"This is the moment when we can achieve something great"

Atletico captain Gabi has got "good feelings" about tomorrow's return leg against Barcelona and says the key is: "Keeping emotions under control".

"This is the moment when we can achieve something great"

Feelings. I'm not thinkiong about how Barcelona have been faring; Atlético want to fight against the best teams mejores and this is the moment when we can achieve something great against Barcelona, and continue in a competition which excites all of us.

Messi. It's difficult to prepare to face Messi, I am preparing myself to face Barcelona - a side which are very tricky to defend against but with a team effort we can do it. We'll wait and see what position they start in at the Calderón.

Cool head. The key is having our emotions controlled, knowing how we need to play this game - and we have known how to approach games like this for the past three or four seasons.

Carrasco. When he first arrived he was quite a fragile player; but now he's learning how to compete at Atlético's level. He's a very different player within the squad and his dribbling out wide on the wing gives us something else.

Torres. I knew that Fernando would bring a lot in this tie. He grabbed the away goal, he's got pace and it's an important loss for us. We'll be going out there to win this for him.