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Casemiro 82'

Brazil - Switzerland summary: Casemiro goal, score and highlights | World Cup 2022

Brazil's midfielder #05 Casemiro (C) gestures after winning the Qatar 2022 World Cup Group G football match between Brazil and Switzerland at Stadium 974 in Doha on November 28, 2022. (Photo by Jewel SAMAD / AFP)

Brazil - Switzerland: as it happened


Aaaaaaaaand there we go!!!

FT Brazil   1-0  ​​​​​​​Switzerland

I'm tired after that. ​​​​​​​It took a long, long time for Brazil to get into their groove and become, well, Brazil. They did it in the end, thanks to Casemiro, and by the final stages of the game the confidence was there for all to see. They weren't particularly special by any means, but they worked hard and never stopped attacking. In the end, 1-0 is probably a fair result.

Switzerland lacked ambition, a difficult trait to have against the Seleção, I admit, but they defence kept up well for the whole game, minus probably three lapses of concentration: Vini's chance and offside attempt plus Casemiro's strike.

And in the end, it was that moment of brilliance that decided the game and Brazil are top of the group and through to the next round. Along with France, they are the only team to have 2 wins from 2. 

Portugal vs Uruguay live updates: confirmed line-ups, score, stats and highlights | Qatar World Cup 2022


Portugal vs Uruguay live updates: confirmed line-ups, score, stats and highlights | Qatar World Cup 2022

OK, everyone, that's all from me tonight!

Thank you for following along, back for more tomorrow!

Have a fun time watching the live coverage of Portugal    vs   ​​​​​​​Uruguay! 


A solid defensive display

So, they're not only lightning fast in attack, but they can defend superbly well?

Be scared, everyone else!

Rodrygo post-match interview:

"I'm very happy. I did what I needed to do today: come on and play well. I'm very happy for the assist."

"Casemiro knows how to do everything. He can play as a 5, a 9 or an 11! He knows how to play every position."

"We played a lot together at Real Madrid so we know how each other plays, we know the movements."

"Yes, I watched [the Spain vs Germany game]. It was a great match, a partidazo."​​​​​​​

Group G: What each team needs to qualify for the round of 16 of the World Cup?


Group G: What each team needs to qualify for the round of 16 of the World Cup?

Everyobdy say it with me: 1.. 2... 3... "Thank you, Fidel!"

Everything you could possibly want to know about who-needs-to-win-what-and-by-how-many-goals - what we all struggle with.

Here is how things look after today's games.

The quite incredible   3-3  ​​​​​​​draw means that Switzerland still have a fantastic chance of going thorough to the next round. Cameroon have to get something against Brazil on Friday if they want to qualify. 

Casemiro's post-match interview:

"I think it was a complicated game against a very good team, it is very difficult to play against them."

"We knew it was going to be not just a difficult game but a tough group as whole, but we're through."

"I'm very happy for the goal but happier for being able to help my teammates."

"We knew it was going to be a hard game, just like against Serbia, which was difficult as well."

"The key was the be patient. It's important as well that we've not conceded a goal yet, that's very important."

"Now it's time to rest and think about the next game."

My post-match thoughts...

The fans are still going crazy in the stands, it's going to take a while for them to leave today!

I have to say, Rodrygo changed completely how Brazil played today: in the middle of the pitch he was the player who received between the lines and turned towards the Swiss defence, which is exactly what they were needing in the first half. It's clear to see that Neymar was sorely missed.

Post-match comments coming up:

Stay tuned to see what the players said after the game.

Portugal vs Uruguay live updates: confirmed line-ups, score, stats and highlights | Qatar World Cup 2022


Portugal vs Uruguay live updates: confirmed line-ups, score, stats and highlights | Qatar World Cup 2022

You think the football stops there?

​​​​​​​Ha! Think again!

We've got Portugal vs Uruguay coming up next! Check it out!

Sofascore's player of the match is...

Alex Sandro! 

Yeah, me neither. But they're the boffins. 

The celebrations

They are going to continue long into the night...

This shows Switzerland's lack of ambition

As I say, it's a difficult thing to have against Brazil, but Alisson didn't need to make a single save. 


Gabriel Jesus says "I can be just like Vinicius!" but his flick goes out for a goal kick. 


Last minute of added time. Vinicius has just put the ball thorugh the legs of Fernandes without touching it. He's having fun now.


This time Vini does find Rodrygo!

A long ball is tapped to the right and Rodrygo is one vs one with Sommer but a defender comes flying in to keep the score at 1-0. 


Vini almost gets away: it's 2 vs 1 with Rodrygo running towards goal, but Vinicius takes too long and hits the defender. Indecision. 


Switzerland are trying to find something now, since their plan to build a big, footballing wall was broken by Casemiro. 

They're pumping long balls and crosses into the box; Thiago Silva doing the job of Harry Maguire. 


We will have 6 minutes of additional time. Brazil are keeping the ball. 


Into the last minute of normal time.


I cannot stress how much of a party we are seeing at Stadium 974 tonight. It is a sea of yellow, blue and green amidst the white of everyone's smiles. 



He was on the left of the box, more or less where Casemiro scored the goal, but his shot is high and parried by the goalkeeper. 


Bedlam in the stands as the party starts from the thousands of yellow shirts...

Alex Telles on for Alex Sandro




Vinicius plays it into the box and the flick around the corner from Rodrygo meets Casemiro, who slices a thunderous volley into the top right corner from the left side of the box. WHAT. A. STRIKE. 

​​​​​​​Sommer could only watch. No ruling that one out!


Save from Sommer. It was quite a spectacular headed effort from the edge of the box from Bruno. Never going in.


Corner for Brazil after Casemiro has a shot (I think it was a shot). Anyway, it bobbles out. Antony to take.


Ten to go...


Antony takes a tumble and in the same roll he pops back up and asks the referee to book the defender. Like a synchronised swimmer. 


Alex Sandro almost finds Gabriel Jesus with a long ball over the top but the striker can't quite reach it.


We're not getting another 3-3, are we?


Rodrygo forgets Peter Crouch doesn't play for Brazil and hits a cross way over everyone's head. 


Embolo and Sow off for Aebischer and Seferovic (remember him?)


It's so much easier for Vinicius to find space once a Brazilian player receives the ball in between the lines, but Switzerland are doing very well at stopping it from happening. 


Antony and GabrielJesús on for Richarlison and Raphinha

​​​​​​​Not bad.


Switzerland defending by holding the ball: you can't score if you don't have it! 

Unless you do what Unai Simóin did for Spain at the Euros...


Brazil get back well to defend a counter-attack from Switzerland, who are holding on well so far. 


Dangerous free-kick on the left of the box, close to the byline. Vini Jr was tripped. 

​​​​​​​Cleared away. Good defending.


That was the only moment that Brazil have been able to exploit the space in behind the defence, but the call was the correct one.

Richarlison was offside in the build-up.




Uh oh... VAR is taking a look...




​​​​​​​What an amazing goal!

Some amazing link-up play in the middle of the pitch between Rodrygo and Bruno, who sets Vinicius away down the left. He skips past a challenge from Elvedi and slides the ball in the far corner. 


Raphinha tries his luck at getting in behind Rodríguez as Casemiro lofts a pass over the defensive line, but the Swiss full-back does well to block him off. 


A low cross blocked by Akanji, who did well to read the ball from Alex Sandro.


A few blocked shots for Switzerland from the edge of the box; Fernandes has given them a new dynamic - he already looks dangerous.


Let's see how the substitutes settle into the game and if they can change things for their teams. Brazil have slowly been creeping forward and they've been the best team this half. 


Swiss subs:

OFF: Vargas and Rieder

ON: Fernandes and Steffen


Second sub for Brazil

OFF: Fred

ON: Bruno G



Brazil finally find space between the lines and Rodrygo sets the ball to Vinicius but Richarlison can't reach his cross. He was inches away. 


Edmilson Fernandes about to come on for Switzerland.

As is Steffen


Corner for Switzerland - the players have woken up too.

Saved by Alisson.



The ball gets sent long and Widmer is on his own down the right. The right-back hits a cross that somehow doesn't find anyone in red and is cleared. The Swiss fans have woken up.


Fred goes into the book for a trip on Sow. A silly foul, Sow was going nowhere. 


Vinicius' first touch is simply breathtaking. He controls a switch of play with his chest like it was a balloon.


Rieder booked for a foul on little Rodrygo. Free kick out on the left side for Brazil. 

Rodrygo, with a fancy flick, had him on toast.


A very long and pointless wait for a free-kick taken by Rodríguez, well in his own half. He passes the ball 6 yards. 


Brazil have started the second half with a very high press against Switzerland. Raphinha penalised for a foul on Rodríguez.


Vini gets caught offside after a long ball is fired over to him.


Rodrygo taking up a position in the left channel, next to Vinicius.


We're off again!

Changes for Brazil:

OFF: Lucas Paquetá 

ON: Rodrygo

Rodrygo has his shoes tied and is ready to come on...

Are Brazil missing Neymar?

The answer is, quite simply, YES.

Sofascore summary...

Yep, pretty much confirms what we've seen.

Why is Neymar not playing against Switzerland in the 2022 World Cup?


Why is Neymar not playing against Switzerland in the 2022 World Cup?

Just joined us? Wondering where Neymar is? He's right next to Danilo, don't you know...


And that's all! 

HT: Brazil   0-0   ​​​​​​​Switzerland

So, that was pretty stodgy. Brazil have huffed and puffed but have not been able to blow down the Swiss defensive structure. One vs ones have been hard to come by and Vinicius' chance - the best of the lot - was due to a slip of concentration from Widmer. 

If the Swiss can keep it up, and it's a big IF, then they might just have enough to fully stifle the seleção. But the second half will be a long one once Tite starts to use his changes...

​​​​​​​Switzerland, for their part, haven't been able to create anything of note, but they will be more concerned about the defensive side of things. If something falls their way, then it will be down to Vargas (who has been the liveliest of the lot) or Embolo to put it away. 

Let's hope the other games didn't eat up all the goals for today. 


1 minute added.


Back underway, and Raphinha's corner ends in a bit of ping pong in the box. Cleared away. 


Woohoo! Fantastic moment as the lights go out. This is what the World Cup is about!


Raphinha tries a 1vs1 but two Switzerland defenders scramble over to stop him from advancing. Corner incoming.

Thiago Silva heads wide. 


Brazil haven't found many chances to try their luck at 1 vs 1 battles, which is something that their squad obviously excels in. The game has been very well blocked up by the Swiss. 


The crowd scream as Richarlison is played in by Paquetá, and an even louder scream comes after he's tackled. 


Raphinha tries a diagonal through ball to Richarlison into the right channel but it's cut out well by Elvedi. 

​​​​​​​Not much going on for Brazil, to be honest. But we saw this in the last game: it takes a lot of effort to do what Switzerland are doing for 90 minutes, although they're having their own little moments of rest while they hold onto the ball. 



​​​​​​​A cross from the left bounces awkwardly and Vargas almost makes contact a few yards out. Close call. 


Corner cleared. Danger averted. 

Something of a counter attack from Switzerland, but it comes to nothing. 


The 4-2-3-1 from Switzerland is doing a great job of blocking out any passes through the lines. 

Corner to Brazil after nice football from Vinicius tees up the shot for Militão, which is blocked. 


The ball is back with Switzerland, who are happy to play it round the back line and calm things down: those yellow shirts were getting a bit too happy for their liking in the last few minutes. 


A long ball finds Vini Jr over the top, that's the third time that it's happened in the last 15 minutes or so. Switzerland need to be careful; it only takes one. 


Brazil have edged forward another 5-10 yards and Switzerland are slowly dropping further back... 

​​​​​​​The wingers are finding more of the ball, which is never a good sign. 



​​​​​​​Raphinha hits a thunderbolt from the central area 30 yards out, but Sommer makes a calm catch. 



​​​​​​​Raphinha fires in a fantastic cross with his left foot from the right corner of the box that heads towards the far post.

Vinicius, who has got in behind Widmer, has his volley saved by the excellent Sommer.

​​​​​​​Not the best finish, but a top, top save. And that's the first time we've seen Raphinha today and the first time the two wingers have connected.


Brazil aren't comfortable today so far, Switzerland are making it very difficult for them to do anything. The poor midfielders are having a torrid time in there. 


Switzerland work it well from the back line down the left via Rodríguez, who plays the ball inside to Sow, but his shot is blocked.


Brazil are probing and getting slightly closer as a unit towards the goal, but they have nothing concrete, as of yet, to show for it. 


Switzerland's turn to make Brazil sweat: Vargas fires a low ball across the box after he ran away well from 100-year-old Thiago Silva. Nobody there to connect.  


Paquetá is being followed everywhere by Freuler, he isn't giving him much personal space. 

Just as I say that, Paquetá breaks away down the left and plays in a dangerous cross to Richarlison, which is cleared. 

​​​​​​​Richarlison pulls an angry face, showing off his pearly white teeth. 


Some calm horseshoe possession for Brazil now, but nothing that is worrying the Swiss: they're doing well to block of passing lanes. 


Central free kick for Switzerland after Embolo is fouled 40 yards out. 

Time for a breather and a chance to whip it in. 

Played short and cleared. A wasted chance. 


And again!

​​​​​​​This time it's Vinicius to Richarlison but his touch gets away from him and rolls out. Same place as before. 



Richarlison gets in behind down the right channel and plays the ball square towards Vinicius, but Widmer does well to cover and clear the ball.


Vargas does his best Vinicius impression and tries to take on 5 players outside the box. Tackled by Militão. 


A sloppy touch from Paquetá sees Switzerland win back the ball. They're getting to everything first; Brazil can't get the ball out wide to the danger-men. 


Switzerland   ​​​​​​​with some possession now and it looks like they're the ones in charge so far. Controlling the game both on and off the ball.


Brazil struggling to find time on the ball in any area of the pitch. If Switzerland keep this up, it could become a stodgy game for the seleção.

Paquetá is the midfielder who's closest to Casemiro; Fred is in front of them.


A very high press off the ball from Switzerland, who have caused Brazil to concede possession a few times in their defensive third. 

Corner for the Europeans. 



Back underway. 

Alisson comes out 30 yards to clear a long ball; Breel Embolo was charging down too. 


Sow down on the ground after Casemiro swung a leg at him - it was accidental, he didn't see him running in from behind. 


Half chance for Brazil!

They obviously heard me. A free kick is sent in from the left side and it bounces once, twice, three times before going out on the other side.


Bit of a slow start to the game, it's yet to settle down for now. Lots of loose balls and silly fouls. 


Murat Yakin, Switzerland's manager, has amazing Bond villain hair - it's great. 


Huge roar as Vini Jr gets his first touch on the ball and turns to charge towards the Switzerland defence


Switzerland kick us off from right to left - let's go!

The teams are out! Time for the national anthems!

Brazil: as usual, lovely. Long build up and then BANG, they get you with the lovely, lively singing. Top job, lads.

Proper singing as well, not like me in school when I was young, I just moved my lips. 

Switzerland: very grand and slow, even quite relaxing. Nice and short as well. 

The light show is flashing and the huge World Cup trophy is centre-stage: not long to go!

Ten minutes to go!

Warm ups complete! The players are back inside and the team talks have commenced.

In more pressing news, there is a man in the crowd with a helmet made from a watermelon. I can't upload the photo, but you can imagine it. The perfect fruit for the job, it must be said. 

So, here's how the group looks; it's more fun with flags: 

1.    3 points (1 game played)

2.    3 points (1 game played)

3.    1 point (2 games played)

4.   ​​​​​​​ 1 point (2 games played)


The La Liga stars on show tonight!

Will any of them be the player to decide the game?

Warm up time!

The teams are out on the pitch warming up. All smiles from Brazil and Switzerland; both sets of players are looking very sharp. 

Sofascore says...

There you go, tuck in on those lineups. Mmmm...


It was this man - Philippe Coutinho!

Remember him?

Yes, he scored in Brazil's 1-1 draw with Switzerland in 2018

World Cup 2018 - a blast from the past

The last time these two sides met was at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. 

They played out a   1-1  ​​​​​​draw, with Zuber scoring a header to equalise for the Swiss. 

Can you remember who scored for Brazil?

Raphinha: “This country doesn’t deserve Neymar”


Raphinha: “This country doesn’t deserve Neymar”

Here's what Raphinha had to say to the Brazilians who are blaming Neymar for getting injured. If he dropped a toaster on his foot then fair enough, it would be on him, but some mean person tackled him. Not his fault.  

Korea Republic 2-3 Ghana

What a game, I hope they haven't used all the goals up for today.

The whistle has gone in the Group H showdown of Korea   vs Ghana  and the scoreline means that Ghana   ​​​​​​​vs  Uruguay on Friday 2 December is going to be crucial. What a belter that's going to be! 

I'm very flag-happy today. Vexillologists will be pleased. 

Aaand here is how the Swiss line up!


Switzerland   ​​​​​​​ XI:


Widmer, Akanji, Elvedi, Rodriguez

Freuler, Xhaka, Rieder

Sow, Vargas, Embolo

Here we go! Brazil starting XI:

No, I'm not saying I guessed it. 

OK, yes I am. 

Militão replaces Danilo and Paquetá gets shunted forward with Fred coming in alongside Casemiro. 

The team has arrived! 

​​​​​​​Full of fun, games and music, it seems. I wonder if the Swiss will turn up with a drum and lovely singing. I hope so.

Who is the referee for Brazil vs Switzerland on World Cup 2022 Group G matchday two?


Who is the referee for Brazil vs Switzerland on World Cup 2022 Group G matchday two?

¨Who's the ref?¨

Thanks for asking. It's this guy. Joey Barton's cousin*.

*it's not Joey Barton's cousin.

World Cup form guide:

Calling one game a form guide is a bit of a push, but I couldn't think of anything better. 

Anyway, last time out, Brazil   won 2-0 thanks to a couple of fantastic strikes (OK, one great goal, one tap-in) from lovely boy, Richarlison.

The seleção played OK, but really turned it on towards the latter stages and the substitutes showed what frightening strength in depth they've got. Scary goal monsters, all of them. 

They should have too much firepower for the Swiss today, but we've seen out fair share of shocks so far and today is turning out to be full of goal monsters. We've already had a 3-3 and Korea    vs   ​​​​​​​Ghana (so many flags today) is currently trying to out-goal that: it's a cracker. 

Switzerland   beat Cameroon   ​​​​​​1-0 with a goal from Embolo, who became the first player I can think of to do the 'sorry for scoring against my old team' celebration in an international match. They look like a difficult team to play against, and considering how ambitious-less Serbia were, I reckon they'll be a tougher challenge for Brazil.

So, my form guide turned into a preview. There you go. 

Brazil vs Switzerland odds and prediction: who is the favourite in the World Cup 2022 game?


Brazil vs Switzerland odds and prediction: who is the favourite in the World Cup 2022 game?

While we wait for the team news, here's Will on which team is actually​​​​​​​ the favourite.

Bet you can't guess who he chose. OK, maybe you can. 

Switzerland team news:

As for Murat Yakin's Switzerland   ​​​​​​​ side, he can count on all of his players, and a lovely head of silky hair. No injuries for the Swiss. 

Brazil team news:

So, for Brazil   ​​​​​​​, we know that Neymar is out with an ankle ligament injury, so he's not going to feature until after the Group Stages. As for who will replace him, we don't really know: maybe Real Madrid's Rodrygo or maybe Tite will choose to tinker with the midfield and stick Fred in there, pushing Paquetá up towards the attacking line

As well as Mr Neymar, we have also had it confirmed that right-back Danilo is not going to play; his switch looks more concrete, and it will most likely be Militão who takes the place of the Juventus defender. 

Welcome, welcome!

A very good morning/evening to you today and a big, warm virtual hug as well as you join me (Joe) for the AS USA live coverage of... Brazil vs Switzerland! Woof!


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