Matías Suárez: "I'm leaving Anderlecht for safety reasons"

The Argentinean forward spoke to Spanish television show El Chirnguito after the Brussels attacks. "The situation is scary, particularly for my family."

Matías Suárez, durante un partido con el Anderlecht.

Argentinean forward Matías Suárez spoke to Spanish television show El Chiringuito following the Brussels attacks and said he plans to leave Anderlecht at the end of the season in the wake of the latest terrorist assault in Europe.

“I wasn’t at home, I was on my way to training and heard about the attacks on the radio in the car. It was very scary. I tried to call my daughter to make sure she was okay and see if I had to go and look for her. Training was called off. It’s frightening, particularly for my family,” Suárez, who has played for Anderlecht for eight years, said.

After what happened in Paris everybody has changed. You don’t see many people in the street or in shopping centres. People hardly go out because everyone is scared. In Brussels we have a neighbourhood where a lot of jihadists and people who are involved in these terrible things live. Unfortunately, we all knew something like this could happen.”

Suárez then confirmed that he would leave Anderlecht at the end of the current season: “It’s not because of the country, which is amazing. I love Belgium and the people here. But I have talked with my wife and my agent and for the safety of my family I have decided to leave in June.”