Madrid's Alaba bid is latest in a summer of foolishly high offers

Since the start of the summer, David Alaba has been one of Real Madrid’s greatest aspirations along with Pogba, and more recently, Gabriel Jesús. He’s a player we always saw play at full back until Pep Guardiola started to try him out in other positions, and in Euro 2016 we saw Austria utilise him practically as a forward. Madrid want him, but Bayern – who when they buy they do it generously, and usually with a lump cash sum – always make it difficult when it comes to selling their players.

Real Madrid have offered €65m for David Alaba

The money changing hands this summer embarrassing 

Los Blancos’ latest €65m offer is extremely high. We already knows that these things come down to a question of taste, but €65m seems a lot, and Bayern still want more with Pepe thrown in on top. After seeing what happened with Higuaín and the amount Manchester United are paying for Pogba, the money which has changed hands for some signings this summer is embarrassing.

Real Madrid are not exactly desperate 

If later on the victories arrive and the players are a success no one ends up disagreeing, but if we judge it on the figures alone it all seems quite foolish. The case with Madrid is that they’re still looking for reinforcements; although they’ve done alright so far in showing that they’re not exactly desperate. Any squad can be improved, but Madrid are champions of Europe – something that already provides them with more than enough credit before the new season gets underway.

Jesé must take advantage of PSG loan move

And while we wait and see if Alaba comes or not, Real Madrid are already shedding personnel with likes of Jesé’s loan move to PSG. Jesé leaves without having triumphed in Madrid. A coach who knows him very well has always told me that he’s a great player but the only thing he misses is the ability to become settled. Jesé hasn’t had much time to do that at the Bernabéu, but he’ll have to take advantage of his time in Paris a little better.