James wants to stay for many years at Real Madrid

The Colombian star made his intentions clear when speaking after his club won the Champions League 2016 on penalties against Atlético Madrid.

James Rodriguez

Speaking after the Champions League final which saw Real Madrid beat city rivals Atlético 5-3 in a penalty shoot-out after a tight 1-1 scoreline AET, the Colombian midfielder, James Rodriguez, gave some quick but clear answers on the following:

Being champions: “Happy. Everyone had a big game and it’s all worked out in the end.”

Strange season: “A bit strange but when you have bad times you also learn from them. Each day I learn more.”

James kisses the trophy and hopes to be staying with Real Madrid.

Staying with Madrid: “In football you never know but I want to continue here and my idea is to have many more years with the club.”

What’s lacking: “I don’t know but I have to leave this behind and think about what is ahead of me.”

James looks to the skies after more disappointment.

Confidence: “I am happy here. All the people close to me are happy too. It’s the ideal club and I want to be here.”