Champions League final sees 27 million Facebook interactions

The 2016 encounter between Real Madrid and Atlético raised interest across the globe so we wanted to find out exactly where and when. We used Facebook as a guide.

Champions League final sees 27 million Facebook interactions

The final of the Champions League 2016 between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid clearly had much of Spain's interest. But football fans and commentators around the world were also watching, listening or following the action from whatever TV, radio or device they could get their hands on. And, as with most major events these days, individuals took to social media to share their experience or voice their opinion to whoever was there to listen.

Using Facebook as a guide, we've broken down the main locations of the interactions around the world during the match and also the key moments of the night that caused the most traffic.

Overall there were 27 million Facebook users involved in the global discussion and this resulted in a staggering 74 million interactions during the game. In Spain alone there were 1.4 million people who generated 3.5 million comments.

The moment that got Facebookers' fingers tapping.

The five key moments of the evening - where increased activity was witnessed - were:

  1. Cristiano scoring Madrid's winning penalty in the shoot-out
  2. Sergio Ramos giving Los Blancos the lead (1-0) in the first half (14 mins)
  3. When the whistle blew to kick-off the 2016 Champions League final
  4. Ferreira Carrasco equalises for Atlético in the 79th minute (1-1)
  5. As the whistle blew to signal the end of extra-time

The country with the most interactions on Facebook during the final was Brazil. These are the others that make up the top five with associated numbers:

  1. Brazil - 2.9 million people, 6.8 million interactions
  2. Mexico - 2.7 million people, 7.5 million interactions
  3. Indonesia - 1.9 million people, 5.3 million interactions
  4. Spain - 1.4 million people, 3.5 million interactions
  5. United States of America - 1.2 million people, 3.2 million interactions