Croatia 2-1 Spain

Croatian keeper two metres off his line for Ramos penalty

Croatia 2-1 Spain | Croatian keeper Subasic came two metres off his line before the ball was kicked to stop Sergio Ramos' penalty. The referee didn't order a re-take.

Subasic saves Ramos' penalty two meters off his line

Subasic saved Sergio Ramos' 73rd minute penalty in Croatia's 2-1 win over Spain, that saw them top Group D.  The keeper made his save after advancing nearly two metres before Ramos had taken his spot kick. 

Subasic, with the goal somewhere behind him

It should be noted some justice was done with the save, as the penalty shouldn't have been awarded in the first place. It was given when Vrsaljko fell onto Silva in the box, knockinh him over, but Aduriz had in fact bumped the Croatian player to make him fall over in the first place. 

Laws of the game say Ramos should have re-taken the penalty

According to the Laws of the game the goalkeeper "must remain on his goal line, facing the kicker, between the goalposts until the ball has been kicked". Where he doesn't, the penalty should be re-taken. 

Dutch referee Bjorn Kuipers however saw no problem with Subasic's charge off his line. However Twitter disagreed: