Liverpool 4 - Barcelona 0

Klopp puts reporter straight: “I don’t talk with The S*n anymore”

The Liverpool manager made it clear that he would be having nothing more to do with an English tabloid which ran a smear campaign blaming innocent fans who died in the Hillsborough tragedy.


Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp told a journalist at yesterday's post-match press conference at Wembley that while he is willing to listen to what he has to say, he will not be answering any questions from him - or colleagues who work at the same newspaper, in the future. The German coach made it clear that he would having nothing to do with English tabloid The S*n, which infamously ran a smear campaign blaming innocent fans who died in the Hillsborough tragedy.

"I don't talk with the S*n anymore. It's not because I am with Liverpool, it's not personal. You can listen and you can write what you want but that's how it is", Klopp told the journalist inside the Wembley press room after the game.

The tabloid has been boycotted on Merseyside for 27 years with many newsagents refusing to stock copies. Then-editor Kelvin MacKenzie has never openly apologized for running with a controversial front cover which featured unfounded allegations about fans' behaviour. MacKenzie has even been vague and contradictory about his source, telling BBC 2 in 2011, "That story came from a Liverpool news agency and a Liverpool journalist..." contradicting what he had earlier told the Commons National Heritage Committee: "The mistake was I believed what an MP said. It was a Tory MP. If he had not said it and the chief superintendent had not agreed with it, we would not have gone with it".