petition demands UEFA revoke Real Madrid's first five "False" European Cups

A petition demanding that Real Madrid's first five "false European Cups" be revoked has received almost 60,000 signatures on

Alfredo di Stefano with 5 European Cups

The website has a live petition calling for UEFA to revoke Real Madrid's first five European Cup trophies which were won between 1956-1960.

The petition was started by 'Justicia Deportiva' - Sporting Justice - on May 12, and has received almost 60,000 signatories.

Real Madrid club legend Alfredo di Stefano with Real Madrid's first five European Cups.

Real Madrid club legend Alfredo di Stefanowith Real Madrid's first five European Cups.

Real's 5 European Cups are "invalid"

The short petition reads: "We wish to request, in the name of the values represented by the sport and by democracy, that Real Madrid's 5 'European Cups' won between 1955-56 and 1959-60, be immediately revoked in recognition of the fact that those trophies in no way correspond to the competition recognised today as the UEFA Champions League".

Real Madrid 1959/60REAL MADRID team in the 1959/1960: Standing: DOMINGUEZ MARQUITOS SANTAMARIA MICHE VIDAL RUIZ Squatting: HERRERA PEPILLO DI STEFANO PUSKAS GENTO is a popular website that styles itself as "The world’s platform for change", where "people everywhere are starting campaigns, mobilising supporters, and working with decision makers to drive solutions".

On the platform, anyone can start a petition free of charge to try and bring about a change in the world that they would like to see, the webpage claims that "More than 100 million people in 196 countries are creating change in their communities".

The site boasts 15,772 victories that have been achieved through petitions created by users in 196 countries with 130,467,981 signatories.

"Every day, members win people-powered campaigns for social change", claims the site, with recent victories including the closing of a casino for Lee Kuan Yew's funeral in Singapore, the ending of an EU tax on tampons and all sanitary products for women, and the saving of Katarina, an Orangutan, from Kuala Lipis Zoo in Malaysia.

Florentino out

It's not the first time Real Madrid CF has appeared on the site, in December 2015 a petition also appeared calling for the resignation of Real Madrid club president Florentino Perez. The petition was unsuccessful.