Simeone appears to confirm he's staying at Atlético Madrid

Atlético Madrid's coach Diego Simeone posted on Instagram that he was "Working in Buenos Aires", with a photo of him alongside Atleti bosses Berta and Gil Marín.
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Simeone appears to confirm he's staying at Atlético Madrid

Simeone's future is at Atlético de Madrid. The Argentinean coach used a photo on Instagram to confirm he'd be staying with Atlético next season.

Simeone's post on Instagram

The image shows everything it needs to in order to show Simeone is focused on Atlético. A table, work papers, and the coach alongside Andrea Berta, Atleti's technical director and Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, the club's managing director.

Trabajando desde Buenos Aires

Una foto publicada por Diego Pablo Simeone (@simeone) el

"Working in Buenos Aires", wrote Simeone on Instagram. And it's news that will settle the nerves of the Atleti fans after the Argentinean had said after the loss to Real Madrid in the Champions League final that he'd need to think about his future.  

Now it seems certain Simeone's future is red and white...