"We'll shut Pique up by winning the Champions League"

Real Madrid defender Nacho responded to Piqué's jibes from Barcelona: We're the ones playing for the season's most important title, Piqué just loves the sound of his own voice".


Nacho spoke at a 'Project Lifesaver' event with his brother Alex that has as its aim the proper cardiac preparation at football clubs to prevent incidences of Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS), pledging that football academy NAF San Gabriel set up by the brothers will be a 'Cardio Protected' space.

Both have taken it upon themselves to equip the academy with a de-fibrillator that will be available for use at the school that was created two years ago and currently has 170 youths enrolled from the ages of 4 - 17 years old. Youths who will, from now on, train and play in a safer environment, which is "hugely important for the kids", as Chema Fernández, father of the two footballers affirmed.

Asked about Los Blancos' season Nacho responded:


"Piqué loves to talk, he loves the sound of his own voice, we all know that, he always talks about how much he enjoys the rivalry between Madrid and Barça, and is always trying to rile the madridistas, but I don't want to get involved in all that. I don't know why he's going on about titles when on May 28 it's us who'll be playing for the most important title of the season. We're focused on our job, the best way to shut him up will be to win the final".

Pique mocking Cristiano

Piqué mocking Cristiano during the Barça celebrations

"The questions are always about Pique, because he's always trying to needle Madrid and provoke a reaction. We're calm, let them do what they want up there, we're just focused on winning the Champions league".

Nacho's future

“Now's not the time to think about other teams, I have a contract at Real Madrid and in ten days we're playing a Champions League final, something that would be very nice to have in the trophy cabinet. I'm focused on Madrid, everything can be sorted out afterwards". 

The wait for the final

“ It gets a bit heavy, all the waiting, becasue we all want the game to come so we can make the fans happy". 

Prediction for the final 

“Any positive result will do me".

Nacho's minutes, or lack of them on the pitch

“Those are decisions for the manager to make, first Benítez, now Zidane. I work as hard as I can to get into the Real Madrid first eleven, I'm not happy being 4th place centre-back. I always want mopre time on the pitch and I hope that they'll come with time”.

Two Madrid teams in the final

"I wish is could always be between madrileño teams, that'd be brilliant, but of course I'm proud”.

Zidane staying on?

“His numbers have been very good since he's come in, I can't say if he should continue or not, because that's not my decision, but of course, he's been brilliant".