Alaba speaks about Cristiano, Messi and the loss of Götze

One of Real Madrid's main summer targets, David Alaba, spoke to Goal.com about Götze's move away from Bayern as well as giving his thoughts on the Barça and Madrid stars.

Alaba speaks about Cristiano, Messi and the loss of Götze
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David Alaba, the Bayern Munich player that was near the top of Real Madrid's summer shopping list, took part in a Facebook interview with users of Goal.com. The Austrian spoke about his early days at the German giants, his thoughts on Mario Götze's move back to rivals Dortmund and responded to a comparison question about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi...

Doesn't look like he'll be joining Madrid any time soon.

Interview responses:

Bayern as a youngster: “At the age of 16, when I had my first traning session with the first-team squad, I came into the cabin and there stood Ribery and he said: “Come here, sit down. Take the locker beside me. And that’s my place still today. He always tried to help me – whether on or off the pitch.”

Götze returning to Borussia Dortmund:"Mario is one of my closest friends in the team. In the last few years he was bit unlucky with his injuries. But I think every time he was on the pitch he always tried to give his best. His statistics show us that he was an important player for us.”

Mario Gotze will be back in the yellow of Dortmund in 2016/17.

Comparison between Cristiano and Messi: “I like them both. Cristiano Ronaldo works very hard, day by day, hour by hour, for his success. And Messi? Messi with the ball is not human.”

Pre-season tour with Bayern: “I’m looking forward to our US tour, I like being in America. New York, Chicago and Charlotte, we visit very cool cities. The people are always very friendly there.”

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