Carlos Puyol talks Raúl, Piqué and much more in this interview

Ex-Barcelona player was given the test by The Players Tribune. He spoke about his superstitions, team-mates and also drew a picture of himself.

Ex-Barcelona and Real Madrid, Carles Puyol and Raúl González, embrace.
Jesús Aguilera Diario AS

The website The Players Tribune interviewed ex-Barcelona, Carles Puyol in the section ‘What the (Blank)?’ Have a look at what he thinks about other players, the best football kit and his secret weapon for penalty success:

The smartest guy I’ve ever played with is:

Raúl González.

The best penalty kick taker of all time is:

Ronald Koeman.

The weirdest instruction a manager has ever given me was…

I cannot tell you.

The best kit in football belongs to…

La Pobla de Segur. (Carles’ hometown club)

Puyol poses after returning with the Barca youth team for a friendly against his former club Pobla de Segur, 1995-ish

My biggest match-day superstition was to…

Step onto the pitch leading with my right foot.

The one player I would have loved to play on a team with is:


The funniest guy I’ve ever played with is

Gerard Piqué.

If I was not a footballer, my dream job would have been…

Sports Director.

During a penalty shootout, my secret weapon was:

To pray.

The one thing I always had to do when I got home from a match was…

Give Vanesa a kiss.

Puyol was also asked to draw a self-potrait which we've included for you and if you're interested to see the actual handwriting of the interviewee, follow this link to the original article.

El autorretrato del exfutbolista del Barcelona, Carles Puyol.