Big money windfall for all clubs participating in the ICC

Valencia - Juventus live: Champions League 2018/19

Big money windfall for all clubs participating in the ICC

The International Champions Cup came about back in 2013 and is the brainchild of Stephen Ross. The 76 year old is the owner of Miami Dolphins NFL franchise and ranked No. 33 in the Forbes rich-list for the USA.

His motivation for the pre-season tournament was the desire to take the big European teams and exploit developing markets such as Asia and North America.

Stephen Ross

Since then Relevent Sports has been instrumental in the coordination of the competition that has become a key fixture in the pre-season calendar for many of the biggest names in European football such as Real Madrid, Barça, Manchester United, Manchester City and Bayern Munich. Each club pockets four million euro per match with the associated costs of travel and accommodation covered by the organisers

Other teams such as Chelsea, Liverpool, Atlético, Juventus, Inter, Milán, Borussia Dortmund and PSG earn "just" three million euro per match.

Inter Milan's Caner Erkin (L) advances the ball past PSG's Benjamin Stambouli (R) during their International Champions Cup soccer match at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon

Relevent Sports has now 10 key associated brand partners with the likes of Under Armour, DHL, McDonalds on-board and ESPN as media partner. The company has also reportedly seen their advertising income increase 60% from the 2015 competition.