Is a new contract for Leo Messi at Barcelona on the cards?

“It’s absolutely essential that Messi stays at the club,” said Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu while in New York this week.

Is a new contract for Leo Messi at Barcelona on the cards?

Messi’s future is an obsession at Barcelona, an obsession that has led the club to renew and extend his contract time after time. His next contract will be his eighth at the club.

Bartomeu: “It’s absolutely essential that Messi stays”

Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu, who has been in New York City this week to mark the opening of the club’s new office in the United States, has confirmed that the club is looking into the possibility of renewing the contracts of certain players and that the Argentine star is among them.

Bartomeu is keen to tie up Leo Messi at the Camp Nou with a new long-term contract.

“At the moment we haven’t established which players will be the first to be renewed or whether Messi will be the first, but it’s absolutely essential that Leo Messi stays at the club,” he told Catalan channel TV3.

Messi, Iniesta and Mathieu under contract until 2018

Messi, who signed his current deal with the club in May 2014, is under contract until the end of the 2017-18 season. Like Messi, the contracts of Jeremy Mathieu and club captain Andrés Iniesta also run for another two years.

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