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Euro 2016 UK fans see relative prices rise after Brexit decision

While away watching their teams qualify for the last 16 of Euro 2016, fans of Wales, Northern Ireland and England may have noticed a slight change to the costs in France.

Euro 2016 UK fans see relative prices rise after Brexit decision

There is a lot of fallout and uncertainty after the people of the United Kingdom voted for their country to leave the European Union and a major one - at least in the very short term - is the financial impact. The markets were surprised by the outcome and this resulted in the pound plummeting to a 31-year low. And this had an immediate knock-on effect for travelling fans.

So is that dip a good or a bad thing?

That Stella wasn't cheap to start with

With many fans from Britain's football representatives in the European Championships - namely Wales, Northern Ireland and England - already out in France, the difference will be notable when they try to take money out from a cash machine or use their plastic. As an example, when Northern Ireland played their final group game against Germany on the 21 June in Paris, they could have withdrawn €100 knowing their bank account back home was reducing by around £76. If they did the same transaction this morning before a fun day out in France they'd have seen their UK bank remove £82.

Northern Ireland fans sing and drink on June 21, 2016 in Paris but the party just got more expensive.

What's a few pounds between friends?

Now that difference of £6 may not seem like too much money but multiply that across all the fans that are out in France. And that is just a withdrawal of €100. What about paying for dinner, hotels, transport? The prices haven't gone up; the situation just changed at home while they were away.

We're going to be speaking to some of those going to the Wales v Northern Ireland clash on Saturday 25 June and see what the feeling on the ground is...