Brexit could cause headaches over Gareth Bale at Bernabéu

Real Madrid have already filled their non-EU quota of players, meaning one of James, Casemiro or Danilo would have to move aside for the Welshman


As a result of 'Brexit', Real Madrid could be left with a significant selection headache. Once the United Kingdom concludes its process of separation from the European Union, which was approved on Friday after a historic referendum, Welshman Gareth Bale will become a non-EU player.

Wales player Gareth Bale faces the media at the Wales press conference at their Euro 2016 base camp on June 22

Real's non-EU quota full

As of today, Los Blancos already have their non-EU quota of signings occupied through James, Danilo and Casemiro. While Britain’s departure from Europe won’t happen overnight, given the club’s intention of offering Bale a long term contract until 2023, Real would have to bear in mind the future composition of team.

Right now, European legislation allows its citizens to move freely throughout its 28 member countries without the need of border control, as well as permitting Europeans to live in any of its states for up to three months without work.

UK future uncertain 

Following the triumph of Britain’s ‘Leave’ campaign, the future of UK citizens who live on the continent is uncertain. London and Brussels will now have to negotiate conditions over the islands’ departure, which is expected to take between two and seven years.