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What would Cristiano and Messi talk about?


Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are both holidaying in Ibiza, just five nautical miles apart, each on their own yachts with their loved ones. Both of them feeling the warm, medicinal caress of the Balearic sun, both bathing in the same, crystal clear waters. Ibiza is the habitual refuge for footballers. There, they encounter an atmosphere in which they are less in the spotlight. Being a footballer is a privilege, but one which comes with certain obligations and one of them is the duty that goes with being overwhelmingly popular. Being approached by strangers who tell you how much they care must be very nice when, it’s just the odd, isolated case – but when you’re dealing with a hundred a day...

So Cristiano and Messi are in Ibiza to get away from it all, each on their own boats although of course, they’ll disembark once on dry land, maybe to have dinner in a discreet secluded spot. That got me thinking. What would happen if they saw each other? And if they even arranged to meet, what would they talk about? They both have great respect for each other, there’s no doubt but through sheer coincidence, life has thrown both of them into a position which is tense and competitive. They value and respect each other but what do they really think of everyone else?

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How do they view their fans, and each others? What would they have to say about their resepctive coaches? Or club presidents? And the Ballon d’ Or, which they have been exchanging for these past few years? Or what about the Spanish Tax authorities, who they both bestow huge amounts every year ? Or the prison sentence which Messi has been handed? Would they ask each other whether Princess Cristina is really telling the truth with her claims of ‘ignorance’ and in what ways is Messi’s case different? What do they think about Spain, and for that matter, Catalunya? Or maybe they’d chat about parenthood? Or life after retiring from football? Or maybe that’s a subject which they’d avoid, like the rest of us steer clear of talking about death?