Georgina and Cristiano’s daughter gets influencing in fashion world

Little Alana Martina was snapped wearing an expensive Yves Saint-Laurent bag in lemon green, the fashionable hue this season.


Georgina Rodríguez has a keen interest in fashion and luxury brands, which she seems to be passing on to the younger members of her family. Her daughter, Alana Martina, the eldest child she has with Cristiano Ronaldo, recently made a splash as a young fashion icon by donning an expensive, trendy outfit. The photo of Alana Martina wearing this outfit was shared by Duzama, a fashion brand created by Erika Choperena, the wife of Atlético Madrid player, Antoine Griezmann.

Ronaldo’s 5-year-old ‘influencer’

Alana Martina’s outfit included a Paris dress from Duzama, but what really caught people’s attention were her accessories. She completed her look with a pair of Adidas Stan Smith shoes and a lime green Yves Saint-Laurent bag that costs around two thousand dollars, a hot trend this season.

At just five years old, Alana Martina is already making a name for herself as a potential influencer. However, it goes without saying that the clothes she wears are often beyond the reach of most people’s budgets. Luckily for her, if she has a liking for high-end bags, she has access to a vast collection owned by her mother.

As for her family’s reality show on Netflix, the first season’s slogan stated: “She used to sell bags in Serrano, now she collects them.” Serrano being one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the Spanish capital.

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