Real Madrid

Pogba is Real Madrid's most coveted prize this summer

The Juventus midfielder is the prototype player that Real Madrid desire, but it could cost them Isco and Kovacic to land him
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The shiny new jewel that Real Madrid are pursuing for its never-quite-sated crown is none other than Paul Pogba. The mercurial French midfielder – currently at Juventus – is the one that the noblemen at the Bernabéu really want in time for the 2016-17 season. He ticks off all the required fields, so deem the club’s hierarchy, of a modern Madrid galáctico.

Young, spectacular, enormous potential 

Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba

He’s young (23 years old) but already part of the elite, he’s spectacular (34 goals in four years in Turin), and still has enormous potential. Most importantly though, Zidane is also his biggest fan. As far back as two years ago the Real coach gave his already glowing opinion: “Pogba could win the Balon D’or”.

The thing is, Juventus very much share the sentiments and won’t be willing to leave him go without a fight. The Italian club put the brakes on Barcelona’s approach to sign the former Manchester United trainee last summer with a bid that was nowhere near his asking price (€100 million is what Juve demand).

Lippi: Juve can afford to reject €100m

Marcello Lippi, who knows the Vecchia Signora side very well indeed, said in a radio interview on Wedesday that – with the Italian champions currently standing on firm financial ground – “they can afford reject offers of 80 or 100 million euros.”

However, Real Madrid do have some trump cards to play. They could well choose to dangle the carrots of Isco and Kovacic to lower Pogba’s exorbitant price tag. Afterall, Juve are great admirers of Isco – with both Paratici (Juve’s sporting director) and manager Allegri considering the Malagan the perfect trecuartista that the team is in need of. Kovacic could also be on his way to the Bianconera if they decide not to bring in Benfica’s André Gomes.

These are all possible pathways to the final desired destination: Pogba landing at Real Madrid this summer….