The key to Alonso's McLaren MP4-31 is in the nose

Information on the new single-seater of the Asturian was leaked on the web just hours before its official presentation. As expected it's sleek and compact.


Powerful, compact and with a revolutionary nose. This is the new McLaren MP4-31 car that Fernando Alonso and his Honda team intend to get the best out of to be competitive again.

It is the first car manufactured by head coach Peter Prodromou and the second that carries the hybrid power unit of Honda. The most interesting element is its new nose: original, short and with various openings and aerodynamic features. Also, above the pilot's head there appears to be a kind of S-Duct. To the rear it is as compact as expected, although somewhat wider that last season to accommodate the larger engine. Either way it is still very sleek. A car in which the team have invested significantly and the improvements that have been all started way back in May 2015.

At 11:00 CET the car will be officially revealed, but the photographs planned for distribution to the press are already on the internet hours before thanks to an English specialist website, F1Fanatic which got its hands on them first.