ABC: Torbe letter exonerates De Gea in sexual abuse case

Writing from his prison, the porn producer explains that the footballers - of which there were many - did want to meet with the girls but did not put any pressure on them.

David de Gea in press conference.

The adult film producer Ignacio Allende Fernández 'Torbe' has sent a letter to the Spanish porn actress, Maria Lapiedra, which appears to exonerate David de Gea and the other football players in an alleged sexual abuse case, according to Spanish newspaper ABC.

The businessman, currently serving a jail sentence for a long list of crimes, including child pornography and human trafficking, says that the players did not put pressure on the girls.

"They just wanted to meet the girls. They [the girls] were free to do whatever they wanted with him," he stressed before adding that "there were many more players involved but the police don’t want to know their names”.

David de Gea and Iker Muniain were the players named in the police report but according to the Torbe letter there were many more.

The Manchester United goalkeeper, currently on duty with the Spanish national side at Euro 2016 in France hit the headlines immediately prior to the tournament along with Athletic Bilbao's Iker Muniain. Both were quick to claim innocence.