franco Vázquez
Franco Vázquez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 132 3.88
  Photo of Miramón
Miramón Defender
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 132 4.40
48 Photo of Canales
Canales Midfielder
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 131 4.09
  Photo of Ter Stegen
Ter Stegen Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 131 3.74
49 Photo of Etxeita
Etxeita Defender
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 130 4.19
50 Photo of Alba
Alba Defender
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 129 3.58
  Photo of Rochina
Rochina Midfielder
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 129 4.78
51 Photo of Carriço
Carriço Defender
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 127 5.29
52 Photo of Rubén Pérez
Rubén Pérez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 126 4.06
  Photo of Míchel
Míchel Midfielder
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 126 3.60
  Photo of Ximo Navarro
Ximo Navarro Defender
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 126 4.06
53 Photo of Karl Toko Ekambi
Karl Toko Ekambi Forward
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 125 3.68
  Photo of Manu García
Manu García Midfielder
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 125 3.68
  Photo of Óscar Rodríguez
Óscar Rodríguez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 125 4.03
  Photo of Herrerín
Herrerín Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 125 4.03
54 Photo of Dídac
Dídac Defender
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 124 4.59
55 Photo of Igor Zubeldia
Igor Zubeldia Midfielder
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 123 3.73
  Photo of Pina
Pina Midfielder
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 123 4.39
56 Photo of Víctor Ruiz
Víctor Ruiz Defender
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 121 5.50
  Photo of Postigo
Postigo Defender
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 121 5.76
  Photo of De Tomás
De Tomás Forward
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 121 3.67
57 Photo of Benzema
Benzema Forward
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 120 3.33
  Photo of Santi Mina
Santi Mina Forward
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 120 4.00
  Photo of Okay Yokuslu
Okay Yokuslu Midfielder
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 120 4.00
  Photo of Messi
Messi Forward
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 120 3.53
58 Photo of Jordi Amat
Jordi Amat Defender
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 119 3.84
  Photo of Óscar Plano
Óscar Plano Forward
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 119 3.61
59 Photo of Kjaer
Kjaer Defender
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 118 4.54
  Photo of Cristiano Piccini
Cristiano Piccini Defender
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 118 5.13
  Photo of Rakitic
Rakitic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 118 3.47
60 Photo of Busquets
Busquets Midfielder
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 117 3.34
  Photo of Luis Suárez
Luis Suárez Forward
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 117 3.55
  Photo of Javi López
Javi López Defender
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 117 5.09
  Photo of Alcalá
Alcalá Defender
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 117 4.68
  Photo of Dani García
Dani García Midfielder
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 117 4.03
  Photo of Yeray
Yeray Defender
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 117 3.90
  Photo of Rulli
Rulli Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 117 4.33
  Photo of Aritz Elustondo
Aritz Elustondo Defender
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 117 4.33
  Photo of Omeruo
Omeruo Defender
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 117 4.18
  Photo of David Soria
David Soria Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 117 3.16
61 Photo of Willian José
Willian José Forward
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 116 3.74
62 Photo of Vesga
Vesga Midfielder
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 115 4.42
  Photo of Enes Unal
Enes Unal Forward
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 115 3.48
  Photo of Erick Cabaco
Erick Cabaco Defender
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 115 5.48
63 Photo of Coquelin
Coquelin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 114 4.38
  Photo of William Carvalho
William Carvalho Midfielder
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 114 3.80
64 Photo of Brais
Brais Midfielder
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 113 3.65
  Photo of Héctor Moreno
Héctor Moreno Defender
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 113 4.52
  Photo of Youssef En-Nesyri
Youssef En-Nesyri Forward
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 113 3.65
65 Photo of Muniain
Muniain Forward
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 112 3.29
  Photo of Varane
Varane Defender
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 112 3.50
66 Photo of Nemanja Maksimovic
Nemanja Maksimovic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 111 3.08
  Photo of Cheryshev
Cheryshev Midfielder
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 111 4.11
67 Photo of Giovani Lo Celso
Giovani Lo Celso Midfielder
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 110 3.44
  Photo of Aspas
Aspas Forward
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 110 4.07
68 Photo of Ramalho
Ramalho Defender
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 109 4.95
69 Photo of Courtois
Courtois Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 108 4.00
  Photo of Damián Suárez
Damián Suárez Defender
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 108 3.00
  Photo of Martín Aguirregabiria
Martín Aguirregabiria Defender
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 108 4.00
  Photo of Trigueros
Trigueros Midfielder
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 108 4.50
70 Photo of Granero
Granero Midfielder
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 107 3.82
  Photo of Cucho Hernández
Cucho Hernández Forward
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 107 3.15
  Photo of Aleix García Serrano
Aleix García Serrano Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 107 3.45
  Photo of Kroos
Kroos Midfielder
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 107 3.82
  Photo of Javi Moyano
Javi Moyano Defender
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 107 3.96
  Photo of Luna
Luna Defender
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 107 6.69
71 Photo of Filipe Luis
Filipe Luis Defender
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 106 3.93
72 Photo of Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos Defender
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 105 3.75
  Photo of Cabral
Cabral Defender
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 105 4.38
  Photo of Rubén Blanco
Rubén Blanco Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 105 4.20
73 Photo of Santiago Cáseres
Santiago Cáseres Midfielder
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 104 4.52
  Photo of Toni Villa
Toni Villa Midfielder
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 104 4.00
  Photo of Luis Advincula
Luis Advincula Defender
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 104 3.71
74 Photo of Guillermo Maripán
Guillermo Maripán Defender
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 103 4.48
  Photo of Modric
Modric Midfielder
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 103 3.03
  Photo of Zaldua
Zaldua Defender
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 103 3.96
  Photo of Bustinza
Bustinza Defender
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 103 4.12
  Photo of Ferreiro
Ferreiro Midfielder
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 103 2.94
75 Photo of Correa
Correa Forward
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 102 2.83
  Photo of Roque Mesa
Roque Mesa Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 102 3.29
  Photo of Guardado
Guardado Midfielder
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 102 3.29
  Photo of Thomas
Thomas Midfielder
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 102 3.19
76 Photo of Djene
Djene Defender
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 101 2.97
  Photo of Mouctar Diakhaby
Mouctar Diakhaby Defender
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 101 4.59
  Photo of Vezo
Vezo Defender
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 101 5.32
  Photo of Raúl García
Raúl García Midfielder
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 101 3.06
  Photo of Antoñito
Antoñito Defender
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 101 3.37
77 Photo of Casemiro
Casemiro Midfielder
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 99 3.41
  Photo of Lemar
Lemar Midfielder
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 99 3.19
  Photo of Ibai Gómez
Ibai Gómez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 99 3.09
78 Photo of Gameiro
Gameiro Forward
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 98 2.97
  Photo of Carvajal
Carvajal Defender
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 98 4.08
  Photo of Samuel Chukwueze
Samuel Chukwueze Midfielder
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 98 3.77
  Photo of Jaume Costa
Jaume Costa Defender
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 98 4.67
  Photo of Embarba
Embarba Forward
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 98 2.72
  Photo of David López
David López Defender
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 98 4.67
  Photo of Merino
Merino Midfielder
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 98 3.38
79 Photo of Abdoulaye
Abdoulaye Defender
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 97 3.73
  Photo of Douglas Luiz
Douglas Luiz Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 97 4.22
80 Photo of Illarramendi
Illarramendi Midfielder
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 96 4.17
Photo of Damián Musto
Damián Musto Midfielder
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 96 4.00
  Photo of Cabrera
Cabrera Defender
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 96 3.00
81 Photo of Aitor
Aitor Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 95 5.94
  Photo of Sofiane Boufal
Sofiane Boufal Midfielder
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 95 2.71
82 Photo of Wakaso
Wakaso Midfielder
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 94 3.24
  Photo of Clement Lenglet
Clement Lenglet Defender
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 94 4.09
  Photo of José Ángel
José Ángel Defender
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 94 2.69
  Photo of Jorge Molina
Jorge Molina Forward
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 94 2.47
  Photo of Guido Carrillo
Guido Carrillo Forward
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 94 2.94
83 Photo of Loren Morón
Loren Morón Forward
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 93 2.82
84 Photo of Theo Hernández
Theo Hernández Defender
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 92 3.83
  Photo of Júnior Firpo
Júnior Firpo Defender
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 92 3.83
85 Photo of Joan Jordán
Joan Jordán Midfielder
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 91 2.53
  Photo of Mauro Arambarri
Mauro Arambarri Midfielder
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 91 2.76
  Photo of Chimy
Chimy Forward
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 91 2.68
86 Photo of Escudero
Escudero Defender
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 90 4.29
  Photo of Iborra
Iborra Midfielder
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 90 4.74
  Photo of Santiago Comesaña
Santiago Comesaña Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 90 3.60
  Photo of Vidal
Vidal Midfielder
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 90 2.73
87 Photo of David Juncà
David Juncà Defender
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 89 4.24
88 Photo of Rubén Peña
Rubén Peña Midfielder
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 88 2.84
  Photo of Mercado
Mercado Defender
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 88 3.83
  Photo of Muniesa
Muniesa Defender
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 88 4.63
  Photo of Giménez
Giménez Defender
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 88 4.19
  Photo of Francis
Francis Midfielder
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 88 4.00
  Photo of Juanfran
Juanfran Defender
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 88 4.00
  Photo of Marcelo
Marcelo Defender
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 88 3.83
89 Photo of Beñat
Beñat Midfielder
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 87 3.22
  Photo of Llorente
Llorente Defender
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 87 4.14
  Photo of Sergi Roberto
Sergi Roberto Defender
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 87 3.00
  Photo of Santiago Arias
Santiago Arias Defender
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 87 3.48
90 Photo of Óscar Melendo
Óscar Melendo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 86 2.69
  Photo of Sidnei
Sidnei Defender
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 86 3.58
91 Photo of San José
San José Midfielder
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 85 2.58
  Photo of Sergio García
Sergio García Forward
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 85 2.93
  Photo of Orellana
Orellana Midfielder
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 85 2.58
92 Photo of Nyom
Nyom Defender
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 83 3.61
  Photo of Mata
Mata Forward
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 83 2.44
  Photo of Gonzalo Melero
Gonzalo Melero Midfielder
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 83 3.77
  Photo of Joaquín
Joaquín Midfielder
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 83 2.77
  Photo of Paulo Oliveira
Paulo Oliveira Defender
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 83 2.96
93 Photo of Álvaro García
Álvaro García Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 82 2.34
94 Photo of Fran Beltrán
Fran Beltrán Midfielder
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 80 2.67
  Photo of Quincy Promes
Quincy Promes Forward
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 80 2.42
  Photo of Juanmi
Juanmi Forward
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 80 2.67
  Photo of Coutinho
Coutinho Midfielder
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 80 2.35
  Photo of Tarín
Tarín Defender
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 80 4.44
  Photo of Santamaría
Santamaría Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 80 4.00
95 Photo of Nacho
Nacho Defender
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 79 3.95
  Photo of Dimitrievski
Dimitrievski Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 79 3.76
  Photo of Bale
Bale Forward
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 79 2.72
96 Photo of Juanfran
Juanfran Defender
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 78 3.39
97 Photo of Gonçalo Guedes
Gonçalo Guedes Midfielder
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 77 3.08
98 Photo of Diop
Diop Midfielder
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 76 2.71
  Photo of Dmitrovic
Dmitrovic Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 76 3.17
99 Photo of Bruno González
Bruno González Defender
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 75 3.26
  Photo of Zouhair Feddal
Zouhair Feddal Defender
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 75 3.57
  Photo of Tello
Tello Forward
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 75 2.59
  Photo of Rosales
Rosales Defender
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 75 3.57
100 Photo of Víctor Sánchez
Víctor Sánchez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 74 3.08
  Photo of Portillo
Portillo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 74 2.31
  Photo of Antunes
Antunes Defender
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 74 2.64
101 Photo of Capa
Capa Defender
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 73 2.92
  Photo of Sergi Enrich
Sergi Enrich Forward
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 73 2.09
102 Photo of Marco Asensio
Marco Asensio Forward
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 72 2.40
  Photo of Kondogbia
Kondogbia Midfielder
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 72 3.79
103 Photo of Bacca
Bacca Forward
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 71 2.15
104 Photo of Rubén Pardo
Rubén Pardo Midfielder
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 70 2.92
  Photo of Keko
Keko Midfielder
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 70 2.69
  Photo of Savic
Savic Defender
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 70 3.89
105 Photo of Trejo
Trejo Forward
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 69 2.65
  Photo of Sergio Álvarez
Sergio Álvarez Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 69 5.31
106 Photo of Alberto
Alberto Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 68 4.00
107 Photo of Braithwaite
Braithwaite Forward
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 67 3.53
108 Photo of Gilbert Imbula
Gilbert Imbula Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 66 3.00
  Photo of Ousmane Dembélé
Ousmane Dembélé Forward
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 66 2.28
  Photo of Marc Cucurella
Marc Cucurella Defender
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 66 2.13
  Photo of Susaeta
Susaeta Midfielder
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 66 3.00
  Photo of Leo Baptistao
Leo Baptistao Forward
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 66 3.30
  Photo of Cristian Rivera
Cristian Rivera Midfielder
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 66 3.00
109 Photo of Enric Gallego
Enric Gallego Forward
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 65 3.42
  Photo of Sergi Guardiola
Sergi Guardiola Forward
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 65 3.25
110 Photo of Charles
Charles Forward
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 64 1.88
  Photo of Jose Pozo
Jose Pozo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 64 2.21
111 Photo of Javi Galán
Javi Galán Defender
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 63 3.94
  Photo of Arthur Melo
Arthur Melo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 63 2.33
  Photo of Borja Bastón
Borja Bastón Forward
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 63 2.33
112 Photo of Arbilla
Arbilla Defender
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 62 2.48
113 Photo of Lucas Vázquez
Lucas Vázquez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 61 1.97
114 Photo of Anuar
Anuar Midfielder
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 60 3.16
  Photo of Januzaj
Januzaj Midfielder
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 60 3.00
  Photo of Bebé
Bebé Forward
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 60 2.07
  Photo of Nelson Semedo
Nelson Semedo Defender
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 60 2.31
  Photo of Íñigo Córdoba
Íñigo Córdoba Midfielder
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 60 2.61
  Photo of Boateng
Boateng Forward
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 60 3.75
115 Photo of Álex Gallar
Álex Gallar Forward
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 59 2.36
  Photo of Velázquez
Velázquez Defender
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 59 3.28
  Photo of Unai Núñez
Unai Núñez Defender
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 59 4.92
  Photo of Naldo
Naldo Defender
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 59 3.69
116 Photo of Diego Costa
Diego Costa Forward
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 58 3.62
117 Photo of Costas
Costas Defender
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 57 3.80
  Photo of Ángel
Ángel Forward
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 57 1.54
  Photo of Rubén Sobrino
Rubén Sobrino Forward
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 57 2.38
118 Photo of Recio
Recio Midfielder
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 56 3.11
119 Photo of Gumbau
Gumbau Midfielder
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 55 3.44
  Photo of Gálvez
Gálvez Defender
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 55 3.24
120 Photo of Escalante
Escalante Midfielder
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 54 1.69
  Photo of Foulquier
Foulquier Defender
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 54 2.16
  Photo of Semedo
Semedo Defender
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 54 4.91
121 Photo of Simon Moses Daddy
Simon Moses Daddy Forward
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 53 2.79
  Photo of Lucas
Lucas Defender
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 53 3.79
  Photo of El Zhar
El Zhar Midfielder
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 53 1.96
122 Photo of Zurutuza
Zurutuza Midfielder
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 52 2.48
  Photo of Morata
Morata Forward
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 52 3.47
  Photo of Pione Sisto
Pione Sisto Forward
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 52 2.08
  Photo of Nikola Vukcevic
Nikola Vukcevic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 52 3.25
  Photo of Yangel Herrera
Yangel Herrera Midfielder
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 52 3.25
123 Photo of Isco
Isco Midfielder
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 51 1.89
  Photo of Ferrán Torres
Ferrán Torres Midfielder
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 51 2.12
124 Photo of Pablo De Blasis
Pablo De Blasis Midfielder
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 50 2.08
125 Photo of Moyá
Moyá Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 49 4.45
  Photo of Carlos Akapo
Carlos Akapo Defender
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 49 3.77
  Photo of Aihen Muñoz
Aihen Muñoz Defender
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 49 4.45
  Photo of Medrán
Medrán Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 49 2.33
  Photo of Jozabed
Jozabed Midfielder
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 49 2.45
126 Photo of Aday
Aday Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 48 4.80
  Photo of Sandro
Sandro Forward
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 48 2.00
  Photo of Ramis
Ramis Defender
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 48 2.29
  Photo of Prcic
Prcic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 48 4.80
127 Photo of Luca Sangalli
Luca Sangalli Midfielder
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 47 2.61
  Photo of Miguelón
Miguelón Defender
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 47 5.88
  Photo of Hernán Pérez
Hernán Pérez Forward
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 47 2.47
128 Photo of Wu Lei
Wu Lei Forward
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 46 2.88
  Photo of Pedro López
Pedro López Defender
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 46 5.75
  Photo of Barragán
Barragán Defender
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 46 3.29
  Photo of Munir
Munir Forward
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 46 2.00
129 Photo of Axel Werner
Axel Werner Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 45 7.50
  Photo of Hoedt
Hoedt Defender
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 45 4.50
  Photo of Valery Fernández
Valery Fernández Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 45 2.65
  Photo of Mario Suárez
Mario Suárez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 45 3.21
130 Photo of Aleksandar Jovanovic
Aleksandar Jovanovic Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 44 3.67
  Photo of Dani Ceballos
Dani Ceballos Midfielder
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 44 1.91
  Photo of Olaza
Olaza Defender
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 44 4.40
  Photo of Luisinho
Luisinho Defender
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 44 6.29
  Photo of Raúl Navas
Raúl Navas Defender
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 44 2.75
131 Photo of Borja Fernández
Borja Fernández Midfielder
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 43 2.26
  Photo of Álvaro Odriozola
Álvaro Odriozola Defender
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 43 3.07
132 Photo of Adrià Pedrosa
Adrià Pedrosa Defender
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 42 3.50
133 Photo of Amath
Amath Forward
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 41 2.73
  Photo of Doumbia
Doumbia Forward
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 41 2.41
  Photo of Guilherme Arana
Guilherme Arana Defender
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 41 4.56
134 Photo of Unai Simón
Unai Simón Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 40 5.71
  Photo of Reguilón
Reguilón Defender
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 40 2.86
  Photo of Patrick Roberts
Patrick Roberts Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 40 2.11
135 Photo of Aduriz
Aduriz Forward
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 39 1.95
  Photo of Óscar Duarte
Óscar Duarte Defender
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 39 3.55
  Photo of Joaquín
Joaquín Midfielder
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 39 3.00
136 Photo of Guidetti
Guidetti Forward
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 38 1.73
  Photo of Sanabria
Sanabria Forward
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 38 2.53
  Photo of Lozano
Lozano Forward
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 38 1.90
  Photo of Sergio Álvarez
Sergio Álvarez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 38 2.00
  Photo of Tito
Tito Defender
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 38 2.53
  Photo of Wilfrid Kaptoum
Wilfrid Kaptoum Midfielder
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 38 3.80
137 Photo of Kike García
Kike García Forward
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 37 1.23
  Photo of Jesé
Jesé Forward
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 37 2.64
  Photo of Insúa
Insúa Defender
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 37 3.70
  Photo of Piatti
Piatti Midfielder
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 37 1.85
  Photo of Kakuta
Kakuta Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 37 3.08
138 Photo of Cheick Doukoure
Cheick Doukoure Midfielder
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 36 4.00
  Photo of Leo Suárez
Leo Suárez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 36 3.00
  Photo of Umtiti
Umtiti Defender
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 36 2.57
  Photo of Amadou
Amadou Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 36 2.12
  Photo of Balenziaga
Balenziaga Defender
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 36 3.27
139 Photo of Kalinic
Kalinic Forward
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 35 2.06
  Photo of Daniele Verde
Daniele Verde Forward
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 35 1.59
  Photo of Samuele Longo
Samuele Longo Forward
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 35 2.33
140 Photo of Cop
Cop Forward
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 34 1.89
  Photo of Riesgo
Riesgo Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 34 2.43
  Photo of Manu Morlanes
Manu Morlanes Midfielder
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 34 3.40
  Photo of Vigaray
Vigaray Defender
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 34 4.25
141 Photo of Miguel Layún
Miguel Layún Defender
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 33 4.12
  Photo of Keylor Navas
Keylor Navas Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 33 3.30
142 Photo of Peru Nolaskoain
Peru Nolaskoain Defender
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 32 4.00
  Photo of Sergio León
Sergio León Forward
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 32 2.00
143 Photo of Vinicius Junior
Vinicius Junior Forward
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 31 1.72
144 Photo of Eraso
Eraso Midfielder
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 30 2.31
  Photo of Iraizoz
Iraizoz Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 30 4.29
  Photo of Jon Bautista
Jon Bautista Forward
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 30 1.67
145 Photo of Javi García
Javi García Midfielder
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 29 2.23
  Photo of Planas
Planas Defender
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 29 4.14
  Photo of Burgui
Burgui Midfielder
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 29 1.81
  Photo of Batshuayi
Batshuayi Forward
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 29 1.93
146 Photo of Andriy Lunin
Andriy Lunin Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 28 5.60
  Photo of Michael Santos
Michael Santos Forward
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 28 1.75
  Photo of Gurler
Gurler Midfielder
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 28 2.15
  Photo of Federico Valverde
Federico Valverde Midfielder
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 28 1.75
  Photo of Javi Puado
Javi Puado Forward
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 28 1.87
  Photo of Mariano
Mariano Forward
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 28 2.15
147 Photo of Lluis López
Lluis López Defender
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 27 4.50
  Photo of Vitolo
Vitolo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 27 1.35
  Photo of Kévin Rodrigues
Kévin Rodrigues Defender
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 27 3.86
  Photo of Aleix Vidal
Aleix Vidal Defender
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 27 2.45
148 Photo of Xavier Quintillá
Xavier Quintillá Defender
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 26 3.71
  Photo of Juanpi
Juanpi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 26 1.86
  Photo of Vermaelen
Vermaelen Defender
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 26 2.89
  Photo of Gnagnon
Gnagnon Defender
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 26 3.71
  Photo of Junior Alonso
Junior Alonso Defender
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 26 2.89
149 Photo of Joel
Joel Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 25 5.00
  Photo of Marc Cardona
Marc Cardona Forward
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 25 1.47
  Photo of Malcom
Malcom Forward
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 25 1.67
  Photo of Diego Reyes
Diego Reyes Defender
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 25 4.17
150 Photo of Gonalons
Gonalons Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 24 2.40
  Photo of Mantovani
Mantovani Defender
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 24 2.67
151 Photo of Brahim Diaz
Brahim Diaz Forward
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 23 2.56
  Photo of Marcos Llorente
Marcos Llorente Midfielder
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 23 3.29
  Photo of Vasyl Kravets
Vasyl Kravets Defender
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 23 3.83
152 Photo of Emerson
Emerson Defender
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 22 3.67
  Photo of Gorosabel
Gorosabel Defender
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 22 3.14
  Photo of Raphael
Raphael Forward
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 22 1.83
  Photo of Mathías Olivera
Mathías Olivera Defender
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 22 1.57
  Photo of Emre Mor
Emre Mor Forward
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 22 2.20
153 Photo of Aguilera
Aguilera Midfielder
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 21 3.50
  Photo of Francisco Montero
Francisco Montero Defender
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 21 2.33
  Photo of Rodrigo Ely
Rodrigo Ely Defender
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 21 4.20
154 Photo of Jaume
Jaume Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 20 5.00
  Photo of Aleñá
Aleñá Midfielder
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 20 1.18
  Photo of Waldo Rubio
Waldo Rubio Forward
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 20 2.50
  Photo of Andrés
Andrés Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 20 3.33
155 Photo of Hjulsager
Hjulsager Midfielder
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 19 1.27
  Photo of Bigas
Bigas Defender
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 19 1.90
  Photo of Bonera
Bonera Defender
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 19 3.80
  Photo of Uche
Uche Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 19 3.17
  Photo of Unai López
Unai López Midfielder
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 19 2.71
  Photo of Lato
Lato Defender
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 19 4.75
156 Photo of Pedro León
Pedro León Midfielder
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 18 2.00
  Photo of Jesús Vallejo
Jesús Vallejo Defender
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 18 3.60
157 Photo of Diego Lainez
Diego Lainez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 17 1.42
  Photo of Flamini
Flamini Midfielder
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 17 1.70
158 Photo of Wöber
Wöber Defender
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 16 2.29
  Photo of Hugo Duro
Hugo Duro Forward
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 16 1.45
159 Photo of Mikel Rico
Mikel Rico Midfielder
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 15 3.75
  Photo of Sivera
Sivera Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 15 5.00
  Photo of Marko Rog
Marko Rog Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 15 1.50
  Photo of Adrián Marín
Adrián Marín Defender
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 15 2.50
  Photo of Pere Milla
Pere Milla Forward
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 15 3.00
160 Photo of Ander Barrenetxea
Ander Barrenetxea Forward
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 14 1.56
  Photo of Juan Soriano
Juan Soriano Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 14 3.50
  Photo of Miquel
Miquel Defender
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 14 2.00
  Photo of Gaku Shibasaki
Gaku Shibasaki Midfielder
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 14 2.00
161 Photo of Mathias Jensen
Mathias Jensen Midfielder
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 13 2.17
  Photo of Elustondo
Elustondo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 13 2.60
  Photo of Sabin Merino
Sabin Merino Forward
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 13 1.08
  Photo of Cillessen
Cillessen Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 13 4.33
  Photo of Robin Le Normand
Robin Le Normand Defender
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 13 3.25
  Photo of Raba
Raba Forward
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 13 1.62
162 Photo of Javi Fuego
Javi Fuego Midfielder
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 12 2.40
  Photo of Cristóforo
Cristóforo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 12 0.80
  Photo of Samuel Sáiz
Samuel Sáiz Midfielder
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 12 1.20
  Photo of Ferreyra
Ferreyra Forward
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 12 1.33
163 Photo of Dennis Eckert
Dennis Eckert Forward
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 11 1.22
Photo of Kevin Vázquez
Kevin Vázquez Defender
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 11 2.75
  Photo of Ezequiel Muñoz
Ezequiel Muñoz Defender
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 11 3.67
  Photo of Fran Manzanara
Fran Manzanara Midfielder
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 11 2.75
164 Photo of Di Santo
Di Santo Forward
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 10 1.67
  Photo of Kenan Kodro
Kenan Kodro Forward
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 10 0.91
  Photo of Koke
Koke Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 10 10.00
  Photo of Moi
Moi Defender
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 10 3.33
  Photo of Javi Guerra
Javi Guerra Forward
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 10 1.25
  Photo of Yoel
Yoel Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 10 3.33
  Photo of Lekue
Lekue Defender
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 10 2.50
165 Photo of Iturraspe
Iturraspe Midfielder
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 9 3.00
  Photo of Rafinha
Rafinha Midfielder
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 9 1.80
  Photo of Bryan Gil Salvatierra
Bryan Gil Salvatierra Forward
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 9 0.82
166 Photo of Luis Muriel
Luis Muriel Forward
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 8 1.33
  Photo of Boateng
Boateng Forward
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 8 2.67
  Photo of Patrick Twumasi
Patrick Twumasi Forward
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 8 0.73
  Photo of Timor
Timor Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 8 4.00
  Photo of Catena
Catena Defender
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 8 4.00
  Photo of Moussa Wagué
Moussa Wagué Defender
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 8 2.67
167 Photo of Gelson Martins
Gelson Martins Forward
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 7 0.88
  Photo of Hervías
Hervías Midfielder
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 7 1.17
168 Photo of Nolito
Nolito Forward
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 6 1.50
  Photo of Sastre
Sastre Midfielder
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 6 1.50
  Photo of Iturra
Iturra Midfielder
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 6 2.00
  Photo of Daniel Torres
Daniel Torres Midfielder
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 6 3.00
  Photo of Luca Zidane
Luca Zidane Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 6 6.00
  Photo of Álex López
Álex López Midfielder
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 6 1.50
  Photo of Kevin Soni
Kevin Soni Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 6 1.20
  Photo of Ricard Puig
Ricard Puig Midfielder
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 6 3.00
  Photo of Adán
Adán Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 6 6.00
169 Photo of Antonio Moya
Antonio Moya Midfielder
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 5 5.00
  Photo of Víctor Mollejo
Víctor Mollejo Forward
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 5 1.25
  Photo of Daniel Ojeda
Daniel Ojeda Forward
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 5 1.00
  Photo of Jean-Clair Todibo
Jean-Clair Todibo Defender
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 5 2.50
  Photo of Dorado
Dorado Defender
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 5 5.00
  Photo of Stiven Plaza
Stiven Plaza Forward
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 5 2.50
170 Photo of Cristo González
Cristo González Forward
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 4 4.00
  Photo of Denis Suárez
Denis Suárez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 4 2.00
  Photo of Sansone
Sansone Forward
Badge/Flag Villarreal Villarreal 4 1.33
  Photo of Guruzeta
Guruzeta Forward
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 4 0.67
  Photo of Akieme
Akieme Defender
Badge/Flag Rayo Rayo 4 2.00
  Photo of Alfa Semedo
Alfa Semedo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Espanyol Espanyol 4 1.33
  Photo of Arnáiz
Arnáiz Forward
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 4 0.67
  Photo of Markel
Markel Midfielder
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 4 1.33
  Photo of Chris Ramos
Chris Ramos Forward
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 4 4.00
  Photo of Mazan
Mazan Defender
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 4 4.00
  Photo of Szymanowski
Szymanowski Midfielder
Badge/Flag Leganés Leganés 4 4.00
171 Photo of Álex Alegría
Álex Alegría Forward
Badge/Flag Betis Betis 3 0.33
  Photo of Alex Collado
Alex Collado Midfielder
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 3 3.00
  Photo of Cristian Ganea
Cristian Ganea Defender
Badge/Flag Athletic Athletic 3 3.00
  Photo of Carlos Isaac
Carlos Isaac Defender
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 3 3.00
  Photo of Brezancic
Brezancic Defender
Badge/Flag Huesca Huesca 3 3.00
  Photo of Sergio Camello
Sergio Camello Forward
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 3 3.00
172 Photo of Iván Alejo
Iván Alejo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 2 0.50
  Photo of Miguel Mari
Miguel Mari Midfielder
Badge/Flag Eibar Eibar 2 1.00
  Photo of Alex Blanco
Alex Blanco Forward
Badge/Flag Alavés Alavés 2 1.00
  Photo of Lee Kang-In
Lee Kang-In Midfielder
Badge/Flag Valencia Valencia 2 0.67
  Photo of Abel Ruiz
Abel Ruiz Forward
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 2 2.00
  Photo of Javier Sánchez
Javier Sánchez Defender
Badge/Flag Real Madrid Real Madrid 2 2.00
  Photo of Robert Ibáñez
Robert Ibáñez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 2 0.29
  Photo of Ander Guevara
Ander Guevara Midfielder
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 2 2.00
  Photo of Javier Díaz
Javier Díaz Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Sevilla Sevilla 2 2.00
  Photo of Paik Seung-Ho
Paik Seung-Ho Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girona Girona 2 0.67
  Photo of Roberto López
Roberto López Forward
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 2 2.00
173 Photo of Hacen
Hacen Midfielder
Badge/Flag Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 1 1.00
  Photo of Borja Garcés
Borja Garcés Forward
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 1 1.00
  Photo of Ivi
Ivi Forward
Badge/Flag Levante Levante 1 0.33
  Photo of Emmanuel Apeh
Emmanuel Apeh Forward
Badge/Flag Celta Celta 1 0.50
  Photo of Andrés Solano
Andrés Solano Defender
Badge/Flag Atlético Atlético 1 1.00
  Photo of Carles Perez
Carles Perez Forward
Badge/Flag Barcelona Barcelona 1 1.00
  Photo of Chichizola
Chichizola Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Getafe Getafe 1 1.00
  Photo of Alex Sola
Alex Sola Defender
Badge/Flag R. Sociedad R. Sociedad 1 1.00
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