Del Bosque and Casillas make up again after Euro 2016 fall out

Casillas took to Twitter to show the two have patched things up after the ex-Spain coach had accused the goalkeeper of bad behaviour during Euro 2016.

Iker Casillas and Vicente Del Bosque finally made peace this morning. The goalkeeper uploaded a photo of the two together on social media alongside the words: “This morning, in Ciudad del Fútbol. 25 years together and to many more ahead. Cheers boss! Good luck!”

It’s a message that puts to bed a controversy that followed Spain’s recent Euro 2016 exit, when Del Bosque – who has since left his post has head coach – claimed that Casillas had not behaved well with the team’s technical staff during the tournament.

"He was fine with his teammates, but with the coaching staff..."

"I'm sure that Casillas is upset with me, which I perfectly understand. He never told me that he didn't want to play. He was fine with his team mates, no problem at all but with the coaching staff, comme ci comme ça," Del Bosque affirmed in an interview with Larguero.

"It's upsetting that, with Toni [Grande], [Javier] Miñano and with me, he treated us differently to his team mates. I was particularly hurt by that because he has always been one of my favourites".

Del Bosque also revealed that he’d sent a goodbye message to all of the Spanish players except the Porto stopper after he’d felt resentment from Casillas in France – largely due to his decision to pick David de Gea in front of him. "The only one I didn't send a text message to was Casillas; it didn't really go down too well with me how he behaved with the coaching staff."