Portugal - Iceland

Ronaldo's free-kicks can't win it for Portugal v Iceland

Cristiano Ronaldo failed to come up with the goods and prove Portugal's hero at the death with these two free kicks..

Ronaldo's free-kicks can't win it for Portugal v Iceland

With the score locked at 1-1 between Portugal and Iceland in Group F, Cristiano Ronaldo stepped up to a free-kick from a distance that would be ridiculous for most to even dream of trying. This, however, is Cristiano Ronaldo, the Icelanders held their breath, the Portuguese were on their feet, Ronaldo gave himself a hero's run-up, puffed his chest, lifted his shorts and flexed his thigh muscles, then drove it straight into the wall. 

Ronaldo shoots...

Straight into the hands of two Icelandic players whose jump included a volleyball style block:

Alfred Finnbogason (Iceland's goalscorer) blocks Ronaldo's free kick with his hand resulting in an yellow card. He probably didn't mind much.

Ronaldo had another chance, even closer this time, about 23 yards from the prize. How the Real Madrid man loves to be the hero, but there was an air of an inevitable anti-climax as he smashed yet another free-kick into the wall, and Iceland exploded in celebration.

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