Odegaard to go on loan to Spanish club or stay at Castilla

Odegaard can't go on loan to Rennes due to FIFA rules, meaning the player will either go on loan to a Spanish club, or stay at Real Madrid Castilla.


Real Madrid face urgent Odegaard decision

Real Madrid have until midnight on Wednesday to take a final decision about Odegaard for the coming season. There are only two options left for the talented young Norwegian: an express loan deal to another Spanish side before the market closes, or continuing in Real Madrid Castilla (the club's B team) until January. 

Odegaard in training with the Real Madrid 1st squad

Real Madrid wanted Odegaard to go on loan to Rennes

Odegaard is evaluating the situation with his father Hans-Erik. The club and Zidane had recommended that they accept an offer for the player to go on loan Rennes, but when the clubs began to prepare the paperwork they hit the barrier of FIFA's rules on the transfer of under-age players. Odegaard is still under 18, and in principle can't be loaned out to a foreign club. Real Madrid, already facing a transfer ban for breaking the same rule in relation to other underage players put the brakes on the operation. 

New strategy for Odegaard

Real Madrid's new strategy is to find a Spanish club (presumably in the second division) which would accept the player until January. Odegaard turns 18 on 17 December, so would be able to take up the move to Rennes in the winter transfer market.

Real Madrid Castilla or another Spanish club all season

However, according to sources consulted by this newspaper, Odegaard's family are not keen on this plan, because it would mean changing team twice in the same season, and possibly country of residence too. Therefore the most likely course of action are either that Odegaard goes on loan for the entire season to a Spanish club, or stays at Real Madrid Castilla. And if the Norwegian international stays with Castilla, he will still expect to train with Zidane on a daily basis. 

At the time of writing Odegaard is still named as a Castilla player on the club's website, but he is not in fact registered.