Openly gay ref abandons football over intolerant abuse

Spain's first openly gay referee has called his short-lived officiating career to an end following the latest barrage of abuse levelled at him in Andalusia.

Openly gay ref abandons football over intolerant abuse

According to Andalusian daily El Español, Spain's first ever openly gay referee, Jesús Tomillero, has decided to call an end to his short-lived officiating career following an incident at Cádiz's home ground.

Tomillero was subjected to a barrage of intolerant abuse after blowing for a penalty during a match between Portuense - San Fernando Isleño on Saturday. "It's the faggot from the telly" and "You can stick the goal up your arse, you fucking queer", were just some of the distasteful things heard from the away end.

Tomillero cited the reaction from the rest of the supporters as the reason for his decision to walk away from the game: "Everyone laughing is what has had the biggest impact on me". The Andalusian native added that his life has changed "profoundly" since stepping out of the closet and that he "can no longer cope with the abuse".

He has issued a formal complaint about Saturday's events to the Real Federación Andaluza de Fútbol.